Playing the Role of HEROmo


he’ro: a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities.

Putting on a performance nothing short of heroic, Tony Romo led the Dallas Cowboys to a fantastic comeback win against the San Francisco 49ers yesterday. The publicly lamented "Romistake" never reared its ugly head yesterday. Instead, he kept his cool-headed Dr. Jekyll on the field, instead of Mr. Hyde, despite constant harassment and while suffering a significant rib injury in the process.

Truth be told, Dallas was on a collision course with an 0-2 start, having been thwarted (for the second time in 2 weeks) on a drive inside the 5-yard line and coming away with no points, this time on the game's first offensive possession. The momentum shift was huge as the Cowboys proceeded to sleepwalk their way through the next few drives as though they had perfected the 3-and-out in practice. That allowed the 49ers to take control. With a run-heavy, play action passing game, the 49ers were opportunistic and were leading by 10 in the 4th quarter and facing the willing, but only semi-able, backup QB Jon Kitna.

But in what appeared to be Dallas' darkest hour, in came the White Knight. With the #9 emblazoned on his chest like Superman's ‘S', the fates called on Tony Romo, cracked rib and all, to save the day. He proceeded to lead the offense through a scintillating resurgence, ultimately finding a way to defeat their foes in overtime on the strength of Dan Bailey's FG. Like all epic novels, some have happy endings and some do not. Yesterday, Tony Romo made damned sure this one would not end badly.

On balance, this isn't going to be considered redemption for his well-publicized gaffes in the Jets game or any other big game loss he has quarterbacked. Instead, it seems like this is what we're going to get with Romo as his playing career continues. Some days, he's going to bring a smile to your face and make you believe, as I do, that he can lead the Cowboys to a victory on any Sunday at any venue against (almost) any team. On the other hand, there will be those Monday mornings, and maybe too many of them for the fans, where you just shake your head and swear you're done with him and ready for Dallas to draft Landry Jones. Okay, I picked him just because of the irony that comes to mind from his name.

Yes, Romo is like that girlfriend that is just sooooooooooo hot. She's rock-solid gorgeous and all of your buddies call you names behind your back, swearing she's way too hot for you, that you're way out of your league. You laugh it off, but then, you realize she has that fatal flaw. Maybe she gets angry when she drinks. Maybe she snores really loudly. Maybe, just maybe, she puts on your vintage Roger Staubach jersey and wears it around the house, allowing it to get stained and without showing proper respect for it. Yeah, that happened to me and Cindy, if you're reading this, I don't regret anything I said because not ALL make-up comes out in the laundry!!!! Sorry. Old wounds and all that. Where was I? Oh yeah. You probably know, deep down, that she's not the one you're going to marry and have a family with, but man, it's so hard to give up on the relationship because there are those nights when...well, you know. So, part of you wants to break up with her. But another part of you says you don't have a chick waiting in the wings waiting for you to break up and, even if you do, she just doesn't look as good in a bikini.

That, in essence, is the basis for the tortured love-hate relationship we have with Tony. More often than not, we'll admire his courage. The man is a gamer. We'll bask in the temporal glory of the days that follow a win like this one. The question that he, and maybe we, need to answer is whether or not he possesses that fatal flaw that will keep him from finally triumphing over his foes.

That all said, you cannot, and should not, be averse to giving Romo his due for yesterday's courageous performance especially if you're one of the people who derided him for his mistakes against the Jets. The guy played a great game and gave all of his staunch supporters, and even those of us who waver at times, a reminder of what ‘can be' with him as the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

Yesterday, all he did was ride in on that white horse and save the day. Truly the hero we all needed. 


Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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