Rhodri's 2112-pack for Week -3

Like Chia, I've been wanting to start a weekly FanPost about the Boys, but while he's handing out Game Balls, I'm all about the beer. I'll be handing out various beers to reflect what I've seen. See my choices for this week beyond the jump.

Wow, what a display by the offensive line. Yes, there were a bunch of mistakes, but 5.5ypc? Time in the pocket? At this point I don't care which two of Arkin, Costa, Gurode, or Nagy actually ends up starting, I believe they can handle the job. When was the last time we viewed the youth of the offensive line as a strength? 1989? 1974? I'm not sure.

1. This leads me to several of the beers. First for Bill Nagy, who looked impressive in his first start. He earned a Flying Dog (Frederick, MD) Garde Dog biere de garde for putting himself in the starting guard mix.

2. Actually, now that I think about it, I have to give the entire offensive line a Boulder Beer (Boulder, CO) Mojo Risin' Double IPA. Actually, let's make this a few growlers to feed all of the big uglies.

3. And to the people who drafted Arkin, Nagy, and Smith, whether it's Garrett, a random Jones, or whichever scout, here's a growler of the Schalfly (St. Louis, MO) dry-hopped APA. This is possibly my favorite beer for a job well done, and they earned it.

4. There are several players who benefited from the line play. Tony Romo gets a Blind Tiger (Topeka, KS) Whiskey Porter. For the first time in his career, Tony can stop and smell the beer, and this a beer for sipping and enjoying the aroma.

5. Well, I've not had this beer myself, but Felix Jones has never had this much room with the Cowboys either. So for Felix, here's a 4 Pines (Sydney, Australia) Stout. It's the first beer aimed at being consumable in space, which might be useful for the Cat this year.

6. Speaking of running backs, Philip Tanner has earned himself a beer, and there are a number of choices to reward him for the non-helmet non-touchdown. Most importantly, however, he's earned a spot on this team so he gets a Free State (Lawrence, KS) Ad Astra ale. To the stars indeed.

7. Turning to the defense, we have to start with the man at the top, who gets a Humperdink's (DFW area) Total Disorder Porter. It will take time for him to get the opposing offense disordered instead of the Dallas defense, but I think in the last half of the season this defense will win us a game or two on its own. Hopefully, the offense can carry us to that point. By the way, since Rob drinks beer like I drink beer, let's make this one of the 100oz draws that Humperdink's offers.

8. To Gerald Sensabaugh, who almost caused two turnovers, an Arcadia (Battle Creek, MI) Angler's Ale pale ale. Here's hoping you reel in some of those fish during the regular season.

9. The Stone (Escondido, CA) Imperial Russian Stout is released in the 2nd quarter of every year, which is perfect timing for Igor Olshansky, who'll be released in the 3rd quarter of 2011. Of the two, the beer was by far the stouter Russian, but even though it is way better than his performance deserves, I'm a generous and magnanimous man, especially when seeing the door hit Olshansky in the butt (which, ironically, knocks him 5 yards further out of the hole).

10. Really, San Diego? Blocking DeMarcus Ware with Randy McMichael? Not once, but several times? Really? In all truth, it doesn't really matter who goes up against Ware this year as I think he's going to sink some offenses and just blow up some quarterbacks, However, he's going to have more opportunity than ever once everyone knows what's going on in this defense. In fact, Ryan will unleash unrestricted submarine war on the quarterbacks in this league to the point that the ghosts of both Woodrow Wilson and Franklin D. Roosevelt will come back to life just to protest. DeMarcus is his flagship, so let's just make sure D-Ware is fully armed with a Sierra Nevada (Chico, CA) Torpedo IPA.

Barry Church is showing that, despite the pass interference penalty, he can be a useful safety in this league. Your reward is a Church Brew Works (Pittsburgh, PA) Pious Monk Dunkel. Believe me, we fans are praying for you to succeed.

Finally, the game against San Diego was probably exactly what Jason Garrett needed, though it wasn't what he wanted. It showed off a number of positives, including how several players have progressed, but had enough mistakes that Garrett can really drive the Boys this week. He won't rant like Ryan (which was indeed great to hear about), but I'm going to guess that Garrett's icy calm is more intimidating in the long run than Ryan's emotion. Garrett gets a Founder's (Grand Rapids, MI) Red's Rye PA for his efforts so far.

Well, now that this FanPost is done, I think it's time for a beer myself. At a guess, since I'll be in Lawrence tonight, it will be a Free State Copperhead pale ale. Or two. Or eight.


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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