Lets Look On The Bright Side

This team is going to learn who it is this season. It wasn't like the jets were "all that" last night. Every winning point they came away with was a direct result of an inexplicable cowboys mistake, nothing forced by them (unless you wanna call the block a force - it looked like blown blocking to me).

Yeah, a loss is a loss and a win is a win - but playing a rookie offensive line, a whole bunch of 4th string corners, etc, they look like they could be something. A brand new defensive scheme, etc etc. I saw a whole lot of positive things.

The Jets are a very good team. They have come one game from getting to the show in consecutive years - but how many of you are scared of Revis anymore when a fresh Bryant is playing against him? How many of you thought Sanchez was "the man" (he also of the fumble - albeit not as critical but would have been if they lost the game) How many of you still feel that Folk is rock solid still hitting kicks with inches to spare - think that'll creep up on him again, say in the playoffs? It is a game of inches, they say.

I live in NYC directly across from a ladder company that lost a bunch of guys on 9-11. Yesterday was a very emotional day for them. I woke up to a giant blow up doll of a Jets football guy hanging out one of their windows. If Dallas was going to lose to any team yesterday, it's not all that bad that they coughed one up (aka, gave one away) to the Jets on this particular day.

But here is the main point. The Jets took advantage of gifts from Dallas. Mistakes, miscues, fumbles, dehydration, injuries, etc etc and Dallas still should have won that game going away....

I remember Romo, a few years ago, opening up against the Giants and throwing a few costly int's and went the rest of the season a smarter player and not doing that again. Maybe this team needed this also. Maybe they need to know they have a lot of work still to do but that they have started to turn a corner into being a really good team with a whole bunch of kids trying to grow into winners.

I'm major bummed this morning and this one will sting for awhile, especially when I have to go to work and face these numb nut fans up here (they think the same of me, though!) BUT - I saw enough yesterday that if they can eliminate mistakes, especially from the QB position, which they have done before, they will be fine.

All of a sudden last night, I wasn't so concerned about Nnamdi anymore. He suddenly looks very beatable against our receivers.

I also like the composure Garrett showed when things started to unravel. Cool, calm, collected.

Dallas will get it together. Now, onto next week!

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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