Supplemental Fundamentals: Tracy Wilson SS Northern Illinois

 The annual NFL Supplemental Draft is supposed to take place next week, and there is plenty of talk about one player, Terrelle Pryor. Well Cowboys fans there happens to be a safety in the upcoming supplemental draft, Northern Illinois strong safety Tracy Wilson.

I love the draft and spend a good time preparing for it every year. I will be honest and admit I have no idea who Tracy Wilson was before this week. He comes from a small school and really wasn't on the national radar. I just think we should take a quick look at him because you never know, the Cowboys may see something the like in him.

The main reason I wanted to write this fan post was because of the school he went to, Northern Illinois.

Doug Free- Northern Illinois

Sam Hurd- Northern Illinois

That is two players the Cowboys have taken out of the small Illinois football program. Let us take a look at the other players from Illinois that the Cowboys have also dabbled in.

Tony Romo- Eastern Illinois

Alan Ball- Illinois

Josh Brent- Illinois (Supplemental Draft pick)

Jason Williams- Western Illinois

I don't know if you notice a trend here, but you should. For some reason unknown to myself, the Cowboys scout the Illinois region very hard. They do the same thing in Pennsylvania as well.

Now I am not saying the Cowboys have or have had any interest in Tracy Wilson, but it would not shock me to hear so. It also would not shock me to see the Cowboys spend a 7th round pick on Wilson. They would still like to infuse young talent at the position and why not waste a 7th rounder if you feel the kid is talented?

Like I said, I know nothing of Wilson, so I put on his 2010 highlight tape. I noticed he only had 1 INT in his three year career at Northern Illinois, so I think he is more of a in the box type safety. On tape it looks like he can make some decent decisions. His speed looks pretty good to me, as he comes flying in across the field to make a tackle.

That may be the best part of his game, his pursuit. He also is a pretty good tackler and you will notice him laying some nice licks on opposing running backs and wide receivers. By the way he is #23 in the video, he is mostly lined up at SS, but he will shift over the FS position at times.

I would say he is a thumper with decent speed, he will fly from up top down the field quickly on run support. His speed looks decent, maybe high 4.4 to a low 4.5. He has good size at 6'2 203, but it was noted he may be closer to 6'0 or 6'1. Not much footage of him being tested in coverage, so I cannot really go into detail about that part of his game.

I would just pay attention to him, at least get to know him. With the recent success of Cowboys scouts in the state of Illinois, it may not be shocking to see him selected in the supplemental draft next week.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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