Don't Forget These Guys!

Hey BTBers I know its already been a long week, but we have another game to look forward to.

But as the season goes on I'd like to do a weekly segment about some guys we might have not talked about much but had a impact in the outcome of the game. You guys let me know what ya think.

***John Phillips. The stat sheet may only show 2 catches but the film shows a solid all around performance.

Both of Phillips catches were important with one ending in a bruising truck over a Jets defender. Catches Marty B had trouble making in the pre season. Phillips also had key block on a TD run. Going in motion Phillips made a kick out block to spring Felix Jones into the endzone to put the Boys up by even more. I think this game showed great versatility and Marty B should be watching his back, I wouldn't be surprised if Phillips is the #2 TE by seasons end.

***Alan Ball Ball the CB> Ball the S any day of the week. When Scandrick went down with an injury the entire secondary stepped up to the best of their ability. But in my eyes had a stand out game.

He played a lot more aggressive. Did anyone notice outside of Holmes broken coverage catch he was pretty quiet? Same for Mason. While the pass rush helped a lot Ball was able to contain Holmes for most of the night while Jenkins and Mccan manned Burress. He also almost had an INT on the Jets game wining drive if not for getting tangled up with Mason.

With Sanchez dropping back, Mason ran a half hearted comeback route, Ball with no safety help over the top, read the route and made a great break on the ball just missing the pick. Good sign for Ball instilled a lot of confidences in me to be able to handle the #3 CB position with Scan out.

***Coleman, Lissemore, Brent, Spears, Rat aka THE BULLIES.

Maybe the most impressive group on Sunday outside of the LBs were the D-Line. Coming into the game to say there were concerns about the run defense would be an understatement. The bullies played their gaps well and allowed the LBs to make plays. At times they also pushed the pocket flushing Sanchez outside to narrowly get the ball off. Look forward to this rotation to be solid all season with teams now having to worry about Ware, Lee, and Spencer.

That concludes this weeks Don't Forget These Guys section. Looking forward to next week pending feedback.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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