As I watch......

Over the years, I've never felt like the way I feel now as a Cowboy fan. It's frustrating. There is a tradition to the team, and winning is that tradition. A hard work ethic, as well as a tradition of playing smart football. This is Dallas Cowboy Football, a tradition going back to the birth of the team in 1960.

I'm sorry, but what we as fans have been seeing of the Cowboys offense does not qualify as smart. What we have been seeing of the offense during Garrett's tenure as Offensive Coordinator, and now as head coach, is unprecedented. Every time we get into the 4th quarrter, I as a fan, and I'm sure many other fans, now feel like a 14 to 21 point lead is not enough, and that it will end in defeat. This is horrible feeling, and that's the best I can put it.

Because the defense went downhill last year, whether it was due to Wade, scheme, or the players just giving up on defense, I heard and read alot of people pointing the finger at the defense, and to an extent, I agreed, because last year, watching the defense was a painful experience. But overall, the last 5 years, since Demarcus Ware was drafted, the defense has been repectable, minus last year. 

I wish I could say the same for the offense. I mean, the stats are there, I want to believe, and have hope, that Tony Romo has the ability to lead the team to victory in the super bowl. I even have accepted Creasy's statements that "the run offense is really not that important" explanation as to what Garrett is trying to do on offense. I believe in a strong pass offense, and want Dez and Miles to be tops in the league. No one was happier on monday night, watching the team light the jets up on offense through the air. I was proud, and wanted more.

I promised Bishopwest, Creasy, and Aperfectsar, as well as many other posters here, that I would not belittle Garrett anymore.   I promised to support him, since the Cowboys are my team. I had many heated arguments with them, as well as Raf about Garrett. I promised that I would give him a chance as head coach, as Garrett's supporters also made the claim that he would be a better head coach than offensive coordinator. Alot of Garrett's supporters have also said that he will change the culture of the team, and I can see the changes, and agree that it has had a positive effect on the team. I want to be a Garrett supporter myself. But here comes the million dollar question about Tony Romo and the offensive mentality:

What is the cause of the end of game/season meltdowns? Is it really Romo, or the playcall?

Dumb football cannot continue stupidly without question. I have the right, every Cowboy fan has the right, to question this. Belittle me all you like, enter trolls and attack, but it's really a simple question, and it always was.

What I saw monday night begs for an answer to this. Are you interested in winning the game, or winning the game with a pass play only? Sorry to word it this way, but it is how I feel. I know Garrett's system is an agressive pass offense, but  at some point everyone, in life, as well as on the football field, must become conservative to protect what's yours. In the case of monday nights game, the thing to protect was the lead, and victory. It would have been the prudent thing to do. Protect the ball should have been the focus.

I am very interested now in seeing how Garrett reacts to this latest "Cowboy shoots himself in the foot" episode, because truly, the Jets did not win, the Cowboys gave the Jets a win, and they gave it to them served on a silver platter with a cherry on top. Some want an easy way out by blaming Romo (including Tony Himself), but I'm not talking about a blame game, and I won't hold him responsible for the way he has been coached, and carrying out the play that was called. It's the decisions and playcalling that I and many fans should be questioning, since it is a legitimate concern. I have expectations that Garrett will correct this kind of play, as all fans should, because we have all seen enough of it. This has to end.

That being said, I did not write this fanpost to be negative, because there is alot to be proud of, and reason for optimism. Victory is the purpose, victory with resolve and intelligence. For, after all, Dallas Cowboy football has this tradition I was referring to, and thus I prepare for next weeks game, as I watch.......

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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