2012 Draft....nt's

 I have made mention that I think Dallas need s a pocket crushing nt. I love Rat and appreciate what he has done in his career but at 285 he won't hold up at nt. RR run's a truer 3-4 than Wade meaning 2 gap responsibility. Josh Brent has been a little dissapointing this training camp. I expected more from him and I just haven't seen the explosion needed to move the pocket backwards.

 If you were to offer me the chance to sign any dt/nt from any team or Namdi in free agency I would have chosen Paul Soliai the 355lb nt from the Miami Dolphins. Next year's draft is chock full of cb's and to a lesser extent safties. This is great news for Dallas because even casual fans reconize the need for db's.

 That said let me take you in another direction that I think could make this d what we all envision. Nt. A huge athletic nt. I will give you some names to follow this year. Some will be available for the 2012 draft and some will stay in school.

rSr = red shirt senior

rJr = red shirt jr

rSo = red shirt sophmore

Asa Chapman Liberty College  rSr  6'4" 368lbs  The boy is huge and athletic.

Dontari Poe  Memphis rJr 6'5" 350lbs 

 Jesse Williams  Alabama Jr 6'4" 326 not as large as the previous two but is an outstanding player.

 Kwame Geathers Georgia rSo 6'5" 346lbs  Kwame has so much talent , the question is can he put it all together

Marcus Felker  Northern Colorado  6'1" 370lbs  that is not a misprint. Why he is so intriguing is his wrestling background.

Jonathan Jenkins Georgia  jr 6'4" 340lbs he is actually the better dt of the two Georgia dt's.

Cory Grissom South Fla. rJr  6'2" 335 lbs

 T.j. Barnes Ga Tech rJr 6'6" 335lbs TJ has a ways to go as far as refining his game. He is someone who I will keep a close eye on.

Deangelo McCray Memphis 6'3" 335lbs He was very highly recruited coming out of high school however he wasn't able to make the grades as he chose the fighting  Illini.

 Alameda Ta'amu Washington sr 6'3" 335lbs. Alameda weigh 380lbs when he entered college. He is down to 335 and finally began to show his potential late in the season. He needs to learn to keep his pads down but if you pick one nt to follow this year I would suggest Alameda. Don't cheat yourself though. If you get a chance to see a Memphis game or Bama or a Georgia game please watch. You just might find another unknown player.

  As you see I posted some small school guys. This was intentional. The Cowboys are in such dire need of db help I think this is where they will go in the first round. Some of these nt's are mid to late round prospects. Which is fine by me because I am ok with getting such a player after the first round .Alalmeda is a first round prospect.

 The reason I am pining for disruptive nt is because he is the closest defender to the ball. Jamal Williams at 6'3" 348lbs was the best nt I have ever seen . When you have such a large disruptive player in the middle it certainly makes the linebackers job much easier be it filling the hole on a running play or blitzing. Jesse Williams could also play strong side end. He is that talented.

 What you say ?

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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