Game Balls: Chargers vs Cowboys

I wanted to start a new fanpost series, Game Balls. Each game I will be handing out game balls to players who had great performances that game. I think this is especially significant during the preseason, because that is what the preseason is all about, individual performances. I wish I thought of this earlier because we should award our Dallas Cowboys on their great performances on BTB.

This week I have some surprises for you. Some of the players I am about to reward usually aren't on my good graces, but they performed up to my standards this week. So let's get down to business and hand out some balls.

Felix Jones

Felix was amazing once again the other night. He looks like a man with a mission this season. I don't know what else to say guys, Felix just looks amazing. Game ball for the Cat.

Felix, you may be in for a HUGE season.

Phillip Tanner

What a performance by the UDFA running back. He did his best Jason Witten impersonation spinning out of a tackle, losing his helmet and proceeding to the endzone. Tinker Tanner is exactly what I have been looking for in my power back. He needs to make the 53, I don't think it's even an option to practice squad this kid anymore. Great game from Tanner.

Gerald Sensabaugh

As we all know, Sensabaugh isn't one of my favorite Cowboys, but he really improved his play this week. There were a few times where I wondered what he was doing though. On the Vincent Jackson completion with Scandrick on the coverage, Sensabaugh again got caught flat footed. Other than that, he looked amazing, yes amazing. His interception showcased his amazing athleticism, something we have not seen from him consistently.

He was also very physical this game and not passive. Usually he is afraid to mix it up because he doesn't want to get fined (known fact, he said it last year). Instead I saw an aggressive player who was laying the wood. He may have knocked himself out, but the hit he laid on Mike Tolbert knocked the ball out. If only Anthony Spencer would look down by his feet, it would have been our ball.

If Sensabaugh can play at this level all season, he will have earned my respect. Great game for the Sensabaugh. Game ball for the Sens-a-ball!

Alan Ball

Okay now this is going to get people butt hurt but Ball played some good football the other night. Blown coverage's are going to happen in the preseason and I would rather get that garbage out of the way when the game doesn't count. That is why I didn't go too hard on Ball the other night. Honestly, I am still not sure if it was his fault, but it probably was.

Other than that mishap, Alan Ball was actually pretty good playing cornerback. He was physical all night long at the line of scrimmage when playing press. When in zone coverage and off man, he was crisp and made the right decisions (barring that endzone touchdown). He did a pretty good job on Vincent Jackson when he was lined up on him.

Maybe the most impressive part of his game besides the tight coverage was how physical he was in the run game. Ball laid a few good hits on the Chargers running backs. Ball seemed to be in perfect position to make the play every time they ran at him. Rob Ryan needs his cornerbacks to be good tacklers and Ball looks to be the part.

Game ball for the Ball. Great job Ball, great job.

Bill Nagy

Now if you would have told me a 7th round pick, one of the last players taken in the draft would be in the running for the starting left guard position back in April, I would have said your insane. But quietly Bill Nagy had a great game the other night. He never looked out of place and the stage didn't seem to bright for him.

He blocked really well in the run game and held up well in pass protection. Jason Garrett went out of his way to give Nagy some props after the game and that tells me how much Garrett values this kid. We all know the rumor, Wisconsin offensive lineman are bread and butter. Nagy may be the next Wisconsin offensive lineman to have relative success in the NFL.

Imagine if Nagy pans out? A flyer draft pick, basically the last player selected out of 300 prospects. That is pretty impressive Mr. Nagy, game ball for you sir.

Tyron "TRON" Smith

The youngest player in the NFL hasn't allowed any sacks yet. How about them apples? Tyron Smith is the real deal folks, glad I was right because I would look like a moron if I promoted this guy for three months and see him fail. Instead Tyron has impressed the masses with his play. Chris Collinsworth showcased his man crush the other night when he said "when he gets his hands on you, your done".

This is the youngest player in the NFL, starting at right tackle for arguably the biggest team in the NFL. He is a man child folks. When he gets his hands on you it's a wrap, just give up. He really displayed his versatility, athleticism and strength the other night. When Romo was scrambling around, Tyron simply said "MY NAME IS TRON AND I AM HERE TO BLOCK FOR YOU MR. ROMO, HERE COME THIS WAY, I BLOCK, I AM A BLOCKING MACHINE".

Game ball for the TRON.

Kevin Ogletree

I had my doubts about Ogletree entering that game, but his performance was pretty good. He only caught a few passes but he showed some wiggle and speed on those plays. He ran crisp routes and made sure to catch the football.

I really can't say too much more about his performance, but it's what the Cowboys were looking for, consistency. If Ogletree can stay consistent, he will be a big part of the offense this year. Game ball for the Tree, nice job.


Stay tuned to see who continues to get game balls throughout the season, as I will be keeping a running tally. Until next time, stay classy.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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