Crack Hits #17: Say Goodnight To The Bad Guy

Yes, it was a long weekend for me, filled with disappointment. My disappointment did not have to do with not landing The Cornerback Who Shall Not Be Named. I was mad where he ended up because we have to play this dirtbag man twice a year. Jerry Jones went all out to land one of the premier football players in the game, I can respect that. So let me say, Jerry Jones, thank you for trying to land a player of that quality.

I am allowed to voice my concerns with Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. I invest too much time every year of my life to be disappointed every off season. I am a very passionate fan and it drives me nuts when I am let down. Did I ever really want The Cornerback Who Shall Not Be Named? No, not really. I got caught up in the hype on Friday, I really got excited.

I apologize if I offended anyone, I guess I swore a few times. I didn't know how sensitive people can be so I will no longer drop swear words. I wasn't the only one swearing I can tell you that. I honestly don't remember swearing that much, I do remember saying I would make sweet love to The Cornerback Who Shall Not Be Named, but I don't see how that is really offending. It was a joke.

The other reason I have been really negative this weekend is Jerry Jones and his approach to free agency. For the last three years, Jerry has sat back and "let the market come to him". Now I do not agree with this theory, I said that in way less kinder words over the weekend, but today I will just say I disagree. This team need a safety in the worst way. What is Jerry waiting for? If Dashon Goldson, Abram Elam and Brodney Pool end up on other teams, I will have a really mean post coming for Jerry.

I also fear the re-signing of Gerald Sensabaugh, because let's face it, if Jerry keeps waiting he will have no choice BUT to give Gerald the money he wants. My disgust for Gerald Sensabaugh is well known. I am done trying to show fans why. I watch the games and Gerald just doesn't look good out there. So if you love or like Gerald Sensabaugh I applaud you. Enjoy him, I on the other hand do not accept mediocre safety play any more. I will no longer mention the safety who used to wear #43 for the Dallas Cowboys.

So I am going to try to be more positive from here on out. I think I have my right to get pissed off and be negative sometimes. For everyone that knows me well on BTB and has followed my fanposts, when am I ever truly negative? I would say almost never, I am one of the most positive writers and people on BTB. I never go off on rants on Jerry Jones or the Cowboys. This weekend just got to me. The years of doing nothing in free agency and the 2009 NFL Draft really got to me. So I bugged out, I apologize for that.

Let us move on and take a look at some things I have seen that I really like!


Now that we have talked about the negative stuff, let's talk about the positive stuff. Okay, so where in the hell did this Kevin Ogletree guy come from? We all know this guy has the talent to be a good wide receiver in the NFL, but he has not lived up to his team's expectations. If you haven't seen the training camp videos yet, please go to He has all the training camp videos posted up and some local Dallas television network coverage of the team.

I believe it was Babe Laufenberg who said Kevin Ogletree was the MVP of the weekend. I watched all the videos and really guys, Ogletree is blowing me away. I wrote a fanpost back in May about Kevin Ogletree. I found it interesting to go back and take a look at the comments. Please click on the fanpost and check it out. I said Ogletree COULD be our James Jones and I tell you what, he is looking the part right now.

His attitude looks much improved and his route running is apparently getting better. His hands were always good, we knew that before. But watching him in the videos, man is he snagging balls out of the air. If Ogletree continues to play at this high of a level, man, our #3 WR is locked down and that takes so much stress off of me. I was concerned when we released Roy Williams, I hated Roy and wanted him gone. But I was concerned about who would be the #3 WR.

Dwayne Harris still has to learn the nuances of the NFL, but from every report I have read he is looking the part. I love this kid too and Bryan Broaddus said he is looking really good. Harris also looks the part in the videos I have seen. Kudos to the ECU product on having a great camp so far. He will be the #4 WR and see some slot looks in the regular season. So far Ogletree is the #3, but that doesn't mean Harris will not play a nice role this season.

Rob Ryan is going to be a godsend, people. Everything I am reading and seeing come out of training camp is making me drool. He is running drills that cater to creating turnovers, something we never saw under the Wade Phillips era. What Ryan is doing for us I can't even put into words folks.

He just gets "IT". He is a winner and is working hard for this defense to be good. He doesn't accept failure and I love his enthusiasm.

All the creative sets and unorthodox stuff he is using is going to be thrilling to watch once a real game starts. I guarantee all the blitzes he is running will create turnovers. I love his use of our linebackers as well, consider we have a nice core of talent there. He just really has me excited guys. I really hope we manage to keep this guy more than one year, because he could really take this defense to another level.

Jason Garrett is also really impressing me and I knew this was our guy years ago. He is running camp like it should have been run years ago. We are seeing new drills that embrace protecting the football. I also love that he is already running game clock management in practice. He is simulating real game scenarios and this is where you teach your football team the importance of not making mistakes. His whole approach to training camp has been a business like approach, but that doesn't mean he won't have fun. The players love his approach and Rob Ryan is really mixing in well with Jason Garrett.

I read Raf's website daily and his camp training reports are the best in the business. What he is saying is music to my ears every time I read his daily reports. Garrett is everything and more we had hoped for. Training camp is no longer a vacation for players, where you see guys walking around doing nothing. I guarantee this football team will be fundamentally sound, physical and well oiled when the season comes. The back to basics approach Garrett has embodied is such a great approach and I applaud the man. Thank you Jason Garrett.

Tyron Smith is getting better daily. He had a rough go the first two days but is starting to show why he was a top 10 pick. Bryan Broaddus said the 20 year old rookie from USC looks the part and is doing a great job. He got owned by DeMarcus Ware, but besides that has been pretty good. So much for DeMarcus Ware not being a leader, he worked with Tyron Smith after practice the one day. It is going to help Tyron so much by going against the best pass rusher in football every day in practice.

He is starting to show his athleticism on the pulls and when they put him on the move. He is showing his strength when holding up guys like Sean Lissemore and Igor Olshansky. Tyron Smith is going to be an amazing lineman, people. I know I hyped this kid up and I think I played a part in getting him drafted, I'm joking. But he will have his struggles throughout the year. I believe it was Bryan Broaddus or Brad Sham, I cannot remember who, but they said our best offensive lineman ever was Larry Allen and he got his butt whooped his rookie season. I expect huge things from Tyron Smith in his career, but if he struggles somewhat his rookie season do not think the kid is a bust. He is 20 YEARS OLD! Remember that it will take some time to adjust to the NFL talent level.

You know what the best part is about releasing Roy Williams? It puts our best players on the field now.

Too many times last season Dez Bryant was on the bench in favor of Wade Phillips playing his veteran players shenanigans. Now Dez Bryant is your starting wide receiver along with Pro Bowler Miles Austin. That is going to be possibly the best pairing of wide receivers in the NFL, find me a better pair of #1 and #2 wide receivers I dare you.

Dez is picking up where he left off from last season. He is a little bigger and a little stronger, weighing in at a Andre Johnson like 6'2 225. He is showing off his god given hands and playmaking ability again this training camp. Dez is saying the right things to the media, like he always does. Dez is a great young man and my favorite player. If he improves on getting off the line by using more moves, learn the playbook and run better routes, Dez is going to be a top wide receiver in the league in just his second season.

When you watch the training camp video it is obvious to who the best player on the field is, it is Dez Bryant. Man he blows me away with his hands and burst. He really reminds me of Andre Johnson, a big physical specimen. Dez is off to a great start and it couldn't make me happier.

Every report I have read says Mike Jenkins is looking like the 2009 Mike Jenkins again. He looks stronger and more focused. It appears that Mike is working hard at repairing his image after maybe the worst season for a Cowboys cornerback since Jacques Reeves was here. Jenkins has first round talent and can be a lockdown cornerback. So far he is showing off all of the attributes that I look for in my cornerbacks. If Mike Jenkins can come back down to earth after going to hell in 2010, our defense will be a lot better.

Jenkins is showing good coverage skills so far. He got beat by Dez, but I mean, come on, you can't say Jenkins sucks because Dez beat him. Other than that, Jenkins has been pretty good. Jenkins can be Asante Samuel, but a press cornerback. He is best when pressing and is actually physical, he just gave up last year. I really believe he can be like Asante Samuel and lockdown his guy. Most of his interceptions are when he is right next to the wide receiver down the field, that is why he never gets to return them. He sticks like glue to the wide receiver, he just didn't look back for the football last year.

I expect a Pro Bowl like campaign from Mike Jenkins this year. He has the skill, that should never be the question. It is the mentality that has to be fixed. Being a NFL cornerback is a lot like being an MLB pitcher. You need to have a short memory and shake off the bad stuff. If Jenkins continues to grind hard this camp under Rob Ryan, you will see the 2009 Mike Jenkins again.


-Kicker Dan Bailey is going to beat out David Buehler. The Lou Groza award winner is actually a real kicker, just saying.

-Sean Lissmeore is getting first team reps until Marcus Spears returns. I expect a big year for Lissemore on 3rd downs.

-Josh Thomas looks like my pet cat. He looks the part of a good cornerback. Great technique and physical.

-Martellus Bennett is having a great camp, he has one every year. Maybe he actually catches the football and lines up in the right spots this season.

-These UDFA wide receivers are really impressing me. #13 Lyle Leong and #86 Raymond Radway look great in the training camp videos, check them out. One of them might make the team, guys.

-Rookie guard David Arkin is looking like a great draft pick. He may not be ready to start this year, but man he is going to be a beast for us. The offensive line looks so much better for the future. Free, Tyron and Arkin. Now just get me a left guard and center, then this offensive line is set for five years.

-Sean Lee looks stronger and faster. We really got a leader and football player with this kid. I don't care if Brooking is healthy or not, Lee should be the starter.

-Jay Ratliff lost 15 pounds. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but he looks like he is in amazing shape.

-Running back Lonyae Miller looks pretty damned good. If we need a short yardage type physical runner, than this may be our guy.

-Victor Butler continues to impress me. IF Anthony Spencer continues to be Almost Anthony, then its time for Butler to start. We have given Spencer 5 years, time to move on to Butler because Butler is a beast.

This has been a ChiaCrack Production. Please follow me at

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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