Redemption Song

I wrote a short, alcohol-fueled fanpost last week that I was derided for by many people. It should not have been have been a fanpost. I understand the backlash and realized the next day that it should have been a fanshot. I apologize for it. I was angry, very angry. I just wanted to get a couple of things of my chest about our team, especially Tony Romo and how I felt he had failed us. I saw a great, momentum-building win against a very good team slip through our hands. I was hurting badly and I reacted as such.

I love Bob Marley. I think his music speaks to all people from all walks of life. Everyone can take what they need or want from his music and lyrics. If you are familiar with his music, you are familiar with Redemption Song. It is a beautiful song.

I want this post to be a Redemption Song for Switzbeats as a contributor to this great site. Much like I think today was a true Redemption Song for Tony Romo and his career as a QB and leader for the Dallas Cowboys.

I like Tony Romo a lot. I have defended him through all of the good times and almost all of the rough times. I know all of the stats and his ranking all-time with QB rating, wins/losses, 4th quarter stats, etc. I have never questioned his abilities nor have I ever thought he was incapable of taking us back to the promised land.

I recall the not-up-to-par hacks and bums that we sent out there after Aikman. Has-beens and never-weres such as Drew Bledsoe, Vinny Testaverde, Clint Stoerner, Quincy Carter, Ryan Leaf, and the baseball scrubs Chad Hutchinson and Drew Henson. I think we can all agree this was not a good era in the Dallas Cowboys history. That was a painful time to watch.

This is something that always pissed me off when I heard criticism of Romo. Is he perfect? No. Is he better than about 22 other staring QBs in the NFL? Yes. Could we upgrade the position next year with a retread such as Caron Palmer or Matt Hasselback or Chad Henne? A rookie? Hell no!

Last week tested my conviction in regard to Tony Romo. I even wondered if Kitna would be a better option. I yelled and yelled that we were wasting the prime years of Ware(future HOFer), Witten(future HOFer), Ratliff, Autin, etc. Tony Romo showed up as a player and a leader today. Our season was slipping away. If we would have started 0-2 I can promise we would have lost next Monday to the redskins and probably the following week to Detroit. 0-4 heading in to the bye week. Season over.

I will be honest and say I was happy to see Jon Kitna come in the game. I thought we were better off without "that bug-eyed loser Romo" in there. I had such an awful taste in my mouth from what Romo did in the 4th quarter last week that I was ready to wash my hands of him. When I saw him kicking the dirt in the 3rd quarter amd leaving the sideline I was cursing him as a complete loser, a bum, a quitter.

How wrong I was.

What heart he showed today. He reminded me of why I love him and why I have always defended him. He gives us as good of a chance to win as any QB in the league each week. I am not saying he is better than Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Rivers, etc. but I know if he is on his game he can take us where we all want to go and can beat ANY team in the league. I am very proud of what Romo did today.

I am very proud of him and happy for him as I know he is in pain tonight and will be for the rest of the season. I am happy to have him as my QB. I would much rather have him than Flacco, Eli, Matt Ryan, Vick, Freeman, Cassel, Sanchez, et/all of the supposed "2nd tier QBs" that Romo is lumped in with.

Thank you for an amazing, gutsy win today Tony. You may never be Brady or Brees but I think you are a champ and I am happy to have you wearing our beautiful uniform.

Will he drive me crazy again? I am sure he will.

But in the words of the immortal TO, "that's my quarterback".

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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