Winners win

and loser's lose. 

The culture at the Ranch was supposed to be  changing. Winning comes from leadership and this team is seriously void of leadership. Last night's game was an epic fail. National spotlight. Main event of the evening. The new look Cowboy's. The want, to believe in this team was at an all time high.

 I know, it was one game. First game of the season. A precedent setting game. New coaching regime. New o line. New defensive scheme. All an epic fail. Rip your heart out loss. A loss like this makes you start breaking down the game looking for positives. Like Sean Lee looked good. Tyron Smith acquitted himself well. It doesnt matter. They lost. They snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory. It's a habbit for Dallas. Losers lose. They find ways to lose. They create new ways to lose. You have heard me say before you have to create your own luck. There is no denying Dallas creates their own luck. 

 Tony Romo you can no longer be defended.  In my last post I said you were better than Sanchez. I included Sanchez's stats. I hate stats and think they are for loser's.Romo you're a loser. Sanchez is a winner. His stats don't matter. He wins at crunch time. Game on the line he makes the plays. You don't. You will always be a great ff qb. Your stats will be in the top 10. Unless you win a superbowl you will go down in history as an epic loser. Winners win , losers lose. Tony you choked again.

 Jason Garrett don't think I will absolve you for your responsibility in Sunday nights fiasco. You RHG are anything but. You started the meltdown. Your fail was definitely epic. You set the team up to lose. Ball on the 3 yard line and you call two passing plays. We have a new and improved o line or so you want us to believe and you show no faith in them. Epic fail coach. You melted down. You wanted to show how cute you could be. Trickery and tomfoolery instead of just lining up and cramming it down their throat. Garrett your play calling was suspect under Wade. Nothing has changed. Losers lose. Garrett you proved last night you could beat a team with your play calling and you did. You helped beat the Cowboys.

 As Vince Lombardi once said "there is no second place". Dallas fans last night went to bed with a churning gut, wondering what they just saw. it really shouldn't have been a big surprise. Losers lose, remember Saints last year. Remember the Cards last year with Skelton at qb and they couldn't make a stop ? Winners make their own luck. Winners control their own destiny. Winners grab chance by the throat and squeeze it. Dallas loses. Sad. Hurtful. Most of all expected.

 We can take solace in the fact that it is football season. We can speculate what would make them better. There will be lots of opinion on who should start and who should sit and what the coaches are doing wrong. It's part of being a fan. We have the draft to look forward to. It's understood from this end there will be scathing quips about the author of this article. There will be the usual "it's only one game" , "give the defense a chance to learn the system" , "all we need is one more draft" et al.  As of right now ? Losers lose, winners win , the stage doesn't matter.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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