Rebuilding? No, Re-tooling!

I read an article by Jean Jacques Taylor (which is saying something, not a big fan of his) in which he stated, "Dallas fans, get over it, the Boys are rebuilding." I couldn't disagree more.

Making a judgment of sorts, all due to the release of overpaid and declining players - most recently, Andre Gurode - is a silly statement.

Tell me, is the team worse for releasing a banged up RB who could no longer gain 4 yards and celebrates after a 2 yard pick up? Or what about three 32+ OL, slow getting off the ball, getting to the second level, depleted by injuries and 1 which was benched during the season? Or an overpaid, underachieving WR who, well let's face it, just wasn't good here in Dallas.

Now let's take a look at their replacements. Exit the 3 big uglies, enter the youth movement. G, C, and RT are now manned by younger, more athletic, hard playing guys. Which by the way fits the scheme which Garrett is trying to install. How many times did we have to see Davis fall down and miss a block on a pull play, or Colombo struggle to get his heavy legs back on a speed rusher, or AG snap the ball over Romo's head or miss a snap count? Bottom line, rookies or not, you play the better player.

Playing the better player is somethin JG had started as soon as he became HC. Exit Marion Barber enter Felix Jones. This transitions started toward the end of the season last year. Barber was no longer the guy and it's obvious to see Felix clearly is ready for a big year. Is anyone in disagreement that Felix provides more bang than Barber? With Felix getting the majority of the touches this year he will far and beyond out produce Barber's best numbers as a starter. Felix, Murray, Choice> Barber, Felix, Choice.

Exit Roy Williams, enter Dez Bryant. One could argue Dez in 12 games as a rookie out performed Roy in 2 1/2 seasons. Sad. Exit Jon Kitna, enter Tony Romo. Romo looks sharper than ever and seems to embrace the challenge of getting to the next level of his career. The word that.comes to mind is comfortable. Gone are the days of the Cowboys circus, big mouth diva WRs (TO, Roy), and the pressure of having to get the ball in 1 persons hands.

Point is, when making personnel moves that get rid of FORMER quality players, and replace them with younger talent that has proven to the coaches they are better than what was there before does not mean the franchise is rebuilding. Guys like Romo, Witten, Miles, Ware, Rat are in their prime and surrounded FINALLY by respectable coaching and a culture of going about things the right way. Competition is no longer just preached as it was during the Wade era, it's practiced.

Re-tooling. Not Rebuilding

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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