The 2004 song "Why' by Jadakiss featuring Anthony Hamilton was a big hit. It was the type of song that asked questions, even if those questions were deemed to be too controversial. Jadakiss creatively used the word "why" in asking questions that were on his mind, never holding back because of the media. He questioned everything on his mind in a constructive way.

Listening to that song today made me think of an idea for a fanpost. I originally was going to go in another direction with the WHY theme, but instead at the last moment I changed my approach. Instead of being upset about something else and using this as my platform, I decided to go with a positive fanpost about the Cowboys. If your wondering about the plain title, it was a gimmick to get you in here reading my post. Every great individual in the entertainment industry knows the value of good marketing, and I am one of those people.



Why the Cowboys will improve from 6-10

- For the first time in a long time, this actually feels like a.........................TEAM

- Tony Romo is a leader

- Healthy Tony Romo

- Jason Garrett changing the culture and him being a REAL head coach

- Abram Elam being a REAL safety

- New look offensive line

- We can run the football again

- Tyron Smith being a dependable right tackle, something we didn't have last year

- Rob Ryan bringing life to the defense

- Rob Ryan not being Wade Phillips predictable will take us a long ways

- The creative looks will confuse and sacks, interceptions will rise

- Sean Lee getting more playing time and goes all out on the field for us

- Dez Bryant goes H.A.M.

- The 2009 Mike Jenkins shows up

- Orlando Scandrick breaks out

- Victor Butler breaks out

- Overall team play will be better due to better coaching 

- The importance of fundamentals in training camp leads to good habits in the regular season

- Better clock management 


Why the Cowboys make the playoffs

- Tony Romo is a leader

- Tony Romo has one of his career years under a improved offensive line and more balanced offense

- Miles Austin continues to rise the ranks of the NFL's best wide receivers

- Dez Bryant shows the other 31 teams why passing on him was a mistake, a huge mistake

- Felix Jones has a breakout year and stays healthy

- Dwayne Harris contributes as a rookie

- DeMarco Murray gives us another playmaker on the field

- Jason Witten has another 90 catch season

- The improved offensive line continues to improve deeper into the season

- The more balanced offense can actually run the football at a productive level, thus opening up the pass game

- Rob Ryan leads this defense back to respectability and is one of the better defenses in football

- The defense actually creates more turnovers than any other Wade Phillips coached Cowboys defense

- Jay Ratliff has a bounce back season and returns to his All Pro level

- This is finally the year where everything comes together at the right time late into the year


Why the Cowboys will have success in the playoffs

- Tony Romo is a leader

- Tony Romo plays his best football of his career at the right time and yes, gets clutch on us

- Jason Witten is unstoppable 

- Dez Bryant and Miles Austin become the best pair of WR's in the NFL

- Felix Jones continues his breakout season into the playoffs, busting out 65 yard touchdowns like it's nothing

- The offense is well balanced, the run game is doing so well it opens up the big plays in the pass game

- Rob Ryan is ON and his defense finally comes together as a unit at the right time

- Rob's boys create turnovers at key spots in the game (something Wade's boys couldn't do)

- DeMarcus Ware becomes un-blockable again

- Jay Ratliff isn't worn down because Josh Brent spells him even more and Ratliff is used all over the defensive line

- Anthony Spencer plays solid football, he doesn't have to be spectacular, just solid

- Victor Butler becomes un-blockable

- Mike Jenkins is locking his side of the field down again

- Orlando Scandrick continues his breakout season into the playoffs and makes a ton of plays

- Terence Newman gives us one more year of good football, and right when we need it, down the stretch 


I am not saying we are going to win the Super Bowl, but I have a good feeling about this team. For years things just never felt right here, like it was a bunch of individuals running around instead of a team. We have in my opinion, the best coaching staff in football all around. Coaching goes a long ways in a teams success. We finally have the right type of coaching that can win us big games.

The offensive line looks like a real offensive line again. A more balanced attack will do wonders for us late in the season. Rob Ryan taking over this defense is a god send, because it was in bad shape last year. I see no reason why this defense cannot improve vastly. It may take some time to get everything in order, but later in the season this defense should be firing on all cylinders.

This team is talented to make the playoffs and has the talent to win games in the playoffs. Once that time comes, the improved defense, offensive line and coaching should play a big role in determining where this team goes. Last preseason I had a bad feeling heading into the season. We looked sloppy and not dedicated to football. It just seemed like this team was in for a rude awakening call and the first few weeks it got one.

They never seem fully prepared for what was to come, the season. It looked like to me everyone was looking at the Super Bowl and not looking at what was in front of them. Garrett uses a different approach, one day at a time. The strict enforcing of fundamentals will play a big role in this teams development this season. Garrett is taking the right approach to fixing this team. Everything may not get fixed in one season, it may take another season to make this team a Super Bowl contender, but I have a really good feeling about this team.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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