Moves I Think The Cowboys Should Make

I usually don't write fanposts like this because most of the time they are really lame. I would like to show you who is available that I think would benefit this team. The Cowboys signed my boy Abram Elam finally and that is a start in the right direction. 

It looks like the Cowboys won't be in the market for a veteran wide receiver, offensive guard, cornerback or safety. I know we are around 3 million dollars over the cap, but the Cowboys will be restructuring deals to make room. Tony Romo, Miles Austin and DeMarcus Ware can all restructure their deals IF the Cowboys need them to do so. All three of those players are class acts and would do anything to improve the team.

Restructuring ones doesn't mean they will lose any money, just so everyone understands. So I believe these players would improve our current roster. Obviously we cannot sign all of them, but if the Cowboys were even to add one of these players I think it would be a wise decision.


I still say we could use some young talent at the position. Each of our starters are on one year deals. It is always wise to think of the future.


Terence Newman will be out 4-6 weeks and could possibly miss the season opener. Why the Cowboys decided to roll with a 33 year old CB who is injury prone (yes, Newman is injury prone) is beyond me. I begged for Brandon Harris for a reason folks. This leaves one of the young cornerbacks, Alan Ball and Orlando Scandrick as your starting left cornerback.

Wide Receiver 

I tell you what, Kevin Ogletree looks amazing in camp so far. But do we truly want to rely on Ogletree or Dwayne Harris in the slot? What if Dez or Miles go down? What if Ogletree busts out in the regular season and goes back to his old ways?

Offensive Guard

Montrae Holland is your starting right offensive guard. That isn't really a good look at all. I don't think Holland could start on any of the other 31 teams in the NFL. Your other guards are Phil Costa (also plays some center) and David Arkin, both unproven players at the NFL level. Holland could be a problem all season long, especially considering he will be starting next to a rookie offensive tackle. I love Tyron Smith, but starting two unproven players on one side of the line is rolling the dice.

Let us take a look at some of the players out there that I would make a move for. Once again I know we can't sign all of them, that is obvious. I also know this isn't Madden 2012, you can't have depth at every position, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Taylor Mays

People are split on Mays, just like they were in the 2010 NFL Draft. Most say he is a Roy Williams like in the box safety. He runs a 4.31 40 yard dash, I believe he has the speed to be a NFL safety. The problem with him is his hips, he is stiff and has a hard time turning around in his back pedal. Physically the kid is a freak, 6'3 230, 4.3 40 and a 40 inch vertical.

The Cowboys signed Gerald Sensabaugh to a one year, 2.5 million dollar deal. The future is still unsettled and the Cowboys front office could be doing the safety shuffle again in 2011. If the Cowboys could trade a 3rd round pick for Taylor Mays, I would do it in a heartbeat. Mays has first round talent and if you could land him for a mid round pick I would jump all over that.

You teach him under Rob Ryan and show him the Rob Ryan system. Teach him better coverage skills and coach the kid up for a year. You could also use him as a extra linebacker in the nickel. Rob Ryan loves linebackers, and he could use Mays as a glorified linebacker all over the field. Even if Mays never pans out at strong safety, you have a kid built to be a linebacker. 

I think Mays could be a starting SS at a high level. He needs some coaching and who better than Rob Ryan to coach him? Mays could also be a special teams warrior for us at a time when we just lost our best special teams player, Sam Hurd. Just think about adding a physical specimen like Mays to the roster. It is intriguing at the least to think about. 

Dashon Goldson

Dashon Goldson confirmed via Twitter today that he would not be returning to San Francisco. Now I think he wants more money that what he is really going to receive. In 2009 Goldson played at a very high level. He is physical and talented, I just think he needs the right situation.

If he were willing to accept a low level contract that would be torn up and redone if he became a starter in the future, I would sign him. I know we just signed two safeties, but again we have nothing set in stone for the long term. My sales pitch would be simple. I would tell him you would get some of the best coaching in the business from Rob Ryan. Next year you come to camp and you can earn your job if you play at a high level. Tell him he could be a part of the future if he turns out to be a starting caliber player. Then if he becomes a starter, you rip up the low level contract and work out a more fitting contract.

Goldson at the least would provide depth and a option for the future. I am not saying the kid is all world, but he could definitely bring something to this team. The safety market is drying up and he still hasn't found a home yet. I would love to add a young and talented safety to the roster. 

Kelvin Hayden

Kelvin Hayden will most likely sign with the Redskins this week. Hayden was released for cap room and because he has been injured. Hayden could offer us stability at the left cornerback position since Newman is out with a groin injury. Who knows how long Newman will be out with this injury. Groin injuries tend to last a long time and can be easily injured again.

Hayden is a solid player who can cover pretty well. I am again not saying Hayden is all world, but he is better than some of our younger players at this time. I am all for the young guys getting their chance, but not as a starter. Scandrick is a good player and I guess this is his time to shine. But we have no depth behind him that is a veteran player, nobody established. Hayden would offer us that.

The cornerback market is dried up right now and nobody besides Hayden is left. If Hayden took a 1-2 year deal at a reasonable price, I would sign him. Hayden will be a Redskin, so this is really moot anyway.

Jerricho Cotchery

Look I love the selection of Dwayne Harris in the 6th round of the draft. I think the kid is going to be a star for us down the road, but right now he is still learning the offense. I love what Kevin Ogletree is doing in camp, he looks like a player that can make plays for us this year. Even with all of that optimism, I am concerned about the wide receiver position.

We have no depth in case of injury. If something were to happen, we are screwed. I know you cannot have depth at every position, but most teams have some good options behind their 1's and 2's at WR. Cotchery is the perfect wide receiver for this system. He has played the slot position at a high level for a long time now. He is the possession receiver that Garrett would love to have in the slot and Cotchery could play on the outside if needed.

Cotchery runs crisp and precise routes. He is pretty sure handed and is the RKG. I don't know what it would cost to sign him, but I would sign him to a 1-2 year deal if the money was right. He would provide instant depth at a position we need depth at. Not too long ago this was a star on the rise in New York. Maybe he could find his groove in Dallas again.

Brian Waters

Montrae Holland is your starting right guard, that is going to give me nightmares at night. Holland is a road grader, but is not good in pass protection. He is not very agile and is injury prone. I love David Arkin and I think he is going to be a long time starter for us. I just don't know if he is ready to start. Also remember rookie tackle Tyron Smith is going to be the right tackle. I think an established veteran would make sense next to Tyron.

Brian Waters was a big part of the Chiefs line for a long time. He is a veteran player who has a year left in him, maybe two. He is also a Texas native, I say we bring him home on a one year deal. Most players are starting to take one year deals because the market is dried up. I would at least add Waters for depth, it also gives us a Plan B in case Holland is hot garbage.

Starting Montrae Holland eerily reminds me of the Alan Ball situation. We simply gave Ball the starting job, just like we are giving Holland. Neither player faced a real competition in camp. So far Holland doesn't have a true competitor, that is just real talk. If you bring in Waters, at least you are having a true competition for the starting right guard position.



I know you cannot have depth at every position. But the Cowboys should look at these players and contemplate what they bring to the table. If we don't add these players, I can live with that. I just think these players have something to offer the Cowboys and their talent would benefit the team.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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