Phil Costa, Play by plays

I picked up on a couple little things in Costa's game this week and think I know what kind of player we have, and I like it. More in the conclusion.

  • Run off right tackle, Costa pancakes the DT flat on his back,,,
  • Shotgun, Kitna sacked, Costa has no one to block, * I know Drummond is going to do the Smith play by plays, but this is a little funny: Smith latches on and runs the guy 10 yards up field and then drives him 15 yards back down the field, Smith runs this guy 25 yards and he still cant get off the block.
  • Hitch pass left, Costa's first punch makes the DT take a step back, this is big to me, it keeps the DT from getting into Costa's body, he needs this to succeed and this was beautiful.
  • Run right, Costa gets under the DT and drives him 6 yards down field, dominating block.
  • Shotgun pass, Chargers bring both linebackers on middle blitz, Costa engages tackle, slips to linebacker, gets off balance and recovers to make block.
  • Shotgun pass, Costa gets leverage on DT and executes block, Costa is playing with great leverage and balance so far.
  • Draw, again Costa gets the leverage and drives the DT out of hole, RB misses big hole made by Costa.
  • Chargers show 7 guys on line, Costa changes block at line, Costa again punches DT and sends him a step back, penalty on play.
  • Shotgun pass, DT gets under Costa's pads and drives him back, Costa regains leverage (somehow) and turns DT and drives him wide.
  • Shotgun pass, long pass to Bennett, DT shoots gap to Costa's right shoulder, Costa never comes out of squat and appears to be off balance. I do not know if his foot is stepped on or if he just loses balance, DT blows McGee up, * I thought McGee had played well but I had no idea he played this good, he is amazing.
  • Drop back pass, DT gets under Costa but Costa uses his hands and works the DT up. I've seen this before and Costa is really good at it, Costa wins leverage and makes the block.
  • Pass, Costa stones the DT at the line.
  • Run up middle, Costa and DT play patty cake, Costa gets to the inside and drives the DT about a yard, the DT makes the tackle after only a yard gain, DT wins this battle.
  • Drop back pass, DT turns sideways and uses his long arm to hold Costa off, it works, DT has realized if Costa gets into his body Costa is going to control him. DT is turning sideways to do this and it has consequences in a real game.
  • Screen pass, play never had a chance, everyone looked bad.
  • Shotgun pass, Costa and guard stone DT at line of scrimmage.
  • Run up middle, Costa drives DT five yards, I'm liking Costa's blocks, dominating performance so far.
  • Shot gun pass, DT tries to bull rush Costa, again Costa works his hands and stands the DT up, Costa keeps doing this again and again.
  • Shotgun pass, Costa again works the DT and stands him up at the line.
  • Run right, Tanner for nine yards, Costa bumps the DT and slips to the 2nd level and throws his body at the MLBer, someone posted these guys are taught to do this but it looks like a missed block to me.
  • Run right, DT turns sideways and gets under Costa, runs him down the line and makes the tackle on the RB for no gain, Costa's first definite block failure tonight.
  • FB dive, Costa turns DT to his right and drives him, Arkin turns his guy to the left and drives him, there is a hole 6 yards wide and the FB misses it.
  • Play action pass, Costa and guard double the DT, DT not a threat.
  • Draw, Costa and DT play patty cakes, what is going on here is they are both trying to get inside leverage, The DT has learned if he does not get leverage on Costa he is going to get blown out of the hole, Costa wins and drives the tackle but the guard whiffs on a block and the draw is over quickly.
  • Long pass to Johnson, Costa and Arkin handle the DT easily.
  • Pass, Costa's man stunts but there is a pile up and it gets very confusing. I think Costa does the right thing but the Tackle gets caught up in the pile. The DT gets to McGee but gets there by running to the outside of the right tackle, I think this play just got blown up.
  • Run left, Costa and the whole line slide block left, Costa ends up with no one to block. Close to 10 yard run, did this last week and same result. This is going to be a staple in our running game, get the big boys moving after they get tired and let them block themselves, our old line would have never pulled this off.
  • Shotgun pass, Costa's punch sends the DT to the ground, this battle is over, Costa has dominance now.
  • Shotgun pass, Costa picks up blitzing linebacker, Costa shows that he is quicker than thought.
  • Run left guard, pulling guard, 14 yard run, Costa gets a good angle and pushes the DT wide with little effort. When your line is this quick and agile this is going to be very frustrating to teams, I'm loving this.
  • Tanner's TD without helmet, Costa and guard drive DT three yards out of play.
  • Shotgun pass, Costa and guard handle DT easily again, I think the chances the DT is going to make a play at this point is very little.
  • Pass, Costa and Arkin pancake the DT, Arkin is one mean dude.
  • Pass, Costa and Arkin knock the DT to the ground again. Did I tell you the DT is done?
  • Shotgun, Costa stones the DT at the line.
  • Shotgun, DE stunts, Costa pops the DT and picks up the stunting DE, Costa has no trouble with the DE.
  • Shotgun, entire DL stunts. The Cowboys line picks up the stunts passing off linemen beautifully, Costa included.
  • Shotgun, Costa stones the DT at the line of scrimmage. Starting to sound like a broken record.
  • Shotgun, again DT stoned at the line of scrimmage.
  • McGee run, Costa and guard drive the DT wide of the pocket and it opens a lane for McGee to run.
  • Shotgun, Costa engages the left DT but the right guard gets beat, Costa alertly slides over and picks up the DT just as he is about to break through into the pocket. For guys who haven't played together much this is really good continuity.
  • DT gets his hands on Costa and tries to unbalance him but Costa is playing with great balance and leverage and seems to be unfazed.
  • Costa sets up to block stunting DE, DE does not engage Costa instead drops back into coverage and mirrors McGee.
  • Costa stones the DT at the line of scrimmage.


Bless the football Gods!

I had some issues with Costa, one was I did not see a strong punch out of him last week, and I feel if you have short arms you need to be able to punch to get defensive linemen off you. It is good to know he has a strong punch, I feel much better about him now.

I have never seen an offensive lineman play so low to the ground. It is nearly impossible to get under him, on top of that, when engaged with the defensive man, he stands them up by getting inside their hands and into their bodies and working them up. Even when he looks like he is beat he manages to make this work.

Costa dominated second and third team guys as he should. More importantly he showed me some things in his arsenal I'm extremely glad to see.

We have run two slide blocks, resulting in 8 and 10 yard runs, and pulled twice resulting in 14 and 10 yard runs. The true strength of this line has yet to be seen or realized.

Bless the football gods!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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