Ok, so I finally decided to write my second post after my disastrous first post. I got really worked up, trashed everyone on the team, and went a little crazy.  It was really un-justifiably arrogant.  So, let me just apologize and make this all about the COWBOYS.... somewhat.....

Jason Garrett is the best thing to happen to this team since Jimmy Johnson.  If this was a hypothetical playground debate, and another team promised us any player in the NFL to trade for Jason Garrett this year, I would not do it.  If you cannot see that Garrett is going to be a great coach then you don't know much about football - he just has to get a better defense behind him, and a few more years of experience and we could be competing for the NFL Championship perennially.  The number one factor of success in this league is the GM, not the coach.  Tell me - who would you rather have, Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy?  If you said Mike McCarthy then go to your garage and start your car, sit there with it running, and think about it for a few minutes....

I thought that since everyone is talking about predictions and Kool Aid I would offer this, I'd bet a good amount that they loose to the Jets; solely because of the Home Field advantage.  We are all Americans though  - so I think they will all be playing with a little something extra - but it will be tough up there today.  I think that the Cowboys start the season 2-3.   Look at the schedule again, they could beat one of those Damn Yankee teams but I think they drop one of the others.... uhhh, this is the NFL.  I'm not even saying the other team will be better, look at the teams that beat us last year, even after the change.  You don't win all the games you were supposed too, but you don't necessarily loose them either.  That being said, the Cowboys post a winning record in the last half, and fight the NFC teams in the last month for a playoff spot.  It will come down to the last month's games, again.

True or False for The Future

  1. This team needs another OG.       - True, (note* - I wrote this before we got Dockery - he is a GREAT MOVE by the front office).  Kosier is old, and the other guys are going to struggle.  The last 7th round guy we started on the line if I'm not mistaken, was Rob Pettiti.  Bill Nagy is a significantly better player and athlete than Rob Pettiti, I'm just saying.  Arkin might be on Doug Free's timetable, but Doug Free was kind of a Combine anomaly with his unusual speed.
  1. This team needs another DE.   - True, I'd prefer this before a guard.  You can see how desperately Mighty Samson is trying to get more size (and skill) on the line with some of the moves they have made.  Not a knock on Ratliff, but he can't do it without ends at least holding the point of attack.  I hope for his sake they move him around and gap him some bc he will be successful in that role.  I know that 99% of people had this opinion, but Olshansky was one of the worst 3-4 ends in the NFL.  Spears was playing a role in that scheme, but rushing... he might have 3-5 sacks.  Bowen was a tough loss, but he was not a great point of attack player.  Teams are going to try to run on this line, period.  They were really attacking Anthony Spencer's inside gap and the strong side End last year with a lot of power right type of runs and even some cut-backs. (go back to the tape, this was happening the year before in the hideous Baltimore Ravens game).
  1. This team has (almost) no reason to keep Phillip Tanner   - True, Lincoln Coleman.  Once again, Lincoln Coleman.  I don't want to go into the modern RB spiel; you don't need a regurgitation of every previous NFL running back article written in the United States since 1998, also known as the "Shannahan Effect".  The problem, that theory has holes.  Are you telling me that that a top running back is not important?  A basic running back may be easy to find, but like all things, when you go out and try to find a really great one... the free agents are old and injured and the draftees are injury risks and in-experienced.  Name all the teams in the NFL and then think if their starting running back got hurt who would play - Yes, there would be other Arian Fosters, but there would also be a lot of teams drafting guys a LOT earlier the next year.  Draft critics have lambasted Demarco Murray and they are just wrong, he is going to be a great player for us barring injury.  Demarco Murray is the beginning of the end for "The Choice Era" as Tashard will want to go somewhere soon (like when he was at Okla.) - that is if Garrett and Jerry do not help him out the door.  Murray can do it all, was extremely productive in College, is a physical freak, and runs a 4.37.  This guy would have been drafted in the 1st round in 1995.  Therefore, I retract my statement - Phillip Tanner, welcome to the Cowboys 3rd RB 2012.
  1. This team had the worst secondary in the NFL in 2010  - True, 33 TD.  Ask everyone about the Houston Texans secondary and they will tell you how bad they are, how they are the worst... etc.  We are tied with them.  Injuries?  What, nagging injuries?  These guys were playing, not now obviously, but last year.  This year we have new personnel with "Honest" Abe and the MIGHTY SAMSON obviously, but our top corner is old, injured and not playing.  No one knows what is happening with Mike Jenkins, he is basically one step above Batman's nemesis...."The Riddler".... but Anthony Spencer's regression and subsequent admittance might give us some clues as to how he can turn it around.  However, in most cases the "Sophomore Slump" does not involve falling off a cliff with your play like Jenkins did last year.  Orlando Scandrick, I'd rather not talk about... but this guy is our third corner when they are healthy, so lets be realistic despite his salary now.  I've always though he looked kind of lost on some plays, but nothing makes up for clueless-ness like will, aggression and speed - three things that Scandrick DOES have.  I like Alan Ball, the guy is an undersized 7th round pick, once again go to the tape - he was not playing that bad the last five games in there, I think he got an interception or two.  Yes, he was terrible at the beginning, but he was essentially a rookie" at that spot.  Really, you guys, he is giving us a lot - look at the other guys we have drafted in the secondary rounds 5-7 the last four years and tell me he is not among the best contributors.  He is improving; most cornerbacks are not great tacklers and he is not so playing Safety was an issue.  I do think that we will be better overall in the secondary, we cannot be much worse, but I have no doubt that teams will try to attack us deep all year.  Sometimes, when you give NFL teams a little confidence to attack you with deep passes because of a perceived weakness, it can lead to big plays as they are simply increasing the mathematical odds by throwing the ball down the field more.  As you all know, they will attack our safeties with double moves and deeper post patterns with three or four wide sets.  A four wide set right now (even with "The Riddler" playing) is a tough thing for the Dallas Cowboys to cover....True also.  I did mention in my last post something about the Cowboys having 3 corners last year - beyond terrible management, I still cannot fathom it.
  2.  The majority of sportswriters working in any format are absolute idiots, homers, serial plagiarizers of others ideas and theories which they pawn off as their own, and prone to ridiculous predictions based on personality type and not true football analysis    - True, look at all the predictions for the Cowboys this year, it was "Gloom and Doom" all summer, and then there was this Renaissance sparked by the seedlings of online writers..."Maybe...uh... the Cowboys WON'T be so bad".  This has nothing to do with analysis and everything to do with the fact that since every writer had piled on so much, the "Sportswriter's Personality Type" took over....Meaning, they just want to be the ones to say something different and "get on the record" as being right.  Michael Lombardi is a chronic example of this; he recently had the Redskins winning the division.  It is always the Titans or some other middle of the road team with him that runs the ball, etc.  All teams are trying to run the ball.  Ok....  Then when the worm turns, they all pile on that idea, which is an interesting dichotomy.  If you notice a theme of all sportswriter's articles, being right is like.... a real big deal with all of them - they all want to be the prognosticator, genius, and great wordsmith.  Most of them are not any of these and VERY bad writers to boot.  Can you believe that guys like Calvin Watkins get paid to do what 10 guys writing on this blog can do BETTER than he can?  You will also notice in this specific case, how this surge of positive articles was basically plagiarized, and spread like wildfire across the Blogosphere, and then into the professional ranks like ESPN and  Gag me.

I'll stop now as you can tell my personality type is delving into the negative again.

I'm also always righhhttt............WAIT...... OHHHH NOOOOOOO!!!!



More personal observations - a "Fanshot "-

Most of the other NFL team Blogs - are possibly written by a team of monkeys compared to the analysis on "Blogging the Boys".  You can email that to them from me.  Really, we have some fantastic writers on the main page. 

New York is the most over-rated city of all time.  Number one, it's a dump.  There are more hot girls in any one of five Bars in Dallas, Texas - than in all of New York City.  Go to Ghost Bar, go to any Uptown Bar, go to Greenville.... or better yet, go to my new hotspot for foreign hotties - Sffuzzi's (I still can't spell it).  Who needs to, just go, it is simply a JACKPOT!

I visited New York for two weeks straight in the summer at least three times in the last five years and saw literally, no kidding, two hot girls.  I went everywhere in town, Museums, bars, the Village, Uptown, Manhattan, and to the great clubs.  There were neighborhood Italian girls with big boobs, take those away and they are just fat at 25.  There was a smokin' hot and really mean looking Korean secretary on Ban Ki Moon's private floor of the UN - behind her in the office, was a dude with a something resembling a Stinger missile (possibly an AT-4) and binoculars staring out at the Bay - they are not kidding around up there.  When you are on the street in NY, all of the model types look good from far away, and then you get up close, yikes - killer fashion can't cover the fact that your skin looks like a British servant girl's.  I went everywhere with a girl from Texas, and the crowds at Grand Central literally parted like the Red Sea, with every single man, every last one, stopping to look - they had never seen a girl that hot.  Damon Wayans gave ME his number.  - This is also - True.

Pet cat - OK, I'll pay money if people will stop using this terminology.  Ok, you picked out a guy, I get it - please can we find some other term?  I always think that the guy does not know about football just bc he uses this ridiculous term - I know that is not correct - only the guys who mention large scale "trades" anywhere in their article really know nothing about how football teams are run, I see this every year, trade this guy.  Teams know who will get cut or released and they usually just wait.  Name a guy who traded multiple first round picks for a receiver, twice. It was disappointing, twice.  That's four (4) first round picks.  You think Matt Millen was bad?  Charles Rogers would have been a top-flight receiver; however he was on drugs and hurt.

DYOA or YOPA? Or whatever mathematical formula some writers are spouting is way above my head, (and everyone's considering we have no reference for it at all).  It's like watching "Syrriana" I guess - you wish you were smarter so that you could understand it, but in the end you just don't care.  Hey guys, the team had a 17% FOKUASAg-23 last week.  Do you know what I just said?  Absolutely nothing.

Well, this post is probably going to get me in trouble again.  I won't respond to any comments, so don't ask for a response... but I don't like to be called a liar, I do not lie - I always say what I think.  I really cleaned it up before I posted it but you can see that my passion for the Cowboys and occasionally stout negativity in life, somewhat runneth over.... So be it....... GO COWBOYS FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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