Yellin' at the TV

OK, we have lots of very impressive people posting all sorts of stats and clips and scientific articles about the Cowboys and the NFL. I read them and try to absorb what they all mean. But then I think, what about the guys like me? I don't have access to the coaching tapes, I can't go in person to the practices, I have never hung out with all the Cowboy staff peeps.

I am a TV guy. I have been watching the Cowboys since I was a kid on the tube starting with the Don Meredith days in the sixties. My grandfather and dad taught me the way you watch football games at home is to YELL at the TV! When they do good it's "go baby go!" as in Bob Hayes or Tony Dorsett, and when they play bad it's "what the @%#$^" are they doing?, as in "Quincy Carter, Roy Williams or Dave Campo as head coach" So, I thought I would attempt to represent the regular TV watching, Dallas Cowboy loving schmucks out there that only know what we see on TV during ACTUAL games. Having said that, what do I think about some of what's going on with the team so far this year?

First,  Jason Garret reminds me of Tom Landry, (not his wardrobe), but a clinical, detached cerebral type of coach who is not going to say the wrong thing, and is going to mold the team in his image. After Uncle Fud (Wade) who is a nice guy, but gave everybody heartburn, it's a relief! 

He inherits a mixed bag of players,some good like DeMarcus, some bad like Igor, some injured all the time like Terrence. He is going to eventually replace the Wade leftovers with his RKOG's, but it will take time. So this year will be tough, with trying to work guys in a new system on defense. The offense will be fine I think, but like the Denver and San Diego game, the defense looks out of sync so far.

Speaking of defense, I'm yellin' at the TV for the coaches to yank Igor and put Lissemore in there and for the cornerbacks and safeties to quit looking at each other and get on their guy! As for offense, Miller may be the star at practice, but in the games he bounces off the backs of his blockers and falls down like Barber was doing last year. Not to mention fumbling, while Tanner is zipping around like Speedy Gonzales (got to be an old guy to know who that is).

We got a Crayton type receiver in the kid from East Carolina. Granted, he doesn't know what the hell he's doing half the time, but when he gets the ball, he takes off like a bat out of hell toward the end zone! Coach him up! Don't screw around and lose him like Amendola! He and Tanner won't make it through waivers people!

I don't know about you,but I love watching McGee play! This guy thinks it's Texas vs A+M with 2 minutes to go all the time. He reminds me of ... that's it, Romo! (as a young guy). Remember Drew (sack me) Bledsoe? The statue would get killed, then Romo would come in and run around and make plays. McGee is ready to take over as number two right now!

Dez?I honestly don't know what he's is going to do from one minute till the next, but if he ever settles down and focuses, watch out! Martellus? Space cadet still. Had a touchdown bounce off his hands again the other night. Did you see Romo's reaction? He was cussin' like a sailor. He is thinking, I finally decide to give goofball another chance and he clanks it off his hands like Roy Williams. Speaking of Roy,did you see the Chicago game? Big third down, Roy's open,Cutler fires it in there and boink, off Roy's hands it goes, along with his expression of amazement. Couple that with Tirico's saying that Chicago brought the "barbarian" in to make just this type of play and Marion Barber's big goal line plunge, which as usual comes up a yard short. We know, we know, why do you think we gave up those guys? Why does Lovie think those two are going to change? I'm just saying.

Fullbacks? Where's Moose? We don't have him on the roster, that's for sure. Chapas and Gronkowski can't drive linebackers out, just get in the way. Phillips can do their jobs and catch the ball too. Speaking of tight ends, Rucker can't block, but sure can catch. Wish we could find a way to keep him, or at least get him to teach Martellus how to catch a football. As for kickers, forget about it! Buehler can boom it out of the endzone, but will miss a 30 yarder, which will cost us a couple of tight games. I am going to go berserk when we lose a tough, hard fought game because the cotton picking kicker can't kick a field goal a high school guy can make. I say keep bringing in guys until we find a reliable one, even if it takes all season!

Final thoughts, I think we are about a 9-7,maybe 10-6 (with luck) team this year. The offense will be good, but the defense is questionable,and that will make every game an adventure. It just seems we are a few players away from getting up to the elite status, but I really believe JG will eventually get us turned around, but maybe it will be next year. Meanwhile, the Cowboys are on the road to recovery and will be competitive in every game. I got my Cowboys cap back on now!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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