David Arkin's play by plays

Mr David Arkin's turn, he lined up for the most part against Ty Warren, a quality DT in my opinion.

  • Run behind Arkin, Arkin drives Ty Warren three yards straight back and plants him in the turf. WOW, that’s pretty darn impressive for your first play as a pro. I think Ty Warren is a pretty good player too.
  • Drop back pass, Ty Warren lines up a full yard off the ball and gets a running start for an attempted bull rush, Arkin gives a step on contact but holds and wins the block.
  • Shotgun Pass. Arkin and Costa double the DT, never gets off the line of scrimmage.
  • Run behind Arkin, Arkin turns Warren inside, possible hold it is very close, you can see it here. Arkin’s block is the one that gets Felix through the line of scrimmage.
  • Run off right side, DT slants inside Arkin, Arkin drives him into a pile of people.
  • Screen left, the entire O-line sells the screen with great patience, including Arkin. Arkin shows great agility and some speed getting out to the screen and getting to the corner where he dives at the corners feet. I really don’t like this, Arkin is from what I’ve seen so far a mauler, why not just kill the corner? I don’t know. It works though and the corner is out of the play.
  • Run off left tackle, Arkin starts out blocking a DT it looks like he is trying to get to the linebacker but never gets off the DT. The DT Arkin is blocking makes the tackle all the same at the line of scrimmage. Not a good play for Arkin.
  • Shotgun pass, Arkin stones the DT at the line of scrimmage,
  • Shotgun pass, Arkin goes up against Robert Ayers, the speedy DE from Denver. Ayers pushes Arkin up field with his speed and tries to slap past Arkin using his momentum against him. Arkin did not budge, he was well balanced and ready for the slap move.
  • Kitna in, drop back pass right, Arkin gives ground to a bull rush but so does the entire line, I think the blocking scheme may have allowed the line to flex or give some. It did form a pocket.
  • Kitna drop back pass, Arkin gives ground again on a bull rush but his man is not close to making a play.
  • Kitna drop back pass, Broncos bring 7, it’s impossible to tell who blocks who but Costa, Arkin, and Lotuli stone the middle and they are outnumbered.
  • Run behind Arkin, Arkin very slow to get out of stance, Warren blows Arkin up and makes tackle two yards deep into backfield, I think he just missed the snap count.
  • Shotgun pass, Arkin stones the DT at the line of scrimmage.
  • McGee in, Bootleg right, Arkin has no one to block, Broncos bite on bootleg fake.
  • Draw play, I think Arkin may have screwed this play up all by his lonesome. After two strong pushes by the Broncos, Red calls a draw, the perfect play, Arkin does not allow his man to bull rush him, instead firing off the line (the only lineman to do so) into the DT, it screwed the whole thing up, if he had sold the draw Miller would have had some holes to choose from I would think.
  • Run right, Arkin cuts his man off making the block, another block I just don’t see Big making.
  • Drop back pass, Arkin stones his guy at the line of scrimmage.
  • Two minute drill, shotgun. The DT slaps Arkin's hands out of the way and slips by him, Costa picks him up but Arkin whiffs on the block.
  • Shotgun, Arkin gives ground on bull rush.
  • Shotgun, Arkin gives up too much ground, DT in the face of McGee on int. I didn’t realize it until now but McGee might have been able to hold the ball a half second longer if Arkin's man wasn’t pushing him into the pocket, and that may have been a huge play. I think Arkin is tired.

My first thought on Arkin is he's lining up against Ty Warren, a pretty good DT in the NFL, and I would have to say Arkin probably edged him out and won more than he didn’t win. Arkin also started out really strong and leveled out down the stretch, maybe he got tired? He had a couple mental mistakes by forgetting the snap count and using the wrong technique on the draw play, but he hit someone on every play, usually pretty hard except for that corner he had mercy on when the screen play to Felix was run.

I’m not sure what I think quite yet, Arkin is athletic he didn’t have quite the push Doug free did but he was going against Ty Warren. I believe from the little I have seen on this “tape” (tv recording) he is a starting NFL guard but he has work to do. His athleticism is apparent, I like the idea of him being at left guard, I like him next to Free. I certainly like the fight in him, I need to see more. But this is promising :)

Can’t wait to see him again.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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