As Romo Goes

So goes the Dallas Cowboys fortunes.


As frustrating as he is at times, take the good with the bad and back him all the same. Does he cost us games sometimes? Sure, like any other quarterback has with dumb plays at the wrong time. Even the great ones spent some time on the bench exactly like this:


The difference is he also allowed us to win games we had no business winning. It's what made so many of us "Romosexuals" to begin with. That little magic touch that made him seem like just a kid trying to win a game instead of a pro trying to earn a check.


Romo is not perfect, but neither should we expect him to be. He is flawed as a quarterback, but the very thing that makes us criticize him is what keeps our eyeballs glued to the TV, even when the 'Boys are down by 20 points in the fourth quarter. Rationally, we know there is no way we can come back, however with Romo at the helm we know there is a shot, no matter how small. Just like a horrible car wreck, we know we should probably look away, but something in us won't let us. 


He is not Peyton, nor is he Brady, and he will make the occasional bonehead mistake. Keep in mind, however, 27 other teams in the league would love to take our "bonehead qb" off of our hands if we allowed them too.


Not to mention that Peyton is kind of a tool, and Brady is a sort of a d*****bag. Romo is the kinda guy that you can meet at a bar and share a beer with like a buddy, without him pulling out the celebrity card ( I know personally, did so at Blackfin in Addison a while back). 


Bottom line, "That's your quarterback man!". He has earned the right to start for your Dallas Cowboys and deserves your support util he is no longer the starting quarterback. The Playmaker himself put it best:

"Can we get Drew Bledsoe back out here [for] just a week so you guys can really fall back in love with Tony? Let's put Drew Bledsoe back out here, because sometimes when you have a pretty girl for awhile, you forget how pretty she is. But when you throw the ugly girl next to her, you say, 'No, I'm really doing well.' Maybe we need to bring Drew out so we know we're really doing well."

Here are the ugly girls in case you have forgotten:

Randall Cunningham, Anthony Wright, Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, Clint Stoerner, Chad Hutchinson, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Henson, and Drew Bledsoe.

Wanna go and give any of those guys another shot? Or cycle through nine more new faces for another six years until we find another "almost elite" QB?


That's right, I went there. And I'll go there again if I have too. Until next time,

Stay classy Dallas.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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