Shooting Ourselves in the Foot, My Breakdown of the Game


Is there really any other way to put it after watching that game?  With the way we keep doing damage unto ourselves you would think we would have been the prime suitor to sign Plaxico once it was anounced he was coming back to the league.

At any rate this isn't a Queen of Heart's screech, a chicken little serenade, or a titanic boarding pass.  What follows after the jump is hopefully a little bit of reason mixed in with lighthearted critcism.

I made it home at around 1am EST.  All night long dodging customers, hoping that I might actually be able to get home and enjoy the game without finding out the outcome beforehand.  The often futile act was rewarded this and I got the chance to see things unfold firsthand without the evening being compromised.  Course you don't want to know how many people I had to tell not to tell me anything.

I had the same questions that the majority of us had for this first game.


Would the run defense hold up?

Would our secondary be improved?

Would the young offensive line be able to keep Romo from feeling like Buster, the dummy from Mythbusters?

Would we be able to move the ball against this defense?


Starting with the defense, from the get go they quickly put the preseason fears to rest.  They were frequently controlling the line and prevented the middle from being gashed by the Jets vaunted run game.  The biggest problem I see right now is we need to tighten up our coverage out of the backfield as far as running backs to the flat or middle are concerned.  LT made quite a few critical catches.  Whether this was due to us overcompensating for the edges becuz of injury, or missed assignments, I just hope that we get that hole plugged.  The pass rush was very impressive.  4 sacks against one of the best offensive lines in the league.  If I'm the starting member of any of the offensive lines that we face this year, after seeing how Brick and company got manhandled, I'd be losing sleep the week that I face them. 

The safeties prevented the big play and kept the Jets from effectively attacking the deep middle all night.  This might have been due to the amount of pressure that Sanchez was under for the mojority of the night, he couldn't make his reads for downfield, or he was concentrating on the short routes to make up for the lack of a ground game.  The corners played well most of the night.  Ball made quite a few good plays on the ball and overall made everyone forget how badly his move to safety went last year.  Nobody goes 5 deep on the CB roster but ours aquitted themselves well for the most part.  We need to hope that Scandrick can come back quickly from his injury, and that TNew provides a boost to the depth as well.  Wouldn't be surprised to see Butler moved to the active roster this week to provide even more depth for gameday.  The need for our top corners to be healthy was never more evident than on the drive that was finished by the Burress TD. 

For the majority of the game it was obvious that the team had been prepared well, and that the game was not too big for the Yuglies to handle.  The line was under constant assault all night.  Yes they broke down on occassion but more often than not they were able to handle what was being thrown at them.  I wish JG had trusted them a little more to wear down the defensive line of the Jets.  Our running game while not overly successful was not an utter failure either.  It was enough of a threat to keep the Jets honest and it would have seemed the best idea to try to take as much time off the clock as possible when we had control of the scoreboard. 

On that note Romo really needs to work on his hard count.  By constantly taking the gameclock down to 1 sec before snapping is an invitation for the defensive line to tee off and it also increases the risk of delay of game penalties of which 1 is too many for such a simple penalty to avoid.

It was nice to see the offense attacking this vaunted defense I think JG outsmarted himself too many time by trying to get too fancy with his playcalling.  The loss of Dez Bryant to injury should have been a permanent one for this game once it was determined he could no longer contribute to the gameplan as anything other than a decoy.  Tree established himself capable of playing and his abilities were not exploited enough.  The one catch of his against Revis should have been the first of many.  While it was nice to see Dez playing hard, he has to learn to sometimes being out there hurt is doing nothing but hurting the team.

Witten was Witten, and the Jets seemed to have no answer to him,  but he was guilty of making a couple of rookie moves as well.  His long catch and run, I wondered why he didn't just power into that safety instead of trying to avoid him.  If he had attacked that safety instead of trying to stiff arm him aside while angling out of bounds the end result of that play, and ultimately that drive might have been different.  Also, when nursing a lead why on earth would you run out of bounds when again it seems the best idea is to run as much time off the clock as possible.  On a couple of catches he caught the ball then ran out of bounds with it instead of trying to remain inbounds and keeping the clock running.  Every second that ticks off that clock is an advantage to the ones that have the lead which at that time we did. 

Romo Romo you continue to give your detractors so much ammo to throw at you.  While we all admire your competitive spirit and how you steadfastly refuse to accept anything less than 6, you really need to snap out of it sometimes. Personally I think it's an admission that you think our FG kicker sucked and you would just rather go for the TD then missing a FG but thats a thing of the past.  You don't need to be the hero anymore.  Old habits die hard, we know.   Taking a sack instead of running into the teeth of the Jets D would have netted us at least 3 instead of the end result that happened.  Hopefully you learn from it and move on.  Don't stop being you, just be smart about it.  If you fumble from here on out at the goaline I fully expect a limb of yours to be laying somewhere on the field as a fully understandable excuse.

That other turnover, never should have happened anyway for multiple reasons, but your refusal to yell at Dez and taking him aside instead was worth noting.  You didn't throw him under the buss for a route run wrong, on a play he shouldn't even have been on the field to begin with.  Thats leadership and will net you plenty of respect later on.


In sum, I think there is plenty to work on but also plenty of promise for the future.  This game gives JG Exhibit 1A on how wimming the game comes down to turnovers, penalties, and sound play.   Hopefully this young team will continue to grow as a whole.  Their fight was evident, their ability was obvious, and there is nowhere for them to go but up. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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