Feeling Blue & Silver: Therapy Session for Fanatics

Editors Note:  This is a tongue in cheek look at the our emotions as Fans and is in no way meant to be taken seriously or be insulting to anyone.

As a licensed therapist I feel that it would only make sense that I offer my services to the many Fanatics who have been continually struggling to maintain their sanity.  I noticed that the lockout put many of you into a dangerous depression and the beginning of FA led to anxiety among many of you that was quite harmful.  But today I would like to speak to my "Bipolar" Cowboy Fanatics.  Let's start the clock....



As per the DSM IV

Bipolar Disorder:  The essential feature of Bipolar I Disorder is a clinical course that is characterized by the occurrence of one or more Manic Episodes(Easily/Overly Excitable) or Mixed Episodes (Easily Excitable followed by Major Depression)

Now to be honest, most fanatics battle with this disorder, so I don't want you to feel uncomfortable if you realize that this is you.  Here's a couple thoughts to help you see if you fall into this category.  For my Bipolar Cowboy Fans on BTB who have found themselves happy because they believed we had a good shot at winning the Super Bowl, but in the SAME offseason have also found themselves depressed because it looks like we're not going to be that good and we're destined for another 6-10 season, I'm going to need YOU to lean a little closer to the screen. 

Now I realize that this is a rough disorder to deal with but using a little trick from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) I'm hoping that I can help you overcome that which is controlling you. Let me set the groundwork for our session.  CBT states that the way we behave is controlled by the way we feel which is controlled by the way we think. For example, a child wakes up one morning in January and notices that there is a blizzard outside.  This child immediately begins thinking about snowmen, snow angels, sledding and NO SCHOOL!  This child now feels happy and excited, and begins to behave accordingly, running around the house laughing, speaking loudly and constantly asking his parents when they can go outside and PLAY.  On this same morning however said parents wake up and see the blizzard and immediately begins thinking about the drive to work, shoveling the drive way, and finding a babysitter on such short notice because there is NO SCHOOL!  These parents now feel sad and annoyed, and they begin to behave accordingly, walking around the house frowning, speaking loudly and constantly telling their kids that they can NOT go outside and play right now it's 6:30 in the morning.  Same EVENT but everyone thought about the situation in a different way which affected their feelings and then behavior.  Our Bipolar Fanatics allow their emotions to dictate their behavior without thinking about what thoughts stimulate said emotions. 

So for our Bipolar Cowboy Fanatics who most certainly are going to be the ones going off the wall after every report from camp, take this into consideration.  IF Tony Romo goes 14-20 with a couple TD's in a scrimmage does this mean that our DEFENSE is terrible and we're destined to have another season like last?  What exactly would these same people be saying if the defense was able to get constant pressure, as Ryan's defense is supposed to do, and they forced Romo into a 5-20 passing day with a couple of INT's?  Would our offensive line now be the worst, and would we again be destined to have another season like last?  Why can't we just allow everyone to improve. 

This concerns me more for players like Tyron Smith. Take a look at this article from Rabble, before we even drafted Tyron Smith.  As you can see not everyone said he was the best, but every draft expert believed that he WOULD BE within the next couple of years.  Now this means that THIS YEAR, he may give up sacks you would hope that a #9 pick wouldn't.  This means that THIS YEAR he may get caught off guard by an agile, intelligent DE.  This means that THIS YEAR he may be Bullrushed to Kingdom Come by a strong defensive lineman on certain plays.  However none of these things mean he won't be great, it just means that you have to remain calm during these times.  I would encourage you to read, and reread this and Rabble's article when you begin to see your emotions getting out of whack over such developments. 

Rob Ryan's Defense last year with the Browns was overall NOT GOOD!  The first half of the season the browns were as usual a joke.  However OVER TIME they learned the many intricacies of his system and improved by leaps and bounds.  Same goes for the new Dom Caper's system implemented in Green bay.  Do you remember all of the struggles against offenses (especially in the Preseason) and the rumblings of Kampman being unhappy as he was being moved all over the place and how this set up was not a good idea for this team.  You don't?  Let's do some memory work to see if I can unlock some past memories.  Follow the pendulum "Left.... Right....Left... Right.... Left.... Right... Le...."

Statements from some players in a report done in the middle of his first season as the new DC:

 Cullen Jenkins complained that it was time for Capers to remove the “handcuffs” from some players and let them play to their strengths. Three weeks ago, cornerback Charles Woodson expressed disappointment in Capers’ play calling. And don’t forget that linebacker Aaron Kampman never endorsed his position shift and recently has been lining up more often as a traditional defensive end.

However amidst all of the criticism from people who were saying that he wasn't doing the right things and that the defense wasn't playing up to par, as they learned the system they improved, OVER TIME!

As per Wikipedia:

On January 19, 2009, Capers was named the Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator by head coach Mike McCarthy and general manager Ted Thompson, where he replaced the 4-3 defense Green Bay has used since 1992 with the 3-4 he used in Miami. Green Bay's defensive ranking in his first year improved to second in the league in 2009, from 21st in the league in 2008. In spite of being decimated by injuries in the 2010 season, Capers' defense finished the season ranked 2nd in scoring defense, 5th in total defense, 2nd in interceptions, 2nd in sacks, and 1st in opposing quarterback passer rating.

Now when I combine the names of the two most poorly run franchises in the NFL you will wake up... "THE OAKLAND REDSKINS!".  No, relax, please don't be scared, they have not combined teams. Al Davis and Dan Snyder are not currently running the same franchise where they draft the fastest players in college regardless of ability and pay them each player 374 Million Dollars a year before finding out if they are even willing to play for the coaches or the system. 

Work on using these facts we discussed earlier to change your Self Talk from "OMG the season is OVER" to "This is all part of the process".  Say it with me again "This is all part of the process".... "This is all part of the process".  Our secondary IS going to give up passing touchdowns this season however, "This is all part of the process".  Our offensive line which is ridiculously inexperienced may give up sacks or miss blocks but, "This is all part of the process".  Now while you repeat these statements I want to do some guided imagery with you so you can learn to practice visualization techniques at home in times of crisis.  Okay I want to you to visualize a first round playoff game against the Saints. Rob Ryan's screaming a blitz call into Bradie James helmet "....and B, when you guys hit Brees make it so that he doesn't want to call another passing play the rest of the game."  Bradie passes that message along to the rest of the D, yells out "Flo-Rida 32-X" and on the snap Ware who had been lining up wide drops back into coverage playing a zone to Brees' left side.  Brees feels this pressure being released and feels a little more comfortable with his blind side. However he is completely unaware of the DB blitz being run by Orlando(Flo-Rida) Scandrick and as Scandrick reaches the line of scrimmage he realizes that the LT and LG are busy dealing with Ratliff and a "Twist" being run by James and Lee.  All he can see is that #9 on the back of Brees jersey.  Realizing that this was the result that this play was designed to produce, based on rep, after rep, after tireless rep in practice, he now uses his 4.34 speed to accelerate faster and faster and he remembers how little he had this feeling last year with Wade.  His brain signals his adrenal gland to release adrenaline. As adrenaline begins to be released throughout his body he feels his muscles contract 10 times the amount they usually do.  Scandrick begins to lean forward to increase his momentum and prepare for the inevitable contact all the while saying to himself  "I've got to get there before he throws it... I've GOT to get there!"  Now only five steps from the #9 he realizes that this quick hitting offensive mind is struggling to figure out who's open and is pumping the ball.... Once... "I'm almost there".... Twice.... Every muscle in Scandricks body now begins to brace for impact and the entire world seems to slow down.  His peripheral narrows and he is now hyperfocused on that Gold #9 on a black Jersey and that burgundy ball now hanging dangerously low in Brees right hand.  His achilles tendons stiffen as he prepares to leave his feet... *bell chimes*    Oh... well it looks like our time is up.  I hope that we'll get the chance to meet same time next week.  You can speak to my secretary on the way out about payment options.  I accept cash... and money.  Have a nice evening and remember "It's okay to Feel Blue, just don't forget to feel Silver."

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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