Getting Healthy For The LongTerm

It's only two weeks into the regular season. Our team is hurting at many key positions and the depth is being tested. I for one am not willing to use that as an excuse if things turn sour. I feel this season has a chance to be something special. We have an oppurtunity to increase our odds for a good second half that could propel us into the postseason.

When you look at the walking wounded; Romo's lung, Felix's shoulder, Costa's knee, Witten's ribs, Austin's hammy, Dez's thigh, Nagy's neck, Orlando's ankle, Jenkin's everything, it makes you wonder how we could even field a servicable football team every week that would even be competitive. Almost all of those injuries would/could/should make a player miss multiple weeks of practice, let alone actual gametime. What I propose is that we keep these players on the bench until after week 5, our bye.

Let's give those that fell out of their chairs time to get up, and if everyone can stop laughing long enough at my suggestion give me a minute or two of your time to give you my logic behind this suggestion.

Upcoming on our schedule are our first two home games of the season. It's been a long month and then some on the road and we are officially the last team to start our home game series. Washington this week, followed by Deroit, then our week 5 bye. Now a lot of people are circling this date as the first chance we have of resting up our players for the long second half of the season. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on the wall of the schedule makers to find out why it seems we are constantly used by a drill bit every year. I diverge, ADHD kicking in sorry.

I say we use this early bye to our advantage this year. It's simply not our depth thats hurting this year, it's some of our top playmakers. By no means am I condoning throwing these games by playing backups and scrubs against these two up and coming teams. I just feel that if we let some of these players play thru their injuries, they have a very good chance of increasing the chance of making their existing injuries worse. Would you rather lose a player for the rest of the season, or have him out and ready to play in 3? This long list of players could come back fully rested, almost fully healthy at a time when other teams are starting to come up lame and watching the calendar for their own bye week.

Our depth was tested last year, its currently on full display at multiple positions already. Increased playing time for some of these players will enable them to truly show that they belong on this team and are willing and able to contribute to a late season push. Is that koolaid talking? *hic* maybe a 70-30 mix. Whatever you feel this team is capable of doing this year, I think we all can agree that the depth of your team is what pulls you thru the longterm. Injuries happen to every team every year. Some more than others. You can either suck it up and carry on or give up, give in, and look forward to the draft.

As I say that it brings up another point. How do you know where to spend your draft picks if you've never seen your team in actual games? Experience in actual games is a stat thats often used to display lack of depth. In this salary cap, incentive laden contract era, can you imagine what would happen if a young player went in for an established player and took numbers from his stat sheet that would go against his snaps played and therefore his money would go down? Trade me, they misused me, blah blah blah. You get the idea. It's much harder to cultivate young talent these days and takes longer to do so becuz of the money involved.

Right now we have a chance to turn all these negatives into positives for the future. Give our youth time to shine, grow, and develop. Give our injured players time to heal up and be ready to deliver when it matters most. Give this team a chance to evaluate the talent that we have and where we need to improve. I don't know about you but I want to see what this team and coaching staff are capable of when the chips are down. To use Tony's remark about his rib and apply it to the whole team. We are going to play hurt sometime. Might as well be now.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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