A Brief DeAngelo Hall History Lesson

Let us take a stroll down memory lane folks and catch up with our old friend, DeAngelo Hall.

So here is what the classy as ever DeAngelo Hall had to say about Tony Romo this week.

"Absolutely. I want to get a chance to put my helmet on whatever's hurt," Hall said. "Romo's ribs—I'm going to be asking for some corner blitzes. If I know [Cowboys running back] Felix Jones'(notes) shoulder's hurt, I'm not going to cut him. I'm definitely going to try to hit him up high, so that's just part of it.

"If you know something's wrong with an opponent, you're going to try to target in on that. We're going to try to definitely get as many hits on that team as possible

Then here is Tony's counter to the comments Hall made during the week.

"I mean, that's what people do," Romo said. "If they're able to get a clean shot on my ribs consistently throughout the game, then we're probably not doing that well anyway. 

"I'm sure we'll target whoever's targeting my ribs in the passing game." 

By that, Romo meant he was confident in the Cowboys' ability to burn the blitz. If Hall wants to come on corner blitzes, that's fine by Romo. 

"If he's blitzing, that means he's not covering," Romo said. "So we'll attack whoever is covering his guy." 

(via dcfanaticcom)

Perhaps the best 60 seconds I have ever seen on Hard Knocks was Rex Ryan talking smack to Hall during a preseason game last year.

You aren’t gonna tackle anybody!" Ryan said. "That’s why my brother got rid of your a**!!"

Here is the video evidence, just wanted to touch on all bases of media here, you know keep it thorough.

 (via SilverNblackk55)

Then we had the time Ochocinco called Hall out and basically called him "Burger Boy", a name that still haunts Hall to this day. If you really want to piss him off Dez, just drop the Burger Boy name and he will flip out, should easily get him out of his game.

Johnson said Hall can have a job flippin' burgers at Willie Anderson's Fatburger restaurant in Atlanta.

"That's what you're going to do when I'm done with you," Johnson told Hall through the media.

Then we have this class act by Hall here too! Hall got into it with Falcons head coach Mike Smith a couple years back.

 (via tmarcacciabi)

Oh then there was the time TO "spit" on Hall, another sissy move by Hall. "He spit on me!" Big baby. TO never said he spat on him intentionally.

"I think, for what he did, he deserves more than a fine," Hall said on Sunday. "The guy has all the money in the world. He's making $10 million or whatever this year. So what's a fine going to mean to him, really? What he did, it was [vulgar], you know? But he's a great player, a great competitor, and what would hurt him a lot more than a fine is making him sit. That would get his attention. And that's what I think the league should do. They need to do something pretty [severe], because there's something wrong with him, and he just can't get away with this kind of stuff."

At first, he said he did, telling the NFL Network after the game: "I got frustrated and I apologize for that. It was a situation where he kept bugging me and getting in my face."

But on Monday, he insisted it was an accident.

"When it happened, we were jawing in each other's face, so it wasn't anything intentional," Owens said. "I didn't intentionally spit in his face. He's trying to make it seem like more than what it was by saying I hauled off and spit in his face. I feel like if I spit in his face ... somebody would've seen it."

Who really knows what happened on that faithful night in hot Atlanta. All I know is TO abused Hall all night long and the Cowboys left the game that night the better team.

Wow now that is a lot of history right? A couple of those incidents took place outside the Cowboys organization, but I put them up there for a reason. DeAngelo Hall is a player who always and I mean always finds himself in some sort of media story. Usually the end results are never positive. Hall is a player who likes to talk and run his mouth, but he is also a player who loves the spotlight.

Rob and Hall have some history folks. Rob coached the ultra talented cornerback when he was defensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders. Atlanta had just shipped off Hall, finally ridding themselves of a player that was more of a headache than it was worth at the time for the franchise. Hall didn't last long in Oakland and was eventually released. The Raiders cut Hall after just 8 games into the 2008 season just after signing a 7 year $72 million contract.

During the taping of Hard Knocks last year when Hall was near the Jets sideline, Rob's brother Rex Ryan said a few choice words to him. I think it was pretty cool that Rob's brother Rex stood up for him and told Hall what the deal was. Man I love these Ryan coaches, I never ever thought I would be saying this because of their father Buddy, but I love the children Buddy raised. Thank you Mr. Ryan for producing some of the best football minds and personalities in all of sports today. The NFL is such a better place with Rob and Rex in it.

I believe Rob and Hall don't like each other and I just think it brings even more fuel to the fire this Monday Night. This as we all know is Hate Week, a week when rivalries are shaping up into huge games this weekend. The Redskins and Cowboys match up is one of the biggest rivalries in sports. I expect a physical battle this Monday night in Cowboys Stadium.

It will be interesting to see what happens if Hall comes anywhere near Ryan on the sideline, personally I expect some fireworks from the two. I think they hate each other and after all, it is HATE WEEK! But I want to end this fan post on a serious note. DeAngelo Hall is a playmaking cornerback, the guy is a ballhawk and will make some game changing plays during the course of a game. The best part about Hall's game is he has a fatal flaw. Hall is susceptible to letting up big plays.

Here is something I pulled up from an article on Yahoo Sports back in June.

DeAngelo Hall(notes)Washington Redskins: 70.7% 70 burns on 99 targets, 1,055 yards, 9 TD, 16 passes defensed

Hall is the Forrest Gump of cornerbacks — he'll have multi-pick games based on a mystical "right-place/right-time" ability, but he'll also run around in circles and get torched by scrubs. Washington seems the perfect spot for this talented but wildly inconsistent player.

Hall is a ballhawking cornerback no doubt about that, but he will take too many chances. Hall's greatest gift, is his biggest curse. He takes way too many chances out there and those burned chances lead to big plays for the opposing offense. This is why I am glad he ran his mouth so much this week. For one it should motivate the Cowboys even more to defend home turf this Monday. Secondly if we target Hall now and we smoke him on a few big plays, it will taste even better.

I will leave one more video for you to see. I don't want the Cowboys underestimating Hall and this is why.

(via MrHbk5567)

Let's get em 'Boys, defend our home turf, defend our quarterback, WIN this GAME! GO COWBOYS! Let's make Burger Boy eat his words this Monday night on national television.

Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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