Seriously Guys(and Gals), the Knee jerk reactions need to be tempered

OK guys Seriously...Yes this one was a Heart breaker...up 14 going into the 4th....only to lose to a field goal by our former kicker. Yeah it is tough to swallow. However we have to remember several things.So I want to go through and list the good, Bad and ugly for this game after the jump

First off the Ugly:


 I have No clue. This one was All Romo. Seriously man WTF! Throw it away! You Know Dez is Gimpy, and you had to know that Revis had safety help, WHY! AAAARRRGGGHHHH! 


The Bad:


The Fumble hurt. After a great play by Witten, to get us in down close, only to come away with that sucked. However IMO that was just a really good play by the Jets Defense(turnovers are Random Right Fan? yeah right sure they are...) so I can't really Fault Romo on that. Could have happened to any one.....

The Blocked Punt Hurt just as bad. HUGE play by the Jets. Great Call by the Jets at that time. Seriously can we get any kind of Blocking on the Punt team? Personally I would have gone for it at that point. The Defense was still looking decent at that point, and if we get it it is a HUGE turning point. 


First down throws. We still are vulnerable to them. Ware and Rat can't do it all guys. I really Hope that we can go after Mario Williams next year.  Or at least get some help in the draft....SOMETHING!

Dez getting Hurt. While I applaud his willingness to "tough it out", at some point you have to say,"I am hurting my team out there, take me out coach"

The coaches. Why was Dez still out there? Ogletree was showing that he could play with the big boys. Pull Dez and put Olgetree in there. He did pretty good while Dez was out. Leave him out there. I know that Dez is a competitor, but He couldn't go, I could see it, the announcers could See it, Heck  the entire Freaking Crowd could see it, so I am sure that Rex Ryan could see it.

The penalties. I don't know the actual amount but  there did seem that there was a lot of False start(#77) going on. However consider that Smith is a Rookie playing in a Very loud Stadium...Well I am sure that he will get them worked out....


The Good.

This Offense may just be the best in the league. Yeah We only put up 24(could have been more) points. However this was with a Gimpy Dez for 3/4th of the game, and against one of the best Defenses in the League. I shudder to think how many we can score on a lesser Defense....

The Defense. while they had their moments of badness we were expecting that. However, they got a couple of turnovers, and did a fairly decent job of containing an Offense that has been practicing against it for two years basically. Had it not been for the fact of Jenkins and Scandrick getting hurt(more on Jenkins later) I think we might have won this game handily. 

Sean Lee. This Kid was a man possessed out there. I swear there might have been only two or three tackles that he was not apart of. Plus the HUGE INT that could should have sealed the game.

Mike Jenkins. OK alot of people were questioning if you had the Heart and Toughness to play in this League. And rightfully so. After last years "OLE!" manuevers, coupled with the Fact that you frankly Sucked Elephant testicles last year... well the past is the past.  However, this game you Came up HUGE. While you didn't get an INT, your Coverage was really good and the Tackle on Buress late in the game was just Awesome....That took Guts man... still a beast. Nuff said.

So any way this is just MY thoughts now that I have calmed down a little. So I implore you guys (and Gals) to do the same. I understand that this hurt...Trust me I KNOW....but in the long run the problems will get solved, especially on Defense.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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