The Story of the 2011 Dallas Defense

This is the Story of the 2011 Dallas Defense.  It is not my normal stuff so I am a little out of my comfort zone, so please excuse any mistakes. So if you are interested in this Follow me past the Jump...

It was a dark time in Dallas. Having been utterly humiliated at the hands of the opposition in their last battle, our intrepid heroes sought to regain their confidence and shine. After much deliberation with the Head Master, the Lord of Order, a new voice, The Big Robowski, Lord of Chaos was brought in to teach our heroes the ways of Chaos. At first there was skepticism, for wasn't Chaos what they opposed? 

"This is what is called 'Organized Chaos', The Lord of Chaos proclaimed. "To fight true Chaos, you must learn its ways, only then will you be able to defeat it."

Our intrepid Heroes breathed a sigh of relief, for anything organized, even Chaos, must be a good thing. 

Then the Big Robowski spoke again, "Do not think that it will be easy however, for to truly master Chaos you must discard what you think is right, and trust what you think may be wrong."

"Great sacrifices must be made," he went on to say. Yet that did not faze our heroes, for nothing could be worse than the humiliation they had suffered. 

De-Ware(2), leader of the group, spoke first, "Whatever you wish of us, Lord of Chaos, we shall do." The BIg Robowski smiled, as he had never had such talented, nor willing students. "If that is so, then let us begin."

However, the head master all too soon interrupted: "We must leave, Chaos Lord, for the Gods have spoken that no Lord may have contact with any students until the Great Suckage is over." So with much regret the two Lords departed, leaving our heroes to their own devices. However the Lord of Chaos left with them his book,"Secrets of Chaos". Armed with this book, each of our heroes went off to study alone.

Yet through the efforts of our heroes' friend, the Gambler, and his band of heroes, "the Undrafted", they got together again. It was during this time that they started to learn the basics of "Organized Chaos" so that when the Great Suckage was over they could quickly learn the more advanced concepts written about within the Secrets of Chaos. During this time also many heroes were undergoing changes, as requested by the Lord of Chaos. At the time these changes did not make sense, yet as they grew more familiar with the teachings, they began to realize the potential of what their Lord had asked of them.

Soon the Great Suckage was over, and the battles were soon to begin. The Lord of Chaos was pleased to see that his students had learned so much during this time. There was one issue. Several of our heroes were unable to train with their fellow battle mates, as their tenure was in doubt, due to the Great Suckage. However one of the Gods, who was aligned with our Heroes,  the great Jerrah, smiled upon them. He was able to bless our heroes not only with their battlemates but was also able to convince a couple of former students of the Chaos Lord, Sir Coleman and Sir Elam to join. However, one of the other gods, the Sydster, coveted one of our young heroes, Sir Bowen, and was able to lure him away with the promise of riches. This was a blow to the "Rat Pack" as it had been hoped that Sir Bowen would be able to help the Lord of Chaos due to his excellent battle skills. Also another God, Lurite, was able to convince a couple battle mates that the god Jerrah, had coveted, Sir Scrabble and Sir Jenkins.

Yet through all this, our heroes have continued to train. Under the watchful eyes of their two Lords, who for all their exterior differences were quite similar, they began to become even more proficient in the ways of Chaos. Even the leader of the "Rat Pack", Sir Ratliff, was becoming excited. He had undergone some of the most dramatic changes, becoming what appeared to be a shadow of himself. Yet there was purpose to it, as Sir Ratliff was doing things that he never though that he could do. Even the young apprentices started to become even better, showcasing why the God Jerrah had wanted them. Though some have struggled with mastering Chaos, Sir Elam and Coleman were helping them master it.

Now the training is not yet complete folks. However, rest assured that D-ware, Bruce Lee, and the "Rat Pack", are still working hard, mastering Chaos.

(to be continued)....

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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