Bad Decisions



When I was in elementary school I was a big nerd that loved Geography. I spent all my mornings going to the school early to prepare for the Geography Bee and even made the top three. If you made the top ten you got your picture taken and it was put on a board. Two of my buddies also made the top ten. Being the genius that I was I dared them to flip off the camera and we all decided we would do it together. Somehow the teachers didn’t notice until all the students there were laughing and pointing. Needless to say when my dad had to leave the military base to pick me up and drive me home because I was suspended he was not very happy. I know some of you have military ties so I’ll let you use your imagination.

What does this have to do with the Cowboys?

Well we have one player who reminds me a bit of my dumb young self. Isn’t Roy Williams kind of a nerd? Wouldn’t you say his decision making needs a lot of help? Doesn’t he need someone to grab him by the collar, scream in his face and push him around a little bit? I know there have already been stories about this but I’ll touch on the latest example. Mr Williams decided rather than a normal proposal he would mail a ring to his girlfriend to propose to her. She turned him down and depending on who you believe was either told she can keep the ring or just decided to keep the ring herself.

Please see Chia's fanshot about this

So What?

This sort of thing happens all the time, right? Um no. Even trashy idiot dudes propose in person.  Example: the day I got my marriage license there was a couple that was getting married but did not have any witnesses so they told all of the couples getting our marriage licenses that if they were the witnesses and wanted they would pay for them to be married right then. So a dude in a wife beater turned to his gf in her hoodie and got on one knee and asked her to marry him right then. Surely a millionaire could at least do that much?

I was one of the biggest gloaters when we traded for Roy Williams. I send off emails to everyone I knew who bashes the Cowboys. But just like his marriage proposal, his fumbling on Thanksgiving, making the whole Dez not carrying his pads a huge deal, and basically his whole time in Dallas it has not worked out. No common sense was used at all.

I’m sure I know what will be in the comments so I will write a quick pre-response: Dez is not in the same boat. He has made some bad decisions but he is not a veteran player by any means. Dez’s mistakes are dumb young person mistakes like me and my buddies at the Geography Bee. That can be corrected just like my dad corrected me both right at the school and later at home. Can William’s dumb decisions be fixed?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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