The Story of the 2011 Dallas Cowboys... Chapter 2

When we left off our heroes, D-Ware and the Rat-Pack were in training after the Great Suckage. They had started down the road towards mastering Lord Ryan's "Organized Chaos" while their Counterparts, the Gambler and the "Undrafted Younglies" were perfecting Lord Garrett's system "Air Garrett" 

Since that time they have played in a few "mock Battles" These Battles are used as a precursor to the battle season so that the Lords may find out if their young apprentices are indeed capable of being worthy of going into true Battle during the Battle season. Many were apprenticed, though few were selected to continue into the Battle season.While some were placed with Lesser Lord "DeCamp", Lord of Crazies. However most of them were still under either  Lord Garrett or Lord Ryan. However due to the rigors of the Battle Season, Lord "Joe D", as he has come to be known as, was directed to continue the Young apprentices training.


Alas the Battle Season Arrived. However the first Battle would be a hard one. They would be facing a team led by the Lord of Chaos' twin Brother, Lord Rex, who also practiced the way of Chaos. However Lord Rex was also the Head Master over his team, and had had a group that was well versed in Chaos. However Great Lord Garrett, was unconcerned, for while he knew that Great Lord Rex was a formidable opponent, he felt that "The Gambler and the Undrafted Younglies" Matched up well the Lord Rex's "Revis' Island Amoeba"  In the Same Vein Lord Ryan knew that that D-Ware and the Rat-Pack could Handle Sir Sanchez and the Unwanteds. 

Once the Battle started it was clear that Lord Ryan had taught his students well, and the while the Younglies did have a few issues the certainly showed alot of Moxie. The real surprise though was just how well the young group of J.O.N.E.S. was playing. However Issues from the Great Suckage soon showed up. Sir Jenkins and Sir Scandrick were both injured, with Sir Scandrick unable to return to Battle. This left only Sir McCann and Sir Ball to man their positions against Sir Buress and Sir Holmes. However they acquitted themselves well.

Now the Greatest surprise was truly from The Younglies. Sir Bryant, who many have likened to "The Playmaker". he was taking on the dreaded "Revis Island and was appearing to be winning. Alas he was injured also, though he showed many people that he will soon be called "Playmaker II". Even Sir Austin showed that even he was up to the task.

Alas even though our Heroes won many of the smaller battles, they failed to win a couple of Key ones. Thus defeated, our Heroes now journey to their next battle, Where they will face an old, yet new rival. Many years have gone by since these two groups faced each other in the Battle Tournament. and Many changes along both sides have occured. We shall see if they are for the better.

(To be continued)

(Author's Note: This story started out as a one- off piece, about the Cowboys Defense. I really wanted to do a post using as many of the "nicknames" that we had come up with as I could. However the story itself just seemed to flow it to this. I got Multiple requests to continue it and I felt that I should honor them. Now you may note that I have changed the title. I did this because this has become not just the story of the Defense, but off the Whole team. I hope to continue this through the season and hopefully it will have 20 chapters. 

Now for all those that are unaware here is the list of Names:

Romo-The Gambler

The Undrafted Younglies- the offense O-line and skill positions

D-Ware- Demarcus Ware( though did I really need to explain this?)

The Rat-Pack- the rest of the front seven, DL's and LB's(though they will become "Bruce Lee" once Bruce Cater becomes the starter at ILB and If Victor Butler takes over for Spencer I plan on it being this: D-ware, his Butler, Bruce Lee and the Rat-Pack)

Lord Ryan- Rob Ryan, aka Lord of Chaos

Lord Garrett- Jason Garrett, aka Head Master, Lord of Order

Lesser Lord DeCamp, - Coach Joe D aka Lord of Crazies

J.O.N.E.S- Jenkins, Orlando, Newman, Elam, Sensabaugh

Great Suckage- the Lockout

Now these names are not set in stone and I am willing to change them if someone comes up with a better nickname. 

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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