For those of you who are frequent visitors of like myself you are probably aware of Matthew Berry's 10 lists of 10 series. I've always liked this idea and I have been itching to write a fanpost recently so here I go.

1. 10 reasons the Cowboys will be beaten Sunday night.

1. Injuries- Tyron Smith, Mike Jenkins, and Terrence Newman. Three guys who figure to be huge pieces in our quest for a Super Bowl this year could possibly be on the sideline in street clothes tomorrow night. Newman has already been ruled out because of a strained groin. Even though Smith and Jenkins are making progress it is possible that Jeremy Parnell could be protecting our franchise QB and Alan Ball could be covering Plaxico Burress on the outside. It's looking good but lets still pray our starters can suit up against the Jets.

2. Jets offensive line- The Jets have an offensive line that consists of all pro center Nick Mangold and pro bowl tackle D'brickashaw Ferguson. The rest of their line is a little suspect but Ferguson will be matched up on Ware and Mangold will be matched up on Rat. We really only have 2 pass rushing options and they will be forced to take on two of the top lineman in the league. Hopefully a guy like Victor Butler can step up.

3. Darrelle Revis- The Jets are lucky to have probably the most dominant corners in all of football. This guys takes the best receivers completely out of the game which is bad news for Dez Bryant/Miles Austin. Dez is already welcoming the challenge of going up against the feared Revis. The guy playing opposite Revis is no slouch either and whoever Revis isn't covering will have a hard time getting past the stingy Antonio Cromartie.

4. Santonio Holmes- Holmes is a mismatch for anyone who is covering him. Unfortunately for us we could be playing our 2nd string corners and Holmes could absolutely shred this secondary. He is a top receiver who is going to be hard to stop and he always seems to make the big catch at the right time.

5. Jets run defense- Felix and company are going up against one of the best run defenses in the league in week one. Jones is hoping for a breakout season but might have to wait for week two for it to start.

6. Rob Ryan's aggressive play calling- Ryan is going to throw so many different looks at the Sanchize and that Jets offense that it is not only going to confuse them it could confuse us. Without a full offseason to learn Ryan's confusing scheme our defense could struggle to execute and get burned for big plays.

7. Rex Ryan's aggressive play calling- Rex Ryan is also known to be an aggressive play caller but his squad has had multiple offseason's to grasp his scheme so it could create problems for our offense.

8. Our Kickers- Dan Bailey will be kicking field goals for us tomorrow night and that does not make me feel too good. I'm sure everybody realizes that kicker is not our strongest position and it could be the deciding factor on Sunday.

9. 11-5 vs 6-10- You have to remember that the Jets were a much better team then us last year so they should be heavily favored.

10. Brian Schottenheimer- BS is a good coordinator. He makes the most out of what he has which is a below average NFL quarterback, a mediocre running back, Santonio Holmes, and 2 past their prime receivers in Derrick Mason and Plaxico Burress.


2. 10 reasons the Cowboys will be victorious Sunday night

1. Tony Romo- Romo is obviously the superior quarterback in this matchup. Even if Bryant and Austin are draped in coverage by Revis and Cromartie he will find Witten and Felix and still make plays.

2. Mark Sanchez- Maybe the most overrated QB in the league will fail to make a big contribution on Sunday night. If the Jets win it will be because of their defense not the "Sanchize"

3. Jets lack of a pass rusher- As good as the Jets D is they are lacking a true pass rusher. If they can't find a way to get to Romo he will have an easy time completing passes and moving the ball. 

4. Nick Folk- We watched Nick Folk lose us games on multiple occasions and on Sunday we have the pleasure of seeing him wear a different team's colors. I think if we win on Sunday Nick Folk will have played a big part in our win.

5. Rob Ryan's aggressive play calling- As you might recall Rob Ryan's aggressive play calling was listed in the first section but if we can execute everything Ryan dials up our defense could be dominant on Sunday night.

6. Preparation- You know that JG is getting these guys ready for this game. He is making them watch film day and night and Garrett is guaranteed to get them as ready as they possibly could for this game. 

7. Cowboys rush defense- I think players like Spears, Rat, Hatcher, and Coleman will be able to bottle up Shonn Greene and LT. If the Jets cant run the ball then they will be forced to throw and you know how I feel about Mark Sanchez.

8. Jason Witten- Revis will be on Dez, Cromartie on Austin so who's covering the best tight end in the league? I expect Romo to look for Witten a lot and it should be a huge game for Witten.

9. Victor Butler- As I mentioned before the Jets have 2 great offensive lineman in Fergusan and Mangold who will be handling Ware and Rat. Butler should get a lot of playing time in Ryan's scheme and he is the second best pass rusher on this team. I expect a big game from Butler matched up on Wayne Hunter.

10. Screens- Screen passes to Felix and Murray are going to be a huge part of our offense this year. With Austin and Bryant covered tight we need to utilize screens. If we can successfully execute screens our offense should have no problem scoring. 


3. 10 Cowboys I'm excited to watch this upcoming season

1. Dez Bryant- I cant wait to watch Dez develop into an elite receiver this year, all he needs is to stay healthy and not be stupid.

2. Felix Jones- Felix is a popular pick around the league to be a breakout candidate. He is undoubtedly our feature back and this is the year he shows us why we picked him ahead of Chris Johnson.

3. Demarcus Ware- Cant wait to watch this guy make every QB's life a living hell on Sundays.

4. Tony Romo- I really missed watching him play last year and I want to see this Romo to Dez connection I've heard so much about this offseason.

5. Jay Ratliff- Rat had a down year but this is the year to show us why we just gave him 40 million dollars. He needs to take some of the pressure off of Ware.

6. Abram Elam- Elam might not be Ed Reed but he is an upgrade over Ball and that is a good thing for this defense.

7. Tyron Smith- Our prized right tackle will have the job of protecting our franchise quarterback this season. It is hard to watch offensive lineman during a game but I will keep an eye out for this kid.

8. Demarco Murray- Another rookie who looked good in the limited time he played this preseason. Hopefully he is the perfect compliment to Felix Jones.

9. Jason Witten- Witten is the best tight end in the league but he is somehow only our 3rd option in the passing game here in Dallas. Still cant wait to see what he does this season, every time I see the play of his helmetless catch and run I get goosebumps.

10. Victor Butler- Butler was the best defensive Cowboy in the preaseason and I really cant wait to see how Ryan plans to use him.


4. Top 10 players around the league I want to see in a Cowboy's uniform

1. Darrelle Revis- He will be our nemesis on Sunday night but man would I love to have him here in Dallas. Cornerback isn't our strongest position but imagine Revis shutting down Desean Jackson or Hakeem Nicks

2. Adrian Peterson- I know we have no need for a running back but Peterson is just too good to not put on this list. Peterson as our feature back and Jones as our change of pace back would be unstoppable. 

3. Patrick Willis- Imagine having the best outside linebacker in the league playing on the same team with the best inside linebacker in the league.

4. Troy Polomalu- Safety might be our biggest need and Polomalu might be the best in the league, this one was easy.

5. Jahari Evans- Evans might not be the best lineman in the league, that title might go to Jake Long or Joe Thomas but their is not much need for a tackle on our team. We could use a guard and Evans is a top guard and is young.

6. Justin Tuck- We have to face Tuck twice a year and it is always frighting. I would love to see Tuck with a star on his helmet chasing down Sheli.

7. Vince Wilfork- Wilfork is a big fat nose tackle who just eats up space. We could slide Rat over to end and plug in Wilfork to really improve our line.

8. Eric Berry- Berry is a rising star at the safety position. In 09 I was ready to trade our whole draft to move up and get him. I know we wouldn't have gotten Dez but I still think it would've been worth it.

9. Clay Matthews- Matthews and Ware both rushing the passer from the same team... scary.

10. Nate Kaeding- Yes a kicker, Kaeding is as consistent as they come which would be nice to have.


5. Top 10 cowboys numbers of all time

1. 88- Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin, Dez Bryant

2. 22- Emmitt Smith, Bob Hayes

3.12- Roger Staubach

4. 74- Bob Lilly

5. 54- Chuck Howley, Randy White, Barbie Carpenter (just kidding)

6. 33- Tony Dorsett

7.  8- Troy Aikman

8. 20- Mel Renfro, Ron Springs

9. 73- Larry Allen, Ralph Neely

10. 20- 81- Terrell Owens, Rocket Ishmail


6. 10 things that went wrong last year

1. Tony Romo's injury- Yes we were 1-6 before Romo's broken collarbone but still whenever your star quarterback suffers a serious injury it is noteworthy.

2. The play of the secondary- Alan Ball was horrendous as a safety, Terrence Newman couldn't stay healthy, and Mike Jenkins looked like he was taking plays off. Quarterbacks shredded our secondary week in and week our.

3. Wade Phillips- Wade lost control of this team and it showed on the field. The difference between Phillips and Garrett was obvious and it showed on our record.

4. Offensive line- Colombo, Bigg, and Gurode are all gone because of their play last year and their bloated salaries. Our running game struggled and Romo was knocked out for the season because of our oline play.

5. Running game- Felix and company really struggled behind our weak offensive line last year. With new additions both to the backfield and the line we should expect an improvement in our ground game.

6. Kicker issues- You know you have kicker issues if you have 5 kickers fighting for a job and none of them make you feel any better about the kicking game. The lowest point for Buehler last year was his missed extra point against the Cardinals but on the bright side that missed kick probably got us Tyron Smith.

7. Alan Ball at safety- The Alan Ball at safety experiment was a miserable failure. Now we have a real safety and Ball is back at backup cornerback and we should be much better off.

8. Shaky hands- It seemed our receivers had a hard time catching the ball last year especially Miles Austin. He in particular will have to fix that this upcoming season.

9. Step backs for 2009 stars- Mike Jenkins, Terrence Newman, Tashard Choice, Anthony Spencer, and Jay Ratliff all took major steps back in 2010 after strong 2009 campaigns. Hopefully they will bounceback in 2011. 

10. Lack of pass rusher to help Demarcus Ware- Spencer was supposed to be able to take the load off Ware and get to the quarterback some last year but only managed 5 sacks. That number needs to come up or we need to find someone else who can get to the quarterback.


7. 10 reasons things will be better this year

1. Tony Romo's back- As we all know Romo missed 8 games with a broken collarbone. His return from injury paired with Garrett's coaching will really improve this offense. 

2. Jason Garrett in complete control- Wade is gone and Garrett is the leader of this team. The team already looks tougher and more disciplined then they ever looked while under Wade's control.

3. Rob Ryan- Ryan's aggressive defense is perfect for the players we have here. I can not wait to see how Rob uses Ware and Rat to wreak havoc on opposing QB's.

4. Dez Bryant and Felix Jones emergence- I have high expectations for both of these youngsters this season but the key will be for them to stay on the field.

5. Improved safety play- Abe Elam is a huge upgrade over Alan Ball at safety. He knows Ryan's system and is a leader in the secondary. Sensi already looks like he will be a playmaker on defense this year.

6. Dan Bailey????- Maybe Bailey is the kicker we've been looking for? Who knows...

7. New and improved offensive line- Colombo, Bigg, Gurode out and Tron, Nagy, Costa in. Our line will be more athletic and mobile this year which will benefit Felix and Murray. Screens should be a big part in our offense this year because of our quick lineman.

8. 4 heads are better then 3- Our 4 running backs all will contribute this year. By replacing Marion Barber with Phillip Tanner and Demarco Murray we got younger and cheaper. Felix is the lead back, Murray is a change of pace back, Tanner could be used for short yardage, and Choice could do anything else.

9. Defensive line depth- Spears, Hatcher, Rat, Brent, Coleman, and Lissy all will be rotated in and out throughout the course of the game. We will have fresh legs almost every play and with this line we could be very good against the run.

10. Almost Anthony becomes Anthony- Anthony Spencer has been tantalizing us for years now and I think he will break out this year and if he doesn't Victor Butler will make the most of it.


8. 10 teams that scare me

1. Green Bay Packers- The defending champs looked like a machine on Thursday night. The key words are "defending champs" which immediately makes me fear Aaron Rodgers and company.

2. New England Patriots- As long as Tom Brady is the QB and Bill Belichick is the coach I will always be scared of this team.

3. New Orleans Saints- I love what the Saints did in the offseason and free agency. Darren Sproles will make that offense electric and Gregg Williams is an excellent defensive coordinator.

4. Atlanta Falcons- The Ryan to White connection reminds me of Manning to Harrison back in the day. Their offense is going to be one of the best in the league and their defense is pretty scary too especially Brent Grimes and John Abraham.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers- The Steelers have the best defense in the league and also has some serious weapons on offense. Not to mention they still have Dick Labeu and Mike Tomlin calling the shots.

6. Baltimore Ravens- Second best defense in the league behind their division rivals. Their offense doesn't scare me but Ray Rice is a special running back.

7. New York Jets- Our first opponent is led by a brilliant defensive mind in Rex Ryan but I do think their overrated quarterback and his 53% completion percentage will be their downfall.

8. Philadelphia Eagles- The "Dream Team" has its issues. All 3 of there starting linebackers probably wouldn't start on any other team in the NFL and their offensive line is very questionable. Of course that Vick guy knows how to make plays but if he cant stay on the field they have no shot. 

9. New York Giants- The loss of Terrell Thomas will hurt them but if Tuck and Osi get healthy that pass rush will be one of the best in the league.

10. Washington Redskins- Yeah I know the Rex Grossman led Redskins aren't going anywhere this year but they are our division rivals and no matter how bad they are we have to watch out for them.

9. Top 10 QB's in the league

1. Tom Brady- The unanimous MVP also happens to have 3 super bowl rings. With Peyton's slow decline Brady is now the undisputed best in the biz.

2. Aaron Rodgers- A-Rod now has a Super Bowl MVP under his belt. His regular season stats look very similar to our boy Tony Romo though. 

3. Peyton Manning- Probably the best regular season QB of all time is on his way down after his recent neck surgery. 3rd might still be a little high considering his career might be over.

4. Philip Rivers- His stats are good enough to justify me putting him over Super Bowl MVP Drew Brees.

5. Drew Brees- Recent Super Bowl MVP and 5000 yard thrower rounds out the top 5.

6. Tony Romo- Romo is an excellent quarterback who will always be haunted by one mistake he made as a holder not a quarterback. He is primed for a huge year after missing most of last year.

7. Matt Ryan- Ryan is an emerging star in this league. By the end of this year he could move into the top 5 with weapons like Roddy White and Julio Jones.

8. Ben Roethlisberger- How is a 2 time Super Bowl champ only the 8th best QB in the league? Because the Steelers defense won them both Super Bowls, he is a good QB but I'm pretty sure Romo could've won 3-4 Super Bowls with that defense.

9. Mike Vick- The best play maker on this list but far from the best QB. Nobody seems to talk about how he has never won anything like they do about Romo and Rivers. Vick started resorting to his scramble then pass days at the end of last year.

10. Josh Freeman- Freeman is in the same boat as Matt Ryan. He is fast and strong and has an excellent arm, he makes the most of what he has in Tampa Bay.


10. My 10 favorite Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 

1. DCC Dancing Shot Kelsi

2.Sunni Dancing Shot Sunni

3. Jordan Dancing Shot Jordan

4.Evan Dancing Shot Evan

5.Mia Dancing Shot Mia

6. Alyssa Dancing Shot Alyssa

7.Tobie Dancing Shot Tobie

8. Nicole Dancing Shot Nicole

9. Sasha Dancing Shot Sasha

10. Cassie Dancing Shot Cassie

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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