Cowboys Still Can't Provide Safety In Numbers, But Make Other Roster Moves

Akwasi Owusu-Ansah sits atop the free safety depth chart currently, but even secondary coach Dave Campo admits this is not a good solution at the present time.

Here's a tweet I intercepted.

I know, I know. RT @OSHA JJ, it's been brought to our attention that you have shown no interest in standard NFL safety procedures. Get it together dude.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck Favorite Retweet Reply

OK, I made it up. You caught me. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has no interest in the safety valves to the Cowboys secondary, but they should.

With a scheduled day off today, (this article from NBCDFW suggests Jason Garrett could do without the interruption) it is expected that the Cowboys will shortly be making the final tweaks to the roster to bring their team up to the requirement of 90 players. Nowhere to be seen, are the starting safeties for the Dallas Cowboys. The free safety depth chart is currently topped by Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, but secondary coach Dave Campo admits that he is not ready to actually do it when it counts. Rut-roh.

Obviously the tweet from above was manufactured by yours truly, but we may need someone to step in and shake things up. We figure that Abraham Elam is on his way to Dallas, but why hasn't that been announced so he could at least start to interact with his teammates in San Antonio? The NY Jets re-signed S Eric Smith to a three-year deal over the weekend, effectively ending any chance that the man he replaced, Brodney Pool, would be brought back. Pool is a 27 year old cover safety who, according to this great ranking consolidation by OCC, ranks pretty highly as far as a pass defender.

Look, the Cowboys had two glaring personnel holes last season; offensive line and safety play. They addressed the offensive line by moving on from Marc Colombo and Leonard Davis, drafting Tyron Smith and David Arkin, and re-signing Doug Free and Kyle Kosier. The only move at safety so far? Telling Alan Ball he isn't one.

Despite his statement last week that the team could sign anyone it wants (player willing, Nnamdi 'I spurn your better offer' Asomugha), it looks like Jerry has cap concerns to go along with the inflated safety market. Why is it that the only position getting outrageous contracts is the primary one of need for the Cowboys? Tough luck (or bad roster planning depending on your level of homerism).


The team has made a couple roster moves over the last two days, at other positions:

-- The Cowboys have signed a former player, DT Jimmy Sadler-McQueen [Star Telegram]

-- From the same article, the team waived WR Jeff Moturi and DT Lawon Scott.

-- The Cowboys signed WR James Cleveland yesterday [ESPN]

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