Live Blogging the Day (3pm games)

Wow, more excitement in the opening kickoff of the Vikings-Chargers game than in all of KC-Buffalo. More to come after the jump.

3:24  Percy Harvin takes 15sec to score on the opening kickoff for the Vikings.

3:25  Remind me again, how bad were the Chargers on special teams again? Could they be worse this year?

3:27  Three and out for the Chargers. Not a good start.

3:29  Just got wayyyy better. Great play by Phillips who batted up a pass and intercepted it. SD ball 1st and goal. Oh yeah, that's McNabb's first pass as a Viking :)

3:31  Umm, memo to Minnesota. Just because a running back is not running the ball, r he still should be covered. Major blown coverage. And the extra point by the punter because Keading is hurt.

3:32  LOL, now I get a real football game.

3:37  McNabb's 2nd pass... a 4 yard completion on 3rd and 9.

3:41  Nice play to Gates.

3:43  Great tackle by Jared Allen in coverage :)

3:44  And now a sack by Allen. Nice sequence for him.

3:50  SD's defense looks good. Another sack.

3:54  Nice third down run by Harvin and McNabb can still run (23 yard scramble).

3:57  Only 3 more hours to go.

3:59  Really, this has been a nice drive for the Vikings.

4:01  Great play by Cason to force a Longwell FG.

4:12  Peterson great run, but ironically got a lot of it because he got held up for just a second by a missed tackle that let other tacklers pass by. Now it's a touchdown, 17-7 Vikings assuming the XP.

4:21  Really nice call but missed Vincent Jackson on a fly. This after a good flat pass to Mathews. Signs of life for SD, esp. after a fairly obvious PI call.

4:25  Good coverage prevented a TD to Gates. And then no chance for Tolbert. 3rd and like 20.

4:27  So what now, 4th and 20, with no FG kicker. He went for it. Rivers yelling at Norv coming off the field.

4:39  Chargers bailed out with an illegal contact. Chargers gotta punch it in here.

4:40  Robison clips Rivers arm and causes an INT.

4:44  I'd say Minn is lucky to be up by 10 so far.

4:53  I'm thinking I really like the 9/11 Memorial. Again, understated and yet kinetic with the water.

4:57  I really like Ryan Matthews. He's got great feet.

4:59  Vikings really doing well rushing Rivers, plus nice coverage on this last sack.

5:00  Nice effort by Tolbert to get a first down.

5:00  Earned himself a TD with that extra effort.

5:03  OK, I love the Madden replay commercial, but that's just because I love Good Will Hunting and the Dropkick Murphys..

5:07  Damn, McNabb can be so annoying. Scrambled out of a sack to a first down.

5:13  Definite signs of SD life. Nice pass for a first to Floyd.

5:15  Nice patience by Rivers and really good catch by Gates.

5:17  You know, McMichael is not a bad number 2 TE.

5:20  OMG, what an incredible INT by Jared Allen.

5:23  The Wildcat is so meh anymore.

5:28  Wow, a 77-yard punt for Seattle. I'll take a 57-yard net despite a touchback. Would like to see that

5:35  Scifres for a 40-yarder? Interesting... and actually really nicely done. 3 for SD.

5:41  Peterson has really not been all that important so far, but he gets an important chance right now... False Start saving the Vikings from an INT but a Charger gets hurt before the play stopped.

5:45  Pressure by SD forces McNabb to underthrow a wide-open Berrian.

5:50  Despite mistakes, the Chargers are in a good position to win with a nice play by Tolbert, who's had a very good game.

5:59  I won't gush all over him like whoever is announcing this game, but man I like Antoine Wingfield.

5:59  Wow, a hard count works on 2nd and 4. Stupid stupid stooooopid.

6:01  Great play by Matthews to both get a first and to stay in bounds. Vikings now *have* to use their TOs.

6:03  Damn, the Vikings jumped offsides *again*. Did I mention stupid. Guion with 2 offsides in like 4 plays.

6:11  And a *third* offsides clinches the game for the Vikings. Wow, I've never seen anything so dumb in my life. Just freakin' wow.

6:13  2-minute warning in DC, and it looks like the Giants will lose. The only question now is if some fluke play will give Dongal the victory with something to Hakeem Nicks.

6:14  Speaking of Fantasy, props to David Akers who gave me 13 fantasy points to keep me in this game.

6:20  So, the Redskins and the Eagles 1-0 so far.

6:20  Oh, and it's 1 hour to go to the game I'm actually interested in :)

6:27  And now we see what Tavaris Jackson can do :)

6:29  A Mizzou Tiger with a sack, apparently Justin Smith's 2nd as part of a great game.

6:29  Wow, what a day for Ginn, even if this comes back. And why was SEA punting down 9 with 3min to go? And the penalty is on the Seahawks. Laughable special teams. I wonder if anyone started him in our league?

6:37  Actually, no one picked him up. LOL, 25 points or so in my league, which counts return yardage.

6:51  29 minutes to gametime. I think I'll switch to a final FanPost.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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