David Arkin's play by plays

As KD Drummond prepares for the hurricane at his home, I have given Arkin a quick look, here are my opinions of his play by plays.

  • Run off right guard, Arkin and Costa double the DT and Costa finishes the block with a pancake.
  • Under 2 minutes, shotgun. DT swats Arkin's hands to the side and gets past him, Arkin finishes the guy by pancaking him but his guy gets the initial pressure right up the gut.
  • Pass play, Arkin and Smith double the DE and he is handled, no threat.
  • Run up middle, Costa and Arkin get a good push on the DT. After the tackle is moving pretty good, Arkin slips off and blocks a linebacker. Arkin and Costa show some power moving a big man with ease.
  • Shotgun pass, Arkin bumps the DT on Costa but stands there with no one to block.
  • Drop back pass, Arkin blocks the DT by himself and stones him at the line of scrimmage.
  • Run middle, Arkin and Costa drive the NT 6 yards straight back, again a great double team block. This block was on Thomas who stood Gurode up and pushed him back into a run earlier in the game. These are some big men the Chargers are marching out there.
  • Sam Young's false start. Thought I'd share, Young never moves, a charger points at him and then another who was never looking at him and then half a dozen chargers are pointing, and the official throws a flag.
  • Drop back pass, DT clubs Arkin and looks like he's got him but a stunting DE puts Parnell on the DT and Arkin is able to recover and pick up the stunting DE.
  • Shotgun pass, Arkin stones Liuget, Arkin winning the rookie to rookie battle up to this point.
  • Shotgun pass, Arkin and Costa double the NT, no pass rush.
  • Pass, Arkin and Costa double Thomas, Thomas is no threat to the play.
  • Run right, trap, Chargers blitz right into the trap. Arkin has his legs taken out by a blitzing corner in the hole, play never had a chance.
  • Pass play, DT uses the club and then inside move again and Arkin handles it, was beat earlier with exact same move, seems to have learned from the first time.
  • Screen pass, Arkin does okay but the play is blown up from the snap, defense reads play before snap, I think.
  • Shotgun pass, Arkin and Costa double the DT and hold him at the line.
  • Shotgun pass, Parnell gets beat badly, Arkin finds a guy on his inside shoulder and his outside shoulder, he slips to outside and gets a hand on the rushing DE and gets enough of a block to be a positive play, Costa slides to get the inside guy. Romo's camp must have done some good, these young linemen play like they have been playing together all year.
  • Run play, Arkin pulls and hesitates, Miller beats him to the hole ... ugh! ... this is very worrisome to me.
  • Pass, McGee has great pocket, Arkin blocks the DT by himself and stones him at the line.
  • Pass, Chargers DT and DE stunt and run into each other and fall down, Arkin has no one to block.
  • Run right guard, Arkin has a slant block responsibility, DT is lined up on his outside shoulder, Arkin has to hook him and turn him. Arkin pulls off the block and Tanner goes for 10, it's Arkin's block that springs this play.
  • Run right guard again, Arkin drives the middle linebacker off the screen.
  • Chargers change front and bring in the beef. Off left shoulder of Arkin, Arkin and Garey stand each other up and have a stale mate at the line of scrimmage. Runner gets the short yard needed. I think Garey wins, but then again, who in the NFL is going to block him with just a guard too? Runner gets the first.
  • Pass, Chargers show seven guys on the line of scrimmage, Arkin blocks the DT and stones him on the line.
  • Shotgun draw, Arkin has no one to block, not sure he should just stand there though?
  • Shotgun pass, Liuget almost splits double team by Costa and Arkin, they recover and make him pay by pummeling him.
  • Pass, Arkin handles the DT
  • Pitch left, Arkin has another important block, again he has to hook the DT. Arkin accomplishes this beautifully, he falls over bodies on the ground but he has already accomplished the block, 8 yard run by Tanner.
  • 1st play of 4th QTR, shot gun pass, the DT tries to club Arkin one to many times. Arkin beats him to the punch literally: Arkin punches the DT in the ribs and he collapses to the ground. This punch was lighting quick, powerful, and devastating to the DT.
  • I went ahead and watched the rest of the 4th quarter and found nothing of real interest. It is about mid way through the 4th when Arkin misses his assignment and lets Liuget by without hardly touching him.


They really asked Arkin to do some hard stuff in this game. Pull, hook, slide, screen, and block massive DT's by himself. He had one mental mistake and when he pulled he looked really bad. I am afraid Arkin is way ahead in areas I thought he needed help in and behind in areas I thought were his strengths.

His battles with the rookie Liuget were something to behold, and I would have to say Arkin was the victor. Arkin has the tools to be a star in this league if he can learn and improve a small part of his game. I'm going to have to agree with Houck on this one, Arkin is someday going to be a great lineman, but Nagy is more polished right now. I have no problem with Arkin if someone gets hurt, no sir!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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