Tough loss, but....

That was certainly a very tough loss to watch but there were a lot of good things to build on for this season, despite the fourth quarter meltdown. 

The defense is better. DeMarcus Ware is a beast and Anthony Spencer looked fast. The secondary, as beat up as it was, performed reasonably well. There were a lot of misses.

Tony Romo played so smart for 3 1/2 quarters and then he fumbled and threw an interception. Even with that, the Cowboys had a chance for a tie but the refs called what I thought was a bogus interference foul on Jason Witten.

The Jets are a Super Bowl caliber team and the Cowboys looked like one for 31/2 quarters. That was a very tough loss but Rob Ryan is a great asset to have on defense and I thought the play calling was much improved for the Cowboys. There were a lot of injured players and players with cramps in this game. The Cowboys secondary was playing 3rd string players. The running game was solid. D. Murray didn't show any Super Star talent in game one, but Felix Jones ran hard.

Jason Witten is still incredible but very, very slow. He should have scored on that big catch and run.

But just think: if there isn't a blocked field goal, Romo's interception or if the Cowboys scored on the 1st and Goal instead of fumbling, this is a victory in the win column for a Cowboys team most analysts predict to miss the playoffs and barely win 8 games. What I saw last night was a playoff caliber team. I still am confused as to why the Cowboys decided not to seek  out cornerback help and safety help, even though the secondary performed slightly above average last night. The Cowboys desperately need a stronger secondary.

The offensive line performed to a level I pretty much expected. Sacks were allowed and Romo was rushed throughout the game, but I saw some great blocking at times by that very, very young front line. A few more games and improvement, and I think Romo will have plenty of time in the pocket. The line opened some nice holes for Felix.

Overall, we lost this game because of some bad decisions by Tony Romo and horrible blocking on a punt. Those two reasons are why the Jets were able to come back.

I am a little bit concerned about Romo because this is what he has done with the Cowboys for years. He plays great for most of the game but the one mistake(s) he makes, it usually is a game breaker. He tricked us most of the game into thinking he got smarter, but he ended up giving the game away at the end anyways. He really needs to get his act together because a field goal in that fumble situation would have been helpful. But the interception was just inexcusable. There is no reason even for a rookie to throw that pass, but Romo did and the Jets won the game because of it. A very tough night to fall asleep to. Hopefully, next week they recover.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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