The Tony Romo Drama

Cowboy Nation,

It's time to talk about this. It's time that we start acknowledging the unwarranted negativity Tony Romo receives from so many of the self-proclaimed "Fans". . Unfortunately for him, he inherited a disgruntled fan base that demanded championships upon arrival and on top of that his first appearance in the playoffs didn't end up so well.

So let's talk about this. 

For a little background first. 

My dad was a Houston Oiler's fan when I was very small. However, all I can remember is being really confused during the games because I didn't understand the concept of 4 downs. As time passed and I became learned in the great American sport of football, the Oiler's were shipped to Tennessee and I then had no team to follow. Sure, I could have followed them there... but I'm from Texas and in my eyes every other state sucks. It would go against everything I was as a God-fearing Texan to like a team from Tennessee. I'm sure you can guess by now that I soon discovered the Cowboys.

The minute I saw that big beautiful, blue star on the side of their helmets I knew we were meant to be together. However, what I didn't know was that the team I fell in in love with was about to take me on a rock-and-roll journey down an up and down decade (mostly down). After every season, I would begin dreaming about next year's championship that was sure to come. But it never did... I even remember the hope I had in Carter, but I was just desperate at the time. I was desperate to be competitive again...

And then it happened.

Tony Romo was given the opportunity to play in which he quickly delivered. Suddenly, the Cowboys now looked competitive. A game deciding field goal muff later, the once savior of Cowboy nation became now known as a choker. But what I think is that people forget how long it took Brees and Manning to do it.

Dear Cowboy Nation,

It's time we look at the facts, go watch some of those playoff games. Tony Romo isn't the problem. We are fortunate to have the brown stallion on our team. Don't lie, just admit it... when Tony is in a two minute drill, we are confident that at least we have a chance. We could be in a more dire situation then the one we are currently in. When Tony Romo retires, he will have a top 5 all-time QB rating. If he wins a Super Bowl, he is a future hall of famer.

Think about that.

And remember how long it took some of the greats.


Joe G.

Tony Romo's Biggest Fan 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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