At least we’re not in Minnesota


As I don’t have enough Xanax to go round I am not going to dwell on the collapse and Mr. Romo, other posts have done that quite succinctly already.

I would rather try and make myself and anyone who cares to read this crap feel better or worse by reviewing some of the weekends other games.

And let’s start by giving thanks that we aren’t in Minnesota. In a weekend when Matt Damon and the entire state was quarantined there has to be a few Vikings fans who are wishing they were infected by the virus in Contagion particularly if that means coming into contact with Gwyneth Paltrow or Marion Cotillard rather than watch their team this year.

FOUR I repeat FOUR Charger receivers had more individual yardage than the entire Vikings passing attack. If Adrian Peterson gets injured they don’t win a game this year. 3 of the best 6 teams in the NFC are in the North. They are going to come 4th in the NFC North simply because there aren’t 5 places

Speaking of which the Lions are for real let’s not forget up until last year Detroit hadn’t won a road game since……ever I think! And they go down a get a tie-breaker win for a possible wildcard spot. Which they are going to need because Green Bay and Chicago are both very good.

I live in the Chicago area so get to see the Bears a lot and last year they were lucky more than good, I actually think several teams tried not to win against them and yesterday you could accuse Atlanta of doing the same, If you didn’t see it check out Sean Weatherspoon’s “tackle” on Matt Forte, it was as if the guy went to the Deion Sanders School of Tackling, thing is the Bears D and special teams are amongst the best there is. If they can fix their O-line issues they are going to challenge GB all the way even Roy Williams looked good for god sake.

As an aside if you like watching football played at its best watch Brian Urlacher, he made one mistake yesterday that Turner the Burner took advantage of for a big gain, other than that he was near perfect. I am no Bears fan I assure you but watching Urlacher is a Joy.

Given the injuries in our own defensive backfield I almost feel sorry for the Giants then I remember it’s the Giants and start to chuckle. If your defense makes Sexy Rexy look good you have big problems.

The Team I do feel sorry for is Seattle firstly you might want to tackle Ted Ginn Jr. today, tomorrow Thursday anytime soon would be good. Secondly if you can only muster 219 yards of offense against the Niners it is going to get real ugly at Heinz field next week playing a Steelers team that may I suggest will be a little pissed after having it’s ass handed to it by the Ravens.

I really feel sorry for the people in Memphis and northern Florida who had to watch that excuse of a game in Jacksonville yesterday and by the way Mr. Johnson you can start earning your money anytime you want to.

Tell you who is worth the money, Steven “I still think Parcells should have drafted you as a Cowboy” Jackson after he went out injured the Rams had 3 FG attempts, 2 made, 4 punts, a fumble and a Turn-over on downs, though to be fair to the Rams the rest of their starters were going down faster than Big 12 teams.

 I am sure others here on BTB wager a Shekel or two on professional football each week and those of you who do will wish to join me in saying to the players, coaches and staff of the Cleveland Browns and Kansas City Chiefs what the F*ck happened. Particularly Cleveland, I mean Buffalo might be half decent this year especially on D but how do you lose at home to the Bungals.

This is not a rhetorical question I want to know how!


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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