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Greetings all, I've decided to live blog the day. Go after the jump if you want to join me in wallowing in the NFL today.

11:43  Watching NFL Today right now, which is showing a 9/11 tribute right now. I have no doubts I'll comment on 9/11 a number of times today, but I'll just mention that my 9/11 experience was probably fairly common. I was in Wichita, KS working at a computer store. We just watched CNN and waiting for our regulars to wander back and ask us for help. We had like 10 customers all day. No one I actually knew perished that day, but I did have friends of friends. I write about it and it's still somewhat surreal.


11:48  OK, so the weird mental shift that we're all dealing with today, on to football. I'm watching the Bills and Chiefs... because I got one choice. I'm watching the Chargers and Vikings... because I got one choice. Well, I have one choice if I want to sit on my recliner. Of course, I'm waiting for the one important game of the day :)

11:52  Sigh, just noticed that my fantasy opponent, Dongal, this week is starting Tony Romo. It had to happen, but... I suppose I should be pretty pleased with my team. I picked 13 out of 14, and I ended up with Tom Brady, Felix Jones, Mark Ingram, Andre Johnson, A.J. Green, Johnny Knox, Jason Witten, David Akers, and the Green Bay defense. On pick 40, someone took Dez, right before my pick 41. Le sigh. Still, I should be competitive and I have some bench players that if I can juggle properly might be useful. Antonio Brown, Lee Evans, and Deion Branch are all useful, but I've never been great at predicting when to play WRs or when not to. I got DeMarco Murray as my backup RB, along with LaRod Stephens-Howling. I took LSH because my league gives .5 yards per return yard for the individual.

11:58  Robert DeNiro hosting the NFL Shanksville memorial. Gonna be an emotional day. I'm really glad that the just played taps. I prefer understated memorials, the memorial shouldn't get in the way of the memory.

12:02  A-10s over Arrowhead. Definitely time for some football.

12:04  I really don't get how Chan Gailey keeps getting head coaching jobs. I mean, Jerry probably fired him a year too soon, and I think he's a good coach, but the demographics of head coaches suggest at this point we'll never see him get a team to the Super Bow.

12:06  Yayyy, a kickoff return.... promptly fumbled by Dexter McCluster. Bills recover. I do think the Bills will be better this year and the Chiefs worse, so I wouldn't be surprised if Buffalo wins, though I do have to say Arrowhead's a great home field advantage.

12:07  Two plays, one fumble, one penalty. Way to go Chiefs.

12:08  Well, I'm definitely rooting against Fred Jackson in this game, as he's on Dongal's team, but he's started off well.

12:09  OK, four plays, one fumble, one penalty, two nice runs for the Bills, and, oh yeah, Eric Berry is hurt. Nice start to 2011 KC.

12:13  TD Scott Chandler, at least Jackson didn't score :)  Real easy pitch and catch for Fitzpatrick.

12:15  Wow, the Budweiser Clydesdale tribute commercial was powerful as hell. Augghh... I'm going to cry like 80 times today.

12:17  OK, now another penalty for KC on the kickoff, bailed out a bit by a Bills facemask. Still they're starting on the 13. Leonard Pope breaks a tackle and gets a nice gainer.

12:20  Wow, Cassel just threw a pass about 5 yards over his receiver.

12:21  And now a sack. Let's see, I think they need to give up a punt return TD and throw and interception to really complete the start.

12:22  Yayyy, I'll give up that point every time. Dongal has Josh Brown, who just earned him a point with an XP after a 47 yard Stephen Jackson run through the Eagles. Do it again, Rams.

12:26  Eric Berry off again, this time, he just collapsed. Doesn't look good.

12:27  Finally, a nice defensive play by the Chiefs, Hali with a nice beat of a block to get Jackson.

12:28  Wow, Fitzpatrick was just hammered by Javier Arenas to cause an incompletion. Weird, I just noticed this spell-checker doesn't know incompletion.

12:31  Nice play by 50 of Buffalo that will not ever get noticed. He recognized a play-action pass quickly and covered the main receiver for just long enough to force Cassel to throw it elsewhere, which was tougher and turned into an incomplete.

12:32  Great tackle by 31 of Buffalo on Jamaal Charles.

12:33  Wow, now Colquitt has shanked a 27-yard punt. Really, how many more mistakes can the Chiefs make?

12:35  Amidst all of the mistakes of the Chiefs, it's becoming more and more obvious how mediocre Ryan Fitzpatrick is.

12:39  14-nil Ravens over Steelers. I wonder how old the Steelers are?

12:43  Shocking, Kerry Collins is wretched and the Colts are getting hammered.

12:44  Brad Smith in at QB, not a good play. I wonder what Mizzou fans who are also Chiefs fans were thinking there.

12:44  An actual nice throw from Fitzpatrick for 35 yards.

12:46  Two in a row, this time for a TD. Nice catch by Steve Johnson.

12:55  Chiefs actually mounting a drive. Got a touchdown to Leonard Pope, who's the one Chief who's looked really good. I guess that's a catch, but wow, it's close given that he's juggling it.

12:57  Actually, in this look, it's definitely not a catch.

12:59  And... Cassel missed an open receiver and got sacked for 13 yards. This is now a 49-yard FG attempt.

1:00  And he missed it. Way to go Chiefs.

1:01  24-nil Houston over Indy. I was thinking Indy had gotten old but how can you bet against Peyton. But, well, if he's not healthy. They could indeed be "Lucky" this year.

1:02  Another nice play by the Bills.

1:04  Still, it's a pretty dreary game so far.

1:08  So.... Pope couldn't make the catch and the Chiefs ended up with nothing. Scott Chandler on the other hand has given Fitzpatrick a nice option.

1:08  Fred Jackson is better than I realized.

1:10  Good blitz by the Chiefs, but Fitzpatrick panicked and made a bad throw. Still they got 3 and now lead 17-nil.

1:10  Chiefs fans have been up in arms because of how badly the Chiefs played in pre-season (and they played incredibly poorly). This game will not help.

1:13  Return out to the 19.

1:13  Now Charles fumbles on the first play of this drive, and Buffalo recovered. Wow, KC looks bad.

1:18  Oh, and Haley challenged the fumble when he really had no chance to win the challenge.

1:19  Nice play by Flowers on 3rd down. Mediocre series at best for the Bills. Now all they get is a FG attempt.

1:20  20-nil Buffalo. And it could have been worse.

1:21  w0000ttt!!! Another kickoff return, again out to the 19.

1:22  McKelvin should have just picked off Cassel.

1:23  Dareus looks solid. Not yet dominant, but showing some flashes.

1:24  McCluster with the first real good play for the Chiefs, a 24-yard draw.

1:25  Nice run by Charles on a draw (they ran 3 straight draws)... and he even held onto the ball.

1:26  A Steve Breaston sighting!!!

1:27  Chiefs actually looking like a real team on this drive. 2nd and goal at the 7 at the 2-minute warning.

1:30  And they convert the TD (though it was darn close to a pick-6).

1:37  Wow, great run by Jackson on 3rd down. Got hit 4 yards in the backfield, but got past Derrick Johnson and got to the marker for a first.

1:37  But that's halftime and the Chiefs are lucky to be only down 13.

1:41  Not doing too shabby in fantasy right now. Up 29-14 with Andre equaling my opponent's total by himself right now. I'm lucky Arian Foster is out, though.

1:49  Man, I wish I was watching an actual game, but I live in KC and that's what I get. It's odd though that I'm not getting two games on Fox or on NBC today.

1:50  I love it, they just played Korn's Blind at Arrowhead.

1:51  But Buffalo gets 16 yards on the next play.

1:56  So what is the difference between popcorn chicken and chicken nuggets, really?

1:59  Cassel throws complete to... Cassel? -4 yards

2:04  Jackson carrying Dongal's team right now.

2:07  Bills have another nice drive, but finally, a play by the Chiefs holding on 2 and goal at 1.

2:08  False start on 3rd and goal at 1. How Chief-like.

2:09  Now a delay of game.

2:10  Oh, and Dongal scored 22 fantasy points in like 2 seconds with Kenny Britt's catch and the Bears D scoring against the Falcons. GRRR

2:17  Nevertheless, the Bills scored. KC 3 and out. What a bleah game.

2:20  The Bills are going to score again. 1st and goal at the 6.

2:22  And it's officially extra-special bleah with a TD pass. Can we get to the Cowboys-Jets already?

2:30  Finally. The Chiefs have now thrown an interception. One mistake they had yet to make so far.

2:34  And C.J. Spiller has scored. Did I mention bleah.

2:36  And yet another poor kickoff return. This one to the 16.

2:42  So the Bills now have Tyler Thigpen at QB. That's so ironic :)

2:48  LOL, the Chiefs are adding to their penalty total.

2:59  Finally, we're almost to the 2nd game.

3:01  Well, I have a fantasy chance with A.J. Green's 1st NFL catch.

3:18  I'm sorry, an upbeat rendition of the national anthem today is just wrong.

3:19  The bird's cool, but man I hate that rendition today.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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