Costly mistakes overshadow an inspiring performance

Costly mistakes overshadow an inspiring performance.

I'll just get it out the way now. Yes Romo made 2 bone head mistakes. But we've seen this before in the season opener, more later.

"We didn't see a lot of the same stuff over and over. It was different stuff all the time."

You would think this is coming from a Cowboy right? Nope. Actually Jets lineman Matt Slauson stated this and, "Nick [Mangold] was going like crazy trying to point out everything and get us our calls. It was tough."

Mangold, the team's center, had a hard time reading where players were heading with nearly constant shifting before the ball was snapped.

"They were moving around a lot," Mangold said. "They've got great players over there and you can do that with great players, because they can get back into position. It was a tough game plan to go against." (ESPN New York)

While it seemed as if the Jets made adjustments Rob doesn't think it had anything to do with thief success.

Rob wasn't so convinced the Jets were responsible for the change in fortune. Asked about second-half adjustments, Rob scoffed, "Who, them? Hell, we had the whole team hurt" (ESPN New York)

Kudos to our guys on the defensive side of the ball. Rex had a great game plan and our reserves played to their best of their abilities and played hard.

Let's also not dismiss the toughness Mike Jenkins showed. Going in for a tackle (albeit a bad techniques one but any tackle is a good sign for him) he injured his neck and not long after got injured again. But through the pain he kept fighting and actually had a good game, I don't believe he got beat bad all game.

Still concerned about the run defense? The front 7 played wonderful making the best rushing team 1 dimensional all game. Sacking Sanchez 4 times and even more hurries the pressure was good along with great play by Sean Lee. And let's remember we were doing this with our 4 5 and 3rd string safety playing 70% of the game against their top 1 2 3 WRs.

While the O-line wasnt great they were good. The 3 sacks arent actually telling of how the line played. 2 of the sacks came when they were backed up inside their own 10 yard line. Hard for a young O line to pick up Rex crazy blitz with minimum room to operate. My only concern as of now is the push was not there most of the time due to the lack of size but when playing against the best run stopping defense I understand. Although I wonder if Dockery would be an upgrade in the run game.

Outside of Romos mistakes the passing game was there ALL NIGHT. Maybe the most encouraging sign. While many believed the Jets corners were better I believe the boys proved to the league NO ONE is going to stop Austin, Dez (healthy) and Witten. Not even Nhamdi. Up until Dez cramped up Revis had a body language to where he started to look concerned. Did you notice that all changed once Dez got hurt? Coincidence? Hardly.

But ahh the dreaded mistakes comes back to bite us in the butt. No need to get into too much detail on Romos mistakes. Although the play calling was frustrating on the fumble goal line series but Romo has to throw that ball away like a Brady Manning or Rivers would. Even with the fumble we cannot give up that punt block inexcusable.

While Romo may have cost us the game late this exact thing happened opening day in 2009. Romo opens the season with 3 INTs and the Giants go on to win the game on a last minute FG. What happened after that? Romo learned went on to only throw 6 ints the rest of the year leading the team to an 11-5 record and its 1st playoff win in over a decade.

All in all there are things to come out of this game and say hey we can be a good team. A really good team. But great teams close out better. Let's hope Garret delivers that message.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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