One, Two, Three...Roast Him

I still remember the first time Romo took over the huddle.

The energy and excitement that was tangible really made you think we had a chance when he was on the field.  His running around, changing play calls, running for short gains, making good reads and nice throws.  He was a breath of fresh air at a position that had grown stale for too long.

Our playoff chances were slim to none before he took the field that day.  Afterwards behind his "leadership", and there is no other term for it, he guided us into the playoffs his first half year of starting and made the probowl.

 Now remember the probowl voting normally ends around what week?  While fans do make up a third of the deciding votes, the biggest factor is other players and coaches.
That would mean that in a span of 3 games tops he impressed his peers and opponents alike in such a way that he was voted in.  Top 3 QB that year with only a few games to show his wares.

When was it that you lost faith in him to guide your team?

Was it the playoff loss to Seattle where he drove the team down the field in the waning minutes and if the ball had been properly spotted after Wittens catch it would have been 1st and goal instead of 4th down?  The fumbled snap that he picked up and tried to run with after the brand new ball slipped thru his hands? 

How many snaps had he dropped before then?  How many xtra points or fg's were missed becuz of a miscue from him before then?  Maybe you should be mad at Parcells that game for going with a running centric gameplan when their starting corners hadn't even suited up until that week when we had Glenn and Owens on the outside.  Should have been lambs to the slaughter.

 Was it the vacation to Cabo for the weekend the week before the playoff game against the Giants?  Yeah, they had the first round bye and the coach at the time told him to get out of town and get away from it for awhile.  Sounds like he did.  Personally I do feel that him dating Simpson was too much of a distraction, but you do remember the way Aikman was followed when he dated Lori Morgan.  Such is life in the petri dish of the Dallas Cowboys.

Must have been the game against the Giants after the above mentioned weekend off.  I'm sure you were yelling at the screen while he was driving the length of the field in a drive that took up the entire 2nd quarter.  Sorry, forgot about the 30 seconds it took for the defense to allow the Giants to drive the same distance to score a TD right before halftime.  Going to have to get on Romo about him not rushing the passer, covering the receivers, or plugging those holes up the gut. 

Wait, I get it now.  It was the playoff game against the Vikings right?  The same game where he loses his starting left tackle who was handling Jared Allen but in the meantime Ray Edwards was made to look like a Pro Bowl player.

Now Romo has to block too in addition to throwing the ball, catching it, tackling the opposing team, breaking up passes, and before I forget kick field goals too right cuz we obviously can't trust the guy we have.

In the short time he's been QB of this team, our team, MY team, he has taken shots from both enemies and "friends" alike.  The name calling and the display of lack of respect for what he has done is quite understandable from those that we play against.  The ones that purport to be fans of this team that do the same cannot truly be fans of this team.  They are bandwagon fans who long for the cowboys of old to brag about, rub in opponents faces about how much better we are than they are, that will find any way possible to disrespect someone that obviously has something they wish they had. 

People such as these constantly throw about the media garbage that they hear instead of evaluating with their own eyes.  Even if Romo were to win a Super Bowl these self same people would find something else to complain about or place the win on someone elses shoulders.  He's not their QB.  The thing I have to ask is if he's not YOUR quarterback, how can this possibly be YOUR team.

The ability to lead is by definition an ability to inspire to greater heights those around you.  Your friends, family, teamates, and fans. 

Everytime Romo steps onto the field I still feel the excitement that I felt the first time he took the huddle.  It's not the youthful enthusiasm of old Romo.  Its a more calm, under control presence that he has now.  To me that tells me he has "it" and by the way his teamates took to him this offseason, they think he has "it" too. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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