Dallas Cowboys, Inc. Weekly Board Meeting

(Transcript of weekly board meeting at fictitious Dallas based corporation, names have not been changed as no one is innocent).

Mr. Jones (CEO) opens the meeting

Mr. Jones: “Thank you all for attending this morning let’s get down to business. Firstly we did end up losing a sale to the company from New York, as you know this was not the New York firm we usually compete against although both are based in Jersey which has always seemed strange to me. I know losing this sale was particularly hard for our new hire Mr. Ryan who I believe knows some of the staff up there.”

“On a related note there are some rumors floating around about our sales manager Mr. Romo, who to use a football metaphor may have dropped the ball on the final presentation for this sale let me tell you all that he still has my absolute confidence.”

“I am sure I don’t need to remind you all our next pending sale is against an old rival from San Francisco and although this is less prodigious than the last one they all have the same value in the end.”

“I will pass you over to Mr. Garrett our Head of Engineering for his report”

Mr. Garrett: “Thank you Mr. Jones firstly I would like to discuss the 2011 O-line project as you all know we have brought this one from prototype to the market in less than 3 months and although we may have a few teething problems we are confident it will be far more popular than the 2010 version.”

Mr. Jones interrupts: “Mr. Garrett what about the issue with the 88 Bryant?”

Mr. Garrett: “Cooling, tried to re-fill with coolant on-the-fly wasn’t entirely successful but we are working on a solution Bryant's a multi-taskers and we need to keep him focuse on his primary role though we believe indoor conditions and cooler temperatures will help enormously.”

Mr. Jones: “Thank you Mr. Garrett, Mr. Ryan anything for us this morning?”

Mr. Ryan (recently hired Head of Production): “Couple of things Mr. Jones, firstly as you all know we were running LB5.1 but we have found that LB5.0 works for us and gives us better numbers also although not yet available we are looking forward to adding version LB5.3 in to the mix soon.”

“Mr. Jones though overall I am confident we will beat last year’s production numbers right now I have a serious manpower problem”

Mr. Jones (who has taken over the responsibilities of HR as a cost cutting measure) replies: “Don’t worry Mr. Ryan I can help you with that, you won’t remember but back in the 90s we brought some pretty talented people in here and it was down to me not that Johnson guy we had working here at the time”

“One more point before I let you get back to work, Mr. D what happened with the 4th?”

Mr. D (Plant Manager): “We sprung a leak, green goo all over the place, we on it!”

Mr. Jones ends meeting.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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