Cowboys D needing work? Getting Defensive

***4th Overall Defense ***2nd against the run ***1st in sacks ***Leading NFL sacker ***Leading NFL tackler

No this isn't the Steelers defense. Heading into week 3 Rob has his boys playing very very well.

It's been well documented here on BTB that the defense is impressive. Not so much nationally. Former superbowl coach Brian Billick stated the Cowboys defense needs the most work after giving up 27 and 24 points to start the season. Sometimes I wonder if BTB members know our boys better than the so called "experts".

But when you take a closer look, the defense is responsible for keeping the Cowboys in position to win the game (can't believe I'm saying that) in both week 1 and 2.

Week 1 Romo fumbles yet the defense holds the Jets and forces a punt. Offense gets stopped and special teams gives up a blocked punt TD. Later Romo throws a costly pick yet the defense only gives up 4 yards to force a 50 yard FG by the much maligned former Cowboy Folk.

Week 2 After a questionable PI call on a 3rd and long busted play to set up the niners 1st TD and a almost perfectly thrown ball on Jenkins for the niners 2nd TD the defense adjusted and got stout. Yielding ZERO 3rd down conversions in the 2nd half and forcing a 55 yard FG giving the ball back to the O with a chance. But the biggest stop coming in overtime on the Cowboys 6th sack. Two plays later 77 yards to Jesse Holley.

What we are seeing here so far in 2011 is that when called upon in key situations the defense is coming through. There is not too many times we could say that last year or previous years like 2007.

***Dallas defense has only given up 3 TD drives of 50 yards or more. 1 coming during a 2 minute drill at the end of the 1st half w/o its top 3 CBs.

***Of the 3 Tuenovers forced so far 2 have been turned into points, showing the team is taking advantage of the TOs.

Rob has done a magnificence job of using the pass rushing abilities of Ware, Hatcher, Ratt, and Spencer forming so far a formidable front. One wonders why the corners are holding up in key situations unlike last season thank the front 7. Be mindful this is without the #1 and #3 CBs on the depth chart. Only making Robs game plans more creative with the return of Newman. With the emergence of Hatcher and the re-emergence of Spencer Offensive Coordinators are going to have a hard time containing all these guys on a consistent bases.

With the injury bug seemingly creeping up on the Cowboys offense, the defense will be called upon Monday night maybe more than ever in this short season. Again we have to remind ourselves this defense has been playing w/o its top CBs and still learning the new system. Yet finds its way into the top 5 after a few games. Rob promised great, they are on their way.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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