Re-emerging Fandom

Hey all. I've been lurking and reading for the past 2 years and finally decided I needed to join and post.

Little background on me- I was raised just north of Dallas and while I was never really into football (played soccer actually- mom didn't like the thought of my scrawny butt in helmets and pads), Tony Dorsett was my favorite player. When the triplets came, I had moved North and didn't get much coverage. High school and college was spent leaning toward the arts (I'm an actor), so I only made it a point to root for the cowboys on Thanksgiving.

Then I moved to MN and started watching football with my brother-in-law. I'll root for the Vikes when they're not playing the Cowboys, but I'm firmly a Cowboy fanatic now.

Which brings me to this post. My awesome sister got us tickets to the preseason game last Saturday as a belated brithday gift. My first live game without needing to sit with the marching band. It was absolutely amazing. Seats behind the endzone, upper deck- still close enough to make out most numbers. There were quite a few other cowboy fans in various swag- sadly I had none, so I waxed up my moustache in hopes of getting on TV...

Anyway, I definitely got swept up in it- jumping up and down on Felix' TD, Sensabaugh's INT, that glorious blocked punt. Its tough to try to focus on the preseason things- watching the individuals rather than the ball.

Some observations- I'm definitely not a football mind, but I'm learning thanks to BTB.

OL didn't seem to be as strong as they had been the previous 2 games- not horrid, obviously, but not great. MN's 4-3 is pretty good, so maybe this was a good test.

Def seemed a bit vanilla, I guess. I didn't notice too many exotic blitzes and such, but I suppose sometimes you need to figure out what you've got as your baseline. They definitely got gashed for some Peterson yards (who doesn't?), so maybe it was going conservative.

Really glad to see Murray on the field- he had some nice runs.

Holley vs Johnson- I really can't decide who I want to root for more. Both had decent games, but how many can you keep?

I was really thrown back by one of Mcgee's throws- just an absolute bullet. I like him more and more each time I see him.

Overall a great game to watch. Even surrounded by Viking fans (sister included) this was a fantastic evening. I hope I'll get to see them again soon. But when I can't I'll always be moseying around here for all the updates.

Thanks BTB for lassoing me up in your corral!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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