Sean Lee play by plays

Got the impression Lee was not having a great game so I decided to take a look.

  • Bubble screen to Crayton, dropped pass. It happened so fast Lee was not a factor nor would he have been. 1st play of game is a bubble screen? Lee was on a delayed blitz, come on Norv, let us work on our defense.
  • Chargers run a cut back counter, start left run right, Lee is not fooled and is in great position to make tackle, Coleman makes a great play for the tackle.
  • Nickel, Lee is not on field,,,, interesting to me.
  • Counter, Lee reads the counter and is two steps toward play before ball is handed off, Ware and Elam blow play up, Lee would have made play for a loss if not for Ware and Elam.
  • Deep post pass, Lee is in short zone in middle, not a part of the play.
  • Pass left, Lee blitzes and is met in hole by Tolbert, Tolbert stones Lee.
  • Run off guard, Lee meets guard in hole, holds his ground slips off block and wraps up Tolbert, Tolbert drags Lee, James, and Sensi 3 yards. Lee is reading the plays insanely quick, * noticed Ratliff got screwed, Ratliff is engaged and a Chargers lineman goes at his knees. Dirty.
  • Chargers pass, Chargers have 4 wide outs on field, Dallas in 3-4 base, Lee in short zone not a factor in play, not enough defenders to cover all the receivers. I hate this part of pre season. Parcells used to drive me crazy with this.
  • Chargers play action pass, Ware gets sack, Lee reads the slant by slot receiver and covers him perfectly, Rivers stares him down but can not get him the ball. Ware gets sack because of Lee's recognition of play and coverage. Lee's ability to read plays is ridiculously good.
  • Next two goal line plays Lee is not in game, again wonder why?
  • Run off right guard, ball run away from Lee. Guard engages Lee but he slips off block and follows play, Twice now Lee has slipped off blocks, I like this hustle and ability to slip blocks, on this play it takes cut back lanes away.
  • Comeback pass, Lee appears to be shadowing the running back, but the running back never goes into a route, Lee not a factor in play.
  • Run right. Once again Lee reads the play insanely quick, Lee splits double team by guard and center runs twenty yards and is in on tackle. Pro Bowl play by Lee, good stuff right there. * this time Chargers take Brent's knees out, Charges are playing dirty, if they hurt someone I'm going to be pissed.
  • Run over center, Lee is a little slow or at least normal to react this time to run, Hardwick engages Lee; Lee slips block late but Hardwick literally puts his arm around Lee's neck from behind (sleeper hold) just as bad as Alex Barron only less noticeable because it's in the interior line.* I don't understand the dirty play by the Chargers line.
  • Nickel defense, Lee out. ?
  • Pass to flat left, Lee in short zone right, Lee is nowhere near the play.
  • Swing pass to Tolbert, Allen Ball makes a courageous tackle, Tolbert is a load. Lee follows play and was there to make tackle if Ball had not, half way across the field.
  • Run off left guard, Lee engages guard, slips off block and makes the tackle, Tolbert drives him two yards.
  • TD pass, Lee blitzes, hits guard and almost puts him on his butt, Guard wobbles and almost falls. I'm surprised at the pop Lee put on the guard.
  • Counter run. Lee bites on the counter, recovers and makes tackle, four yard gain. Bad Lee and good Lee at the same time.
  • Pass/ screen, Lee lines up as left outside linebacker, drops into zone and Volek throws into Lee's zone but the pass is awful and no one can catch it.
  • Nickel: Lee out
  • Pass short left, lots of pre snap confusion, Ware makes tackle but Lee there if Ware misses tackle.
  • Screen pass right, Lee covers slot receiver on post route. Odd, again wrong defense for package on field, preseason defense or lack of corners?
  • Next two plays nickel, Lee out.
  • Interception by Sensi, taken away for heel, Lee blitzes running back to pick him up but Lee spins and puts pressure on the QB who is forced to throw the ball into coverage, Lee forces QB's hand on play by Sensi.
  • Run left guard, guards initial hit on Lee drives him back, Lee slips block and gets in on tackle, 5 yard gain.
  • Comeback pass, Lee is setting up the defense and lining up players, Lee nowhere near the comeback Pass, Watching him line Spencer up gives me chills,


Lee took on three guards and remotely lost one of those match ups by giving up five yards. He beat the one double team badly that he saw.

It is really impressive how quickly Lee understands what is going on and reacts to plays.

Lee appears to be gaining confidence and taking a little of a leadership role as displayed by his lining guys up late in the starter's tenure.

I read his critics say he was weak at tackling and always late to the play. Tolbert did drag him for extra yards a couple of times but Tolbert dragged everyone for a couple of yards, except Allen Ball who kept tackling him with reckless abandon, ( I want Allen Ball on this team), so yeah, Tolbert got the better of him and just about everyone else.

As for getting to the plays late, Lee should not have been a part of the plays to begin with, he reads things quickly and puts himself into plays he has no business being in.

I've seen enough, Lee is way better than Brooking, although I don't understand no snaps in nickel.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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