Boy, Troy, you sure stereotyped 'ol Tony Romo...

Boy, Troy, you sure stereotyped 'ol Tony Romo...

Actually, Troy, your comparative skills aren't very good the base for the NFL type of learning curve was warped under Wade Phillips. Under Bill Parcells, who first warned Tony Romo, to stay away from the party side of the famedom, there was no such inhibitions for the team while UNDER Wade Phillips.

The expression goes: while the cats are away, the mice play. That is exactly what happened under Wade Phillips and it cost the team the ends of a handful of player's careers and all of last season. Tony Romo had a very hard personal lesson in that he had to figure out his on route of self-discipline, and wasn't able to just plug into a system that protected him from himself.

And you also missed the obvious contrast with an introduction of Roger Staubach, to point out the differences in strength of personality that affects the character - and sets that as well.

Staubach came up in the military profession. That is a profession that has been here since the beginnings of this Country. But being forged in the U.S. Naval Academy and being an officer who served in Viet Nam; he had the cream of education in the entire world...and on leadership. There he developed with a team concept, and necessary commitment to intricate interactions of detailed applications and technique.

Troy Aikman's coming 'up' centered around school selection and faith in the Head Coach at that school. So his vision of roles and response posibilities were greatly lacking in a comparison to the leadership insights of Roger Staubach.

Both Roger and Troy, although lead teams to success and a final win, Lombardi. That would lead one to surmize, that leadership at least in the NFL, is more closely atuned to applications of skillsets and team integration as a whole group.

Strictly on skillset, Tony Romo has already surpassed hightide marks of both Troy Aikman and Roger Staubach. Some of that has to do with the sophistication of today's game. But a lot of the credit for him as a player, has to go to Bill Parcells and yea, even Jerry Jones for providing a staff talented enough to take his resources provided, and intensely train Romo's skillset even more.

But on the character side, Jerry Jones had made a commitment as to type of player and environment back three years ago. That is when the first of a series of waivers was started. The 'Exodus' started with Roy Williams, Greg Ellis, 'Tank' Johnson, Adam Jones, TO, Flozell Adams.

Seeing that just having a 'good 'ol Joe' guy, such as Wade Phillips, wasn't retaining elements of discipline and commitment even in a changing roster, Jerry Jones wisely made the move to install Jason Garrett to finish that part of the newest transitioning point.

Since age and diminishing returns was an issue, thus came the most recent and 'Exodus II' at Valley Ranch. This season, tired legs and high Cap drain were removed with departures of: Leonard Davis, Roy Williams, Marion Barber, Marc Colombo, as well as Andre Gurode.

That in and of itself, has pushed Tony Romo, on a functional basis, up to the front as a leader. He is now 31, with the oldest player on the team now being Kyle Kosier, 33. The task is now complete. Tony no longer will be standing in front of a set of linemen who are older than himself. But when he barks out compliance and need for protection following a breakdown, the young players in the huddle will be listening and trying to meet expectations.

No, I don't think youthful excursions, whether with a TO, or other player...will be the mold for today's role of Tony Romo as a valid leader. As Tony has already shown enough guts to weather a change requirement of bringing today's offensive unit up to speed. That's what is really in question.

Not whether he is a wilting lilly or a head pack dog due to misdirected tendencies of that pack.

Just as where a Michael Vick can lead a Philadelphia team, due to good coaching leadership and a wealth of talent, Tony Romo isn't handcuffed by a few misapplied efforts of a private and social nature, in his past as well. His character has remained intact through his whole career.

No, the issue is this: How fast can Jason Garrett and the new coaching staff, get this new and younger team, up to speed. Their new team speed.  


                                                         There's no right way to do the wrong thing.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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