Story of the 2011 Dallas Cowboys: Chapter 3

After the Heartbreaking Loss to Lord Rex's group, our heroes traveled west seeking redemption. There they faced a young group lead by the young Lord Harbaugh, who was recently given his position just prior to the Great Suckage. This was a group led by Sir Wills, considered by many to be one of the best warriors. While many people were expecting a rout by out Heroes, instead things took an unlikely turn:

The start appeared favorable for our group. Right off the bat the seemed to be well on their way to the rout that many predicted. However a young warrior, Sir Bailey, a member of "The Crazies", made a critical mistake that seem to cause a chain reaction amongst the rest of the group. For soon the battle was tilting heavily towards Lord Harbaugh's group. Yet The Gambler and "The Undrafted" wouldn't give up. The battle Slowly started to come back in favor for our heroes.

However, things would start to look grim for our Heroes. With Sir Dez already out of the battle to begin with, several more warriors fell. SIr Costa, The Gambler, El Gato, among others went down. Yet our Heroes, Lead now by "The Old Man", would continue the battle. The Old Man, while not the warrior that the Gambler is, showed that he still was still a good warrior. Yet even he could not bring our heroes back to victory. 

But let us not forget Lord Ryan's squad. D-ware, and the Rat Pack, even though they also were with out several key warriors, did their best to slow Lord Harbuagh's assault. Be it Harassing Sir Alex, or shutting down Sir Gore, they continued to show that the fire that Lord Ryan instilled. However Sir Davis, did do some damage. However Lord Ryan was able to minimize it. They kept the battle from becoming a rout, with key stops when they were needed. Even Sir Ball, who had been losing his battles all day got a key victory.

Soon though, The Gambler returned to the field. Wounded as he was, he returned. With him and Sir Austin, they showed why they were among the elite warriors. Suddenly it was Sir Bailey's turn for Redemption. With all hope riding on him, he delivered. Then after Lord Ryan's squad stopped another assault by Lord Harbaugh, Head Master Garrett devised the perfect plan of Action. With Sir Austin wounded, A young hero who many had counted out this past training season, "The Rooster", stepped up, thus allowing Sir Bailey to deliver the Final blow.

Now our Heroes Return Home to Face their Rivals. While They will be glad to get Home, their next Battle will not be an easy one. 

(to be continued)


(Author's Note: This story started out as a one- off piece, about the Cowboys Defense. I really wanted to do a post using as many of the "nicknames" that we had come up with as I could. However the story itself just seemed to flow it to this. I got Multiple requests to continue it and I felt that I should honor them. Now you may note that I have changed the title. I did this because this has become not just the story of the Defense, but off the Whole team. I hope to continue this through the season and hopefully it will have 20 chapters. 


Now for all those that are unaware here is the list of Names:

Romo-The Gambler

The Undrafted Youglies- the offense 

The Rooster-Jesse Holley (via bloodyhanded)

D-Ware- Demarcus Ware( though did I really need to explain this?)

The Rat-Pack- the Defense

The Crazies- Special Teams

Lord Ryan- Rob Ryan, aka Lord of Chaos

Lord Garrett- Jason Garrett, aka Head Master, Lord of Order

Lesser Lord DeCamp, - Coach Joe D aka Lord of Crazies

J.O.N.E.S- Jenkins, Orlando, Newman, Elam, Sensabaugh

Great Suckage- the Lockout


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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