So WHY has no one seen a COPY of the "NEW" CBA YET?????? FD here ya GO!

Every one keeps asking why is it taking so long for the completion of the NEW CBA agreement ??

Answer James Quinn...

I will try and do this without legalese and as quickly as  I can (busy Monday)...

Many readers right now are Googling James Quinn the rest have no real idea who he is..James Quinn is not just another brilliant attorney he is the man who constructed 90% of the Articles found in the NEW CBA (he was writing the draft copies of "what" was being negotiated at the table during each meeting.)..And for our conversation in the context of the deal he was Jones chief FOIL. He is the only other GUY at that table who HAS the CHOPS to see the deal and understand all the moving parts.

Now how did I come up with this? simple document forensics..Quinn is not  IVY LEAGUE, he went to N.D. and Fordham, therefore in legal terms the document framework (the part already agreed to) has his finger prints all over it. In most every case's the construction of any document  takes on the form of its creator, the style and diction of the document is like a finger print , and Quinn for all his polish sticks out like a sore thumb as the creator of almost every single relevant page of the framework.

So if he wrote it why then(only one cook) is it taking so long to construct the boiler plate (rules) that will encase the framework and moving parts, Lets think about one really important day in June, on that DAY, NFLPA (Quinn) demanded that Jones leave the table, everyone wondered what happened, the assumption was that he was being an obstructionist to getting a new deal.(Jones was only missing from the TABLE that afternoon leading to Goodell's now infamous comment that "a deal" "is not being reached without JONES at the TABLE.") I believe this was in fact the FIRST time in OVER 6 weeks of HARD work and Negotiations that QUINN realized WHAT JONES WAS REALLY DOING TO THE DEAL (this is shocking to most folks in the know considering QUINN.)


To explain Plz read these statement's...

If I go to the store  I will miss the first half of the game.

When I go to the store I will miss the first half of the game.

These statements are exactly the same except for ONE WORD. If you exchange IF with WHEN change the entire meaning of the STATEMENT . "WHEN" MAKES  a DECLARATION (I have to go to the store) . "If "creates a  CHOICE(I don't HAVE TO GO TO THE STORE).

Quinn wrote this new CBA to be DECLARATIVE, absolute and certain. Jones in the process selectively inserted the "IF's" this changed every single context of the DEAL Quinn had crafted. On that day in June Jones got caught, by QUINN. He demanded Jones gone because he FINALLY grasped exactly what JONES was doing to the deal. (QUINN could see the MOVING PARTS.) Regardless of QUINN's objection the damage was already done. (to much already negotiated.) Smith and Goodell told him to shut-up...a deal was getting DONE...and Jones was back at the table.

Now being a SMART TRIAL lawyer  , QUINN accepts his defeat and re-trenches his effort in the construction of the boiler plate (rules).

Please follow this statement...

If I go to the store  I will miss the first half of the game, but , if i wait until after the game it will be too late and store will be closed. But, If I take the BUS to the store NOW it will be faster and I CAN still get home for the Second half of the GAME.

ABOVE, QUINN changes the CHOICE of "IF" back to "WHEN". The rules tell you that you will go to the store and HOW you are going to go..

What is taking so long and why we haven't seen even LEAKED COPIES OF THE NEW "RULES" of the NEW CBA,Is Quinn is taking his time to INSERT as many "BUT's" as possible to MODIFY JONE"S "IF's". Even though Jones is not involved Quinn can not insert to many "But's" or RISK a court review of the entire NEW CBA. That is BAD and Quinn can not take the chance to risk a JUDGE trashing everything. It's a tight rope, but Quinn is a GENIUS, If he does nothing it's the CBA according to JONES, if he get's just enough "BUT's" into the boiler plate (rules) he changes how the framework and moving parts exist (restricts the movement of the parts within the boiler plate that encase's  everything.) Quinn has to make progress but he has to take the time to "see" how every "BUT" in the boiler plate (rules) changes the moving parts and determine if it's worth the risk of triggering a Court Review by either DOTY or SUSAN...

Forget the Vineyard this August ...James...your gonna be very busy....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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