*UPDATE* The Star Ceremony: Welcome to the Cowboys Rook!!

<Updated Monday @ 11am CST>

Dallas Cowboys Kickoff Luncheon 2011 Intro (via RedProductionsTV)

Do I even need to make an explanation of what this is about?  We all know about Jason Garrett bringing back the earning of the star for rookies and how it has made headlines this year in the preseason and training camp.  There are 20 Rookies on our roster right now as I count.  Now that our 'Boys have played all of their preseason games, instead of the chopping block, lets get onto the star ceremony.  We're not cutting you rook, someone else just showed they wanted that star more than you.  But maybe we'll give you an extended tryout on our practice squad.

First we will need to see how many spots we have available for rooks...

STARters (42) - The ones who have already earned the star

Dallas Cowboys Kickoff 2011 Player Intro - Winner (via RedProductionsTV)

--------------------------------------------------- Offense (16) ---------------------------------------------------

QB (3) - Tony Romo, John Kitna, Stephen McGee

HB (2) - Felix Jones, Tashard Choice (only way choice isn't making it is through a trade, no cut)

FB (1) - Tony Fiametta

TE (3) - Jason Witten, Martellus Bennett*, John Phillips, Martin Rucker

OL (4) - Kyle Kosier, Phil Costa, Doug Free, , Jeremy Parnell, Derrick Dockery

WR (4) - Miles Austin, Dez Bryant, Kevin Ogletree, Jesse Holley

--------------------------------------------------- Defense (23) ---------------------------------------------------

NT (2) - Jay Ratliff, Josh Brent

DE (4) - Marcus Spears, Jason Hatcher, Kenyon Coleman, Clifton Geathers, Sean Lissemore

ILB (3) - Keith Brooking, Bradie James, Sean Lee

OLB (4) - Demarcus Ware, Anthony Spencer, Victor Butler, Brandon Williams

CB (5) - Terence Newman, Mike Jenkins, Orlando Scandrick, Alan Ball, Bryan McCann

S (5) - Abram Elam, Gerald Sensabaugh, Barry Church, Akwasi Owusu-Ansah, Danny McCray

--------------------------------------------------- Special Teams (3) ---------------------------------------------------

K - David Beuhler

P - Mat McBriar

LS - L.P. LaDouceur


With the rosters still fixated at 53 players, this leaves only spots left for about half of the rookies.  So lets get to the ceremony.  Drumroll please...

1. OT - Tyron Smith


Need I explain myself here or any of these top draft picks for that matter?  Tron, the legacy begins.  Once he gets his hands on you, just give up because your under his power and he will tell you where you can go.  I've never seen an OT that has actually impressed and been able to take on NFL rushers and not allow a single sack in his first 3 games as a pro, even if it was only preseason.  Very impressive indeed and star well earned.  Welcome to the Cowboys Tron!

2. ILB - Bruce Carter


Guy makes the team and doesn't play a single snap.  We already know what he is capable of doing though.  We just hope he heals soon and comes back 100%.  Hit those book bro and study, study, study.   We expect you to be starting alongside Sean Lee someday soon.  Bruce Lee, nice ring to it.  Welcome, here's your star.  Oh yeah, and you can switch your number to 54 now like you wanted.


3. HB - Demarco Murray


We finally got to see him on the field and he did exaclty what we would have expected him to do against backup players... he dominated.  He is the pass catcher we all knew he was (maybe this is the guy we put in the slot) and he showed some of his finesse, power and speed that earned him all of those accolades and records at Oklahoma.  Welcome to the Cowboys Demarco Murray.  Too bad you have one of those weird jersey numbers.


4. OG - David Arkin


He has been good for a small school guy stepping up to the pros.  We all thought that he was going to take over the starting role because of his draft spot, but it would seem he still has a lot of learning to do in order to compete at this level and protect an NFL QB against NFL defenders.  Welcome to the Cowboys David Arkin, but don't lose that notebook and keep that pencil handy.


5. WR - Dwayne Harris


Ahh, yes, the man who stole the hulks left leg.  Can you ever get enough of this picture, seriously?  In impressive first game and then quiet until the preseason finale where he had a nice punt return until the blockers apparently quit on him.  A good preseason showing by the kid though.  He's caught everything that has come at him though and that is what we need from a slot guy.  That and a hard nosed player that can catch well in traffic no matter how hard the hit and ain't afraid to do it either.  Welcome to the Cowboys Harris, keep it coming.  You know, you can switch you #17 now.  Since you've earned the star, you've also earned the right to choose your number...


6.  FB - Shaun Chapas


Gronk smash puny human for Cowboys no more.  Shaun was known more as a blocker who could catch in college while Gronkowski was more of a catcher who could block.  Fullbacks need to be able to block first then catch.  As good of a receiver as "The Moose" was, he was a much better blocker.  That was evidenced by the fact that after every game he was icing his neck, and the fact that he was forced into early retirement for that exact kind of blocking.  Welcome to the Cowboys Shaun Chapas!


7. OG - Bill Nagy


A seventh round draft pick is going to be a starter his rookie year.  How about that for your resume?  We can definitely tell that you come from that fine school for offensive lineman, the University of Wisconsin.  To think that he will only get better from here.  Keep it up Nagy, and welcome to the Cowboys.  We love the fact that you have experience at every Offensive Line position too.


8. HB - Phillip Tanner



Thats right, you have to keep 4 halfbacks when you got this kind of talent because Tanner is not going to be on the waiver wire for even 5 minutes.  Too bad 'Yae, but you simply got beat out by a kid that wanted it more and it definitely showed.  Practice is important, but it matters what you show in a game.  Here are the stars for your Helmet Tanner, even though we already know you prefer not to wear it.


9. K - Dan Bailey


Baily, Baily, Dan Baily.  You miss kicks in training camp but so far you have had nothing but good solid kicks and are currently the teams leader for field goals this preseason.  As far as I have seen you have drilled each field goal straight down the middle.  So far you have justified us in keeping two kickers on the roster again, however there is only space for one of you.  We did a good enough job covering kicks this year so we don't necessarily need Beuhler's beast mode on kickoff coverage to be an extra tackler, so that isn't an issue anymore.  So, we hold a competition on cut day between you and Beuhler to kick field goals.  Lets say 30 each since that is about the number you may have to kick during the year.  I say you would beat him out and that is how you earn your star.  Keep sticking it out though, because Kai Forbath is sticking around too, so this isn't over yet.  Welcome to the Cowboys... for now.


10. CB - Mario Butler


It would appear that Mario Butler has been outplaying Josh Thomas so far.  The kid has a real knack for being able to play the ball in the air.  He has had a ton of pass breakups in camp and some critical knockdowns and good coverage in live games too.  Lets just see you catch one, but for now, you've caught the star.  Welcome to the Cowboys Mario Butler!!


11. OLB - Alex Albright


If I had to guess what was going on in this picture, I would say that Albright just finished eating a quarterback.  One thing is for sure, this is one mean looking sucker.  You'll have to change your number though because I don't think #47 is going to fly for a linebacker.  Welcome to the Cowboys though Alex Albright, and keep bringing that intensity.


12. ILB - Orie Lemon


When life gives you lemons... Run away fast.  Orie Lemon has been impressing the coaches and I think they decide to keep him over Kenwin Cummings.  Technically Orie, you were already a Cowboy before, but now you get to join the big boys, and here is your star to prove it.  Wear it proud!!


Silver Star - C - Kevin Kowalski



Welcome to the Cowboys Kevin Kowalski, although I think you might be at the very bottom of the roster and with any additions you might go to the chopping block.  I don't see much sense in keeping 7 interior linemen, much less three capable centers on the roster (along with Costa and Nagy).  So we'll give you this silver star.  Don't bother putting it on your helmet because it will just disappear into the silver lining.  Having Bruce Carter come back onto the roster may just push you off of it...


Star of Honor - WR - Raymond Radway


Radway, you have been solid since the beginning of training camp and shown nothing but improvement.  You have demonstrated that there is the right way, then there is the Radway.  You are still raw, but you have been impressive.  Sorry you got injured, but the silver lining to all of that is that you get to stick around with us.  You will be placed on IR but you will get another shot here next off-season.  Keep studying and come back strong.  That last game was really impressive, especially with what you were doing late in the game with some great catches and great effort.  See you back in pads on that field next off-season.  Here is a star for the meantime.  Good job Radway!!!


So there you have it, there are your Dallas Cowboys of the 2011 Season.  Well, according to me anyway.  We will see tomorrow which ones truly get the star and who goes home empty handed.  I would love it if they actually did make somewhat of a big deal out of this and actually do a small ceremony where they give the star decals to the players signifying that they have earned their roster spot.  Either way, these rookies will have EARNED IT and will wear the star proud, knowing that it is more than just a symbol, but an achievement.  Now lets get ready for the Jets.  And if this doesn't get you pumped up for the season to come, I don't know what will.  Are you ready for some football?!?!

Dallas Cowboy Kickoff 2011 Season Preview - We Ready (via RedProductionsTV)

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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