Play By Play - 1’s vs 1’s


I have only been able to break down the first defensive series because I'm just not used to evaluating every unit and every position. Sorry. I broke down each play so y'all could read just what happened and why. My overall impression is that Igor has got to go, Brent cannot man the nose tackle position and we had two missed assignment and Lee misread one play. The missed assignments were by Sensi and Ware in pass protection. Otherwise, Denver just executed very good. Their success might have been exacerbated by the absence of Ratliff and the presence of "Igor the Least". Not bad and easily fixed.


1. Denver in Power-I, 2 WRs and TE on right. Dallas starts with 2 DL. ILB moves up to put hand on the ground. Dallas now in Flex –D. I can’t believe it. Ware rushes and bats down pass.

2. Unable to see play. Run that picks up 4 yards.

3. Broncos in shotgun with RB to weak-side, TE and 2 x WRs to the left. Dallas starts with Ware on weak-side, but moves to strong-side before snap. Lee moves to weak-side OLB. Good defensive pressure due to blitz. Sensi is looking inside at the snap and moves to cover the TE (TE is blanketed by Lee) and totally disregards the slot receiver who runs a seam route. Orton sees it and gets the ball out for a big play. Receiver’s run out of bounds by Elam.

4. Denver comes to the line with Orton under center, TE to the right, single running back and both WR’s split wide. TE motions to the left side. Dallas is in its base set. Dallas rushes only 3 DL, Spencer and Ware drop into coverage. Spencer blankets his man. As do both corners. Brent gets handled by the C and LT. Igor is doubled at the LOS by the LG & LT. Spears gets penetration then swims inside the RT where the RT uses his momentum to push him to the left. Orton slides to his right in the pocket. Ware drops to double the outside WR on his side and doesn’t recognize the RB running a delay to the middle of the field where Ware should be. Orton sees it and completes the pass. Lee and James combine for the tackle.

5. Denver comes to the line with flanker and WR spread to the left, TE on the right. Single RB with QB under center. WR split to the right. Dallas counters with its nickel defense. Ware is standing on the weak side, Brent covers the center and Igor is on the strong side at 3-tech. Spencer has his hand on the ground at the 5-tech. Backfield is showing man coverage. At the snap. Ware rushes up-field and is engaged by the LT. Spencer is forced outside by the TE. The RT & RG double Igor and push him off the LOS. The C and LG double Brent. The RB cuts of the back of the center who disengages from Brent and Hits Lee on the second level as Lee tries to fill the hole. Tackle by James, Igor who was blown back 7-yards and Sensi.

6. Denver comes to the LOS with QB under center, Backfield in an off-set I formation to the right. The TE is standing on the right side. Both WRs are split. The right-side WR goes in motion to the left and is followed by Ball. Orton knows it’s man coverage now. Dallas is otherwise in its base set. At the snap, Spencer is turned by the TE. Ware is stymied by the LT; Spears is engaged by the LG and Brent is turned by the C. Igor is engaged by the RG who takes Igor inside and to the left side. There’s a huge hole between Igor and Spencer, which is filled by James. The lead blocker engages James but is thrown of. The RB cuts inside and is stopped.

7. Denver comes to the line with QB under center, 2 TEs and both WRs split wide. Single RB behind the QB. Dallas is in its base set. At the snap, Ware takes an outside speed-rush and is engaged by the TE who pushes him up-field past the play. Igor is stood up at the LOS by the RT and RG. Brent is blown back by the C. Spears is engaged by the LT and is turned inside, which creates a huge hole between Spears and Ware. The RB runs through the hole. The LG takes on Lee who has taken a bad angle and is now inside the play and out of position. James fills the inside hole (as he should) that Lee has mistakenly attempted to fill but recognizes that Lee is out of place so he trails the play and is able to get in on the tackle. As the RB cuts outside, Scandrick turns the play inside where the pursuit catches up. Elam makes the initial hit.

8. Denver comes to the line with their backs in an off-set I, FB to the right. A single WR is split left and there are 2 TEs. Dallas is in its base defense. Ware is taken by the LTE. The LT pulls to the right to trap in the two-hole. Ware recognizes the pulling LT and starts to move down the line but is forced to go wide because the LTE and LG are moving Spears off the line as the C is blowing away Brent. Igor is engaged by the RG & RT. Lee reads the play and fills the hole where he is hit by the pulling LT causing him to miss the tackle. Ware catches the runner about 5-yards past the LOS and wrestles him to the ground.

9. Denver comes to the LOS with QB under center and a single RB. The 1 & 2 WRs are split wide, TE to the right with the 3WR in the slot to the right of the TE. Dallas is in its nickel with 2 DL and Spencer outside the TE with his hand on the ground. The DBs are in a cover 2. The entire DL is blown off the LOS except Spencer who has rushed up-field where he is screened by the TE. Spencer isn’t able to recover and make the play at the LOS. Meanwhile, the LT has engaged Brady who quickly sheds him and makes the tackle down-field with Sensi.

10. Next Play, Hatcher is in on the Goal-line defense and is off sides. However, his penetration and recognition of the pulling RG might influence the next play.

11. Denver comes to the line with 3 WR’s, single RB, QB under Center and TE to the right. Dallas counters with its goal line defense and DBs in man. At the snap, QB takes a 3-step drop and throws the fade. The WR is blanketed by McCann.

12. Denver has 12 men in huddle and are backed up to the 6 yard line.

13. Denver comes to the LOS in the shotgun with empty backfield and 5 WRs (3 left, 2 right) Dallas is in their nickel. Just before the snap, Spencer puts his hand on the ground. At the snap, Dallas rushes 3 DL who get a good push (Igor isn’t in, it’s Brent, Hatcher and Spears). Hatcher gets pressure, forcing QB to roll to his right. Ware and Spencer are in Man on the 2 slot receivers. The 3 CBs are also in man. Lee is in zone in the center of the field and Elam is shaded to the left side of the defensive formation helping Spencer over the top. All receivers are blanketed. Sensi, who is in man, forces his receiver deep in the end-zone with good inside technique. Pass incomplete to receiver who is out of bounds at the back of the end-zone.

14. Denver lines up in the shotgun with RB to QBs left (he’s there for Ware). TE on the right and 3 WRs left. Dallas counters with their nickel. This time, the DL has Spencer at NT and Hatcher at LDE. At the snap, the DL and Ware get a great push. Hatcher comes free and forces QB to roll to his right. Denver has 4 receivers out. The TE and 3 WRs. The TE runs a curl at the Goal Line and is blanketed by Sensi. The receivers on the left are covered with a safety over the top. When the QB rolls right, they are out of the play. The QB looks to the TE but he’s covered. QB continues to roll and Hatcher applies pressure. Basically throws it away by being wide of his receiver who is blanketed by Ball.

15. Field goal

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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