Tyron Smith's play by plays

You're probably not going to be disappointed in Tyron.

Tyron Smith

  • Run left, Tyron locks onto Dumervil and the DE looks like a bug stuck on fly paper. Smith drives him five yards off the line of scrimmage with Dumervil trying to escape the whole time. Nice start for Smith
  • Drop back pass. The DE in front of Smith drops back into coverage, it throws Smith for a loop, he looks lost, he also looks like he’s expecting Kosier to block the DT and Kosier does not, somehow Smith chases the DT down from behind and gets enough of a block to knock him out of the play, incredible athleticism, worrisome at the same time.
  • Drop back pass, handles the pass rush easily, appears to be a speed rush that Smith simply puts a stop to.
  • Run up the middle, Smith turns his man outside.
  • Run behind Smith at right tackle. Once Smith gets his hands on Dumervil, the poor DE seems to be whipped, it's uncanny how Dumervil almost appears to stick to Smith's hands, Smith gets good push on the DE.
  • Screen left, Smith has no one to block.
  • Run left, DE stunts inside and Smith drives him into pile and into tackle. There was nothing Smith could do but try and push him past the hole, he stunted right into it.
  • Shotgun Pass, Smith pushes Dumervil to the ground on an attempted speed rush. You see a guy turn his shoulder and make that turn on a good sped rush, well, Smith's arms are so long it almost looks like the guy is too far away to reach but Smith reaches him. I think it surprised Dumervil, I’m sure he thought he had Smith beat.
  • Shotgun pass, Dumervil again can not get around Smith. It really looks like Dumervil is over matched and will never get around Smith. No bull rush yet?
  • Kitna under Center, drop back pass. Smith drives DE into the center of the line, DE made an inside move this time and got pushed 4 yards by Smith.
  • Run behind Smith. Bull rush by DE, stands Smith up slightly, but can not get off Smith's block, running back runs by them with the DE trying to get off the block ... this is crazy how the defenders appear to stick to his hands,
  • Pass play, DE attempts to speed rush. It appears Smith is beat but again he effortlessly pushes the DE wide of the pocket when he dips his shoulder. I can’t say I’ve ever seen anything like this, this guy is like Military radar, it's top secret how much area he can cover. He looked clearly beat to me, but he wasn’t even close to beat.
  • Kitna in under center, DE stunts inside, Smith chases him, I’m not sure that is supposed to happen, it doesn’t look like it should happen. The DE stunted way inside, probably both Smith and the DE screwed up.
  • Run inside, again the DE stunts nearly to the center, I don’t think he was reading the play because he made no effort to get up field. The DE stunted right into the play. Not Smith's fault. I wonder if Smith is wondering if he will ever get to block anybody again? Twice now the Broncos have just run away from him. A counter would kill them.
  • Shotgun pass, Smith pushes DE past pocket. DE looks spent already, wonder if conditioning is an issue for everyone?
  • McGee under center. Bootleg fake, Smith's man bites on fake. Smith gives up on block and his man nearly runs McGee down.
  • Run left, Smith blocks down on DT on double team and leaves the DE unblocked. I think the Cowboys were trying to catch the Broncos in one of those crazy stunts. Or maybe Smith just blocked the wrong guy.
  • Run play, Smith turns his man inside, the Broncos are really bringing it to Smith, they are no longer trying to run over or around him. They are showing him different looks and fronts and stunting. They are bringing linebackers and safeties into the box right in front of Smith ... One might say they are game planning a bit, no?
  • Shotgun pass. McGee gets killed, and it could have been worse. The Broncos stunt the DE inside and bring two linebackers and a safety all at Smith. There is some comedy in there somewhere, I know it. Smith is overwhelmed and blocks none of them. Miller picks up Dumervil who is untouched coming at McGees blind side. There is a tight end standing all alone with an arm up 10 yards downfield with no one within 30 yards of him and only him one cornerback and a receiver on that side of the field ... If McGee reads that blitz that’s is six points. I also see two Broncos players after the sack go to Smith and say something. It didn’t look disrespectful or antagonizing, but who knows. I just find it interesting two Broncos went straight to Smith after the sack.
  • Shotgun pass, DE half attempts a speed rush, Smith pushes him past the pocket.
  • Shotgun Pass, DE lines up 5 yards outside Smith's shoulder, at the snap Smith looks inside but there is no blitz and he picks up the DE with ease ... that blitz earlier was a game lesson for Smith. Take the inside guy.
  • Shotgun pass, Smith stones the DE, the pass rush is not the same, Smith has worn the pass rushers down I think.

My first thougt after watching this is, what a freak!

Apparently it is true if he gets his hands on you, you're not going anywhere. He's almost like a cartoon character with really long strong arms.

That blitz where they Broncos sent half the team at him was intresting, I think the Broncos had a running bet on the side if Tyron could block them all or not, well Tyron fooled them, he didn't block any of them. All jokes aside, it's apparent Tyron Smith is a freak of nature, he needs to get acclimated to picking up blitzes and with Rob Ryan throwing things at him week in and week out he is going to be a fast learner.

Would like to have seen him maul someone but he's more like a spider than a beetle if you know what I mean.

Found it intresting the Broncos litrally give up trying to run over or around him, I think that may be a good sign.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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