Everyone is missing the point on the Eagles' signings. Just click here to be enlightened.

Answer: Jeremy Maclin


Question: Name the only first round draft pick selected by the Eagles that will see significant playing time for the Philadelphia Eagles in 2011?

The dis-honor roll is long and genuinely unimpressive:


2010: Brandon Graham – After trading up to select the defensive end from Michigan, the Eagles signed a 30+ defensive end last week to start opposite Trent Cole in their base 4-3 defensive scheme.


2009: Jeremy Maclin – Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds the acorn.


2008: No pick – acquired left tackle (Peters) from Buffalo


2007: No pick – traded to Cowboys for second round selection of Kevin Kolb (now in Arizona)


2006: Broderick Bunkley – Was such a difference maker that he got traded twice, once to Cleveland (he refused to go), and then to Denver.


2005: Mike Patterson – Another underachiever that left the Eagles needing to sign another 30+ year old defensive tackle


2004: Shawn Andrews – Released a week ago.


2003: Jerome McDougle – See above comment pertaining to Brandon Graham and double it.


2002: Lito Sheppard – Above average cornerback that no longer plays for the Eagles.  Only Pro Bowler on this list…Ouch!


2001: Freddie Mitchell – talked a lot, caught very little.


2000: Corey Simon – the first of a long line of first round draft underachievers for the new Eagles millennium.


1999: Donovan McNabb – In Minnesota, via Washington.


So the Eagles won free agency, the "all-hype team" (as per Rob Ryan), the annual Danny Snyder award.




Maybe if the Philadelphia front office would have done a better job of drafting talented players in the first round, the Eagles would not have to drop over $100,000,000.00 on three guys.  Let that sink in for a minute…$100,000,000.00 for three players that are all over 30 years old and have won one playoff game between them (I believe Cullen Jenkins was injured during the Packers latest playoff run, but won a game in 2007).


Did the Packers sink over $100 million in free agents on their way to winning a Super Bowl last season?  How about the Saints, or the Steelers, or the Colts, or the (yuck!) Giants?  Has any team spent over $100 million in one off-season and even reached the Super Bowl in recent history?  Did the Steelers, or the Seahawks, or the Cardinals, or the Colts spend that much?


This season has disaster written all over it for the Philadelphia Eagles and their coaching staff:

  • Andy Reid has an offensive line coach serving as the defensive coordinator.  The closest thing I could find to compare is when the Raiders brought a coach to serve as the offensive coordinator after working in a bingo hall.  Needless to say, that did not go well.  By the way, the offensive line coach did not exactly do a great job on the offensive line either…
  • Michael Vick is hiding the warts of the Eagles offensive line in an eerily similar way to how Romo has over the last few seasons.  There is a reason Romo missed games in 2008 and 2010: those reasons were supposed to be blocking for him.  Vick also has a similar history of injury.
  • The Eagles are a pass first, pass second, and pass third team.  With Vick at quarterback, the Eagles posted the fifth best rushing attack in 2010.  That had more to do with Vick’s scrambles than the actual rushing attack, as without Vick’s yardage the Eagles would have ranked 20th.  Without a solid rushing attack, the Eagles are a one-dimensional offensive team solely relying on Vick to win.

The Eagles have made modest improvements on the defensive side of the ball through free agency.  The Eagles defense ranked an average 14th against the pass and 15th against the run in 2010.

This is not a last gasp effort to win a Super Bowl.  This smells more like a last gasp effort for Andy Reid to keep his job.  This also smacks of trying to hide the warts of past failed draft picks in the first round.


Since 2000, Dallas has the following players selected in the first round still on the team:


2010: Dez Bryant


2009: No pick – I, like Jerry, wish we had that trade back for Roy Williams.


2008: Felix Jones and Mike Jenkins


2007: Anthony Spencer


2006: Bobby Carpenter – BUST, but the only one of the decade: compare that to Philadelphia again


2005: DeMarcus Ware and Marcus Spears


2004: No pick – traded to Buffalo


2003: Terence Newman


2002: Roy Williams – OK maybe bust 1b of the decade


2001: No pick – Joey Galloway trade


2000: No pick – Joey Galloway trade


So even with two awful, terrible, horrendous trades, that cost the Cowboys three first round selections, the Cowboys still have kept 7 first round picks over the last decade.  Three have made the Pro Bowl.


So if Jerry Jones is truly one of the worst GM’s in the NFL (which I strongly disagree with), what does that make the Eagles GM?


By the way, where is the mainstream media on all this?  Again, just wondering?


One more parting shot (a two-fer):


Hey Philly fan, ask Danny Snyder how wild free agent spending has helped his team win a Super Bowl.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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