All this rib talk is making me hungry.


Hungry for game time. For a while this week I was kind of mad about DeAngelo Hall calling out Romo's rib and saying he's going to target it. The cries of "I'm begging our D-Coordinator to let me blitz on the first play" was bothersome to me. Not anymore. 

Remember a little over a year ago at Fedex Field when the Redskins beat the Cowboys opening week? Alex Barron was called for holding Brian Orakpo on a Roy Williams touchdown that was called back with no time remaining. After the game the Cowboys and Redskins players (including Barron) conversed, hugged, and even shared some laughs. This bothered me. I was not only furious that we lost the game, but that the players did not give one ___ (insert vulgar language here). 

We lost yet they didn't care. They got their game checks and went home to their families. While we the fans are there shocked and disappointed. I can say about 75% of that Cowboys team did not care. They were okay with the fact that they lost. They got their money and that's all they care about. The select few Romo, Witten, Bryant, Ware, and Austin were probably angered about the game. I could probably name more, but these are the guys who really want to win. 

Sports now a day are lacking this rivalry stuff. The only rivalry I can think of in all of sports that the teams actually hate each other are the Steelers and Ravens. I'm a Yankees fan, but to be completely honest when I see David Ortiz with Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano before the game chatting and laughing I get mad. Sure you can be friends outside the game, but on the field act like you don't want to know each other. Act like you hate the other team, but somewhat respect them. And if you don't respect them show it by saying something awesome to the media to pump your team up. Not saying this to the Yankees. I'm saying this to all of sports. Rivalries were made to entertain. What made it entertaining? The side stories. 

The Yankees and Red Sox are a great rivalry, but the game didn't make it. Babe Ruth, Bucky Dent, Aaron Boone, Pedro-Zimmer, etc... made that rivalry. Buddy Ryan and Jimmy Johnson made the Cowboys Eagles rivalry. The rivalry with the Redskins is explained to a T here

So while this love fest between star players in sports become friends and even join each others teams, ahem Miami Heat and Philadelphia Eagles we still need some hatred between sports teams. I commend DeAngelo Hall on his trash talk. We need more of this in the game. Romo responded by basically saying we're going to look for that and throw at his side. You're blitzing? Well that means your man is open. Unless you drop back a WR in coverage against Dez or even Ogletree. We don't have great third and fourth receivers, but they can all catch and they're all fast. 

Let them talk. Let us talk. It's good for sports and our entertainment. We all know who's going to get trashed in Dallas tonight. 



Another user-created commentary provided by a BTB reader.

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