Projection Room 2011

Alrighty, here is my packet of kool aid to contribute to the 2011 punch bowl. I think it would be fun to project what some of the Cowboys stars stats will be this year. While it may be just a bit optimistic, the goal here is to have stats we can refer to throughout the season to keep up with how our 'Boys are doing. Hopefully this will be a springboard for a series I'd like to do to track how some of our players are performing each game relative to a projected season performance. Additionally, I'll include what the stats breakdown would be per game. Take these with a grain of salt, or preferably, kool aid powder.

**Ed. note: added TDs


For now, I'm only going to project what our starting RB will do, mostly because I don't know who the other spots will be occupied by. Comment a request if you'd like to know theoretical projections for 2nd and 3rd RB spots.

Felix Jones-

I'm going to go ahead and say Felix gets more carries than last year, approaching what Barber got in '09. I think this year we'll see his running efficiency go up, but nothing crazy. If he does goes crazy he'll hit 1200 yards. For now I'll only be focusing on his rushing stats, if I get requests I can certainly project and track his receptions.

208 carries, 1040 yards, 5.0 YPC, 8 TDs
breakdown: 13 carries, 65 yards, 0.5 TDs per game

Tony Romo-

Tony Romo's production trends upward this year. No Roy Williams and much more Dez will be a boon for him. I'm including what I think his interceptions will be like this year. We'll see if he can top his ball control from '09.

532 attempts, 357 completions, 64.4% completion%, 4415 yards, 11 INTs, 32 TDs
breakdown: 33.25 attempts, 22.3 completions, 275.9 yards, 8.3 YPA, 2 TDs per game

Jason Witten-

Mr. Reliable matches his production from the last two years.

93 receptions, 1010 yards, 10.8 avg, 6 TDs
breakdown: 5.8 receptions, 63 yards, 0.37 TDs per game

Miles Austin-

Miles continues his high level production this year. What else is there to say?

79 receptions, 1,268 yards, 16.0 avg, 10 TDs
breakdown: 4.9 receptions, 79.2 yards, 0.62 TDs per game

Dez Bryant-

How many of you dream of Miles and Dez both getting 1000+ yards? Well, in order for that to happen our recent, historic 3rd receiver production would have to go way, way down. It is possible, now that Roy Williams is gone, to project that Dez gets the reps he would have gotten. Even if I wanted to be super realistic I would still say the kid is not going to get less than 800 yards. I'm going to go against the odds and say this scenario will happen. This of course is assuming Dez realizes his potential in only his second year. Go get 'em Dez.

78 receptions, 1,130 yards, 14.4 avg, 12 TDs
breakdown: 4.8 receptions, 70.6 yards, 0.75 TDs per game


Now I will be the first to admit that defensive stats aren't my forte. Some of the more interesting stats are hard to come by. The only major defensive stats that are easily to track are sacks and PDef, but they obviously don't tell the whole story. I'm much more interested in targets for the secondary, and QB pressures and TFL for the linebackers and DLine. If anyone knows the best place to find these stats I'd be truly appreciative. I'll be posting what I think would be good totals for the entire secondary mostly because the starting CBs are way too flexible right now.

DeMarcus Ware-

Rob Ryan Production Boost! 

62 tackles, 17 sacks, 4 FFumbles, 6 PDef
breakdown: 3.9 tackles, 1.06 sacks, 0.25 FFumbles, 0.37 PDef per game

Anthony Spencer

What would it look like if Rob Ryan got Almost Anthony to be... just Anthony?

72 tackles, 11 sacks, 2 FFumbles, 8 PDef, 1 INT
breakdown: 4.5 tackles, 0.68 sacks, 0.125 FFumbles, 0.5 PDef per game

Jay Ratliff-

RR loves his NT.

45 tackles, 7 sacks, 2 FFumbles, 4 PDef
breakdown: 2.8 tackles, 0.43 sacks, 0.125 FFumbles, 0.25 PDef per game


'09 throwback anyone? Combined totals.

53 PDef, 6 sacks, 8 FFumbles
breakdown: 3.3 PDef, 0.37 Sacks, 0.5 FFumbles per game

Did you know that Sensabaugh improved his stats from '09 to '10? Its true!

Sean Lee-

Breakout year for our 1st 2nd round pick?

75 tackles, 5 PDef, 3 INT, 4 Sacks
breakdown: 4.6 tackles, 0.3 PDef, 0.18 INT, 0.25 sacks per game

Think of someone else deserving of having their stats projected and tracked? Comment below.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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